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  1. Suleman didnt attach to a Gursikh. The guy who initially came to Sant Isher wasnt a gursikh. He also was quite young. He was hanging around the grave and i think he disrespected the grave. Theres alot of small detail. And ye u are right. Ghost cant just attach to anyone who does naam japna. These things are there but they only affect us if we entertain them. Best thing is ignore them and jap naam. That way Maharaj will protect u.
  2. What u on about?? Why u quoting this to me??
  3. I didnt actually mean it in insulting way. Btw dont have what?
  4. Are u married? Or are u still at school?
  5. Yes Sant Waryam Singh Ji was there when it all happened. They mention the whole event. Also theres been many times when lost souls came to Rara Sahib for liberation. Even with Sant Kishan Singh ji. All we can learn from it is to do naam simran and be good to others. That way Maharaj will look after us in this life and the next.
  6. First thing. Im not hounding u. Nor do i have any intention too. But what do u mean I'm pushing my luck??!!??
  7. One question tho. Actually two questions. When u realised u disrespected Gurbani, why did u not openly apologise and why didnt u REMOVE OR EDIT the post.
  8. Nope. I read this and commented. I dont play games. I really dont know where u getting the weakness from. Im not into all this keyboard warrior crap. U did beadbi of bani. I told u. If id seen u. Id say it to your face. End of.
  9. U need to learn some respect for Gurbani. If u don't something then ask. Insulting Gurbani can be dangerous.
  10. This topic is an insult to two great Shaheeds of our kaum. Even starting this topic maha paap
  11. I would say the dream was 100% linked to his dad. My families done sangat and seva of both Sant Isher Singh Ji and Sant Kishen Singh Ji. They were pure brahmgianis. We cant narrow the avasta of a Mahapurakh to our level of thinking.
  12. Try online. Or if your in Malaysia get intouch with SGGS Academy. They might know where to get one.
  13. That makes him a good Sikh. But this guy doesn't really have love for his wife. And his come here to everyones backing. So he can justify the fact he dont like her
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