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  1. First of all, well done for getting out of the life. You are doing the right thing, and setting an example for your children. That is a great thing, and more of our community here needs to make an effort like you have. Unfortunately due to the culture, movies/media and music these youngsters are heavily and easily influenced to take part in this lifestyle. The truth is most of them will end up dead/in jail due to lack of connections and having no clue what they are getting involved in. All these movies make this lifestyle look cool and easy, but it is far from that. I have been also trying to live on a good path that is why I am here also. Learning as much as I can and trying to become a better person in life. -- let me just comment on this to give everyone here a better perspective on things and how deep and complicated this all is.. No offense but most of the guys from Surrey in general are very unorganized and lack solid connections. They end up dealing with 3rd parties for products who are very far "down the line". Most of those small Surrey crews like you describe are considered at the bottom of the barrel. Other than the Brothers Keepers who are semi organized.. like someone said earlier in this thread they have made efforts to expand into Kelowna and elsewhere. They are stepping on a lot of toes and probably wont last that long due to their hot hotheadedness, internal fighting, flashy lifestyles and lack of respect. The real "higher up" and well connected Punjabi gangsters mostly reside in Richmond and Vancouver. I have been around a long long time, and have associates who have been "in the game" since the early 90s. Most of the "big timers" do direct business with the Bikers (HA), because the HA has market share throughout most of Canada on Cocaine and Marijuana. The HA control the ports of Vancouver and that is how most of the Coke gets into the city. Direct off the boat from South American producers/family cartel organizations. The HA are able to set the lowest prices in the city for the kilo due to this. Whereas Chinese gangs and others have to go through California and pay a high premium (from Cali Mexican Cartels, who are also paying a premium from Domestic Mexican Cartels who are in turn getting it from South Americans) for it. You can see now how far down the line those low level groups are when you understand this. VS. the HA who have direct access to shipments coming in from South America to the ports via well established connections with families in South America who produce the stuff. Some of the Chinese and surrey guys have at times tried to cross the California Mexican Cartels by going straight to Mexico, in an effort to get cheaper prices and compete with HA on some level and all of them have ended up dead (articles will be posted below) usually while they are in Mexico trying to negotiate deals. Not to mention these low level groups take a bigger risk smuggling across the US/CAN borders, after organizing deals in California. RCMP has known all this for years regarding biker monopoly and control over the ports and has not been able to do anything for various reasons. High level corruption and lack of oversight. The HA control the longshoreman union (ILWU Local 502). If you want to become a longshoreman at the ports in Vancouver, you will be going through the HA. Not everyone in the longshore is doing business with them, there are a ton of Punjabi there and regular folks in general just making an "honest dollar" but the people who run the union are all HA. My friends never dealt with Black gangs though I can attest to that ( there has been an influx lately from out of town blacks trying to set up in BC over the past 10 years) From California, Seattle and trying to get a slice of the pie by bringing in their family from Nigeria and Somalia to do the dirty work. Never dealt with them because of their flash and lifestyle. Most of them are not very good businessmen and prone to quick thoughtless violence. Also never dealt with Chinese, and most of the high level Chinese gangs don't like Punjabis at all. They look down on us. They don't have access to the Bikers product and have to resort to smuggling over the border also just like low level Punjabi trucker gangs in Surrey. This is why many low levels groups out in Surrey work with Chinese. HA keeps tight circles, you must either be in longshore for years and know some as friends or be introduced by family. There are a ton of Surrey guys at longshore and they dont have any access because they are not tight with those circles. Most of the Punjabis in those HA circles are from Richmond/Vancouver and have a long history with them from prior family members etc. However the HA are not racists like the media puts them out to be. Most of them are some of the nicest folks youll ever meet, just dont get on their bad side and cross them. If you do straight up business with them and dont cross them you will be ok most of the time. Unfortunately they have a lot of enemies and chances are you could end up dead as a result of getting involved with them. An example is Suminder Grewal who happened to be a Surrey guy and was the first fully patched HA member. (https://vancouversun.com/news/crime/notorious-biker-gang-opens-new-hells-angels-chapter-in-lower-mainland) Unfortunatly only two years after being patched in he was killed in broad daylight last year at Starbucks while sitting in his Dodge Viper in the drive through. The murder was connected to local Chinese who hired some out of town kids to do the job for them (https://vancouversun.com/news/crime/suspects-named-in-south-surrey-homicide-of-hells-angel) the kids are in custody now after being caught and charged for this murder. The Chinese were very threatened by the fact a Punjabi was doing business with HA and got patched in as a member (HA would never patch in a Chinese member. They get along with us much better and understand our culture) and really could not stomach the fact they were losing power in the lower mainland due to this. After that Vancouver Sun article went out, Suminder had a target on his back. Suminder had began to make an effort to make peace between the Brothers Keepers and the HA (prior to Suminder, they did not get along or speak at all). Also tried to set them up as "runners" for their product because he had access to better cheaper product from the HA lines and they had a large clientele base in Surrey. Things were looking good for both sides at one point. No more beef between Brothers Keepers and HA, and Suminder could move the HA product at a faster rate. Prior to Suminder the Brothers Keepers had to smuggle over the border via their trucking businesses (many BK are involved in trucking industry and have family members making trips across the border frequently anyway) or deal with Chinese who also smuggle product over. By killing Suminder, Brothers Keepers only link to the HA was severed. They now have to resort to getting product from Chinese who are also smuggling and paying a premium again or smuggle themselves and sell what they can to Chinese gangs. Chinese gangs are using most of these low level Punjabi Crews in Surrey as pawns to be honest. I wouldnt trust them one bit. Chinese would never bring a Punjabi into their crew, only do business thats it. They don't work together because they like each other, they work together because they have no choice. Also most of these guys who try to smuggle across the border get caught at one point or another and its much much higher risk than dealing with HA. So this is where we are today. Suminder dead, BK and HA not speaking again. BK is falling apart... many of their leaders have already been killed off due to their own internal fighting and nonsense. Like I was saying earlier, these younger guys from Surrey wont last in the game and they are usually the ones who are dying because of the lack of organization and connections. Suminder getting killed was a big deal, a full patch HA has not been killed in BC like this ever. Someone was sending a message. Bottom line from what I have learned it is best to stay as legitimate as possible and not involve yourself or family in these things. The drug game is brutal. There are so many variables that could have massive repercussions on you and your family. I know so many who have died over the past 20 years, its really sickening to think about. Suminders Funeral took place at Riverside Funeral home ( a place ran by Punjabis, where my grandfather had his service and many other of my family members)... It was a large funeral with many HA present. https://vancouversun.com/news/crime/hells-angels-pay-respects-to-slain-biker-suminder-grewal Brothers keepers founder Gavin Grewal killed: https://www.abbynews.com/news/man-killed-in-north-vancouver-had-strong-links-to-abbotsford-gang-activity/ https://vancouversun.com/news/staff-blogs/real-scoop-guilty-pleas-in-brothers-keepers-gang-attack#:~:text=Two days after Brothers Keepers,to battle on Vancouver streets.&text=The attack was part of,to be an inside job. Shortly after he was killed his brother was also killed: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/murder-victim-brother-of-gang-boss-slain-last-december Example of low level Punjabi gangs going to Mexico to cut deals behind California Mexican Cartels back: https://vancouversun.com/news/crime/former-vancouver-gangster-murdered-in-mexico-after-brothers-killed-in-b-c https://vancouversun.com/news/crime/another-b-c-gangster-shot-to-death-in-mexico Hells Angels control the ports: https://nationalpost.com/news/metro-vancouver-docks-special-investigation-768024 http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Crime+Waterfront+When+Hells+Angel+nominates+another+Hells+Angel/11050005/story.html https://www.vice.com/en/article/bn3vnq/how-the-hells-angels-conquered-canada
  2. So now that The Akal Takht has made this statement, what will happen next? I agree there is some type of agenda going on here to push this into our community.
  3. There was a fight in Renton Wa at the local Gurdwara. No idea what this is over, was hoping maybe someone had insight as to what is going on over there? Its apparently due to "religious difference going on within our community" and started a few weeks ago when there was another fight at Gurdwara in Kent.. Could it be related to that wedding that took place in California? https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/police-firefighters-respond-possible-assault-sikh-temple/6YMCWNFHSREE7GMH5PMO7YRRIQ/
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