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  1. @Akalifauj @AcceptWill201 both of you guys are definitely elder than me and both of you should know what's best for the younger generation. I myself definitely cannot change the entire youths mind, only with kirpa guru maharaj can. I thank sangat like @Akalifauj because he care for other sangat.
  2. I don't do any sports at the moment, I have before and if it helps I will try it out. Thank you for actually giving me your idea.
  3. I definitely will increase my simran and bani because guru maharaj's shabad is even more precious than a jewel stone. Dhanvaad Shaheed4life Ji.
  4. Form now I will definitely remember that humility is not thinking poorly of my self. I'm not perfect, only guru sahib is. Definitely I will jaap naam more to improve myself. I am always grateful for the sangat opinion because it always help me.
  5. Don't you think someone who put themselves down alot and doesn't have any self worth suffers from any mental problem? I really am confused now, it's gotta be either my mental health or my wrong definition of being humble that I have placed in my mind.
  6. I don't understand anything you said but please don't be mean to people in my topic. I would like to get the sangat opinion rather than cause a fight. Only peace no hate. Or at least could you be a little decent in your words because we have to put ourselves in everyone's shoes here.
  7. I understood you, you did open my eyes and now I don't think it's about being humble anymore. It's probably about my mental health I think now. I'll take your suggestion and definitely improve myself.
  8. I really have been realising this and it's being unhealthy, do check out my new topic where I have asked the sangat too.
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji. Over this past few months I have realise my weakness. Many friends have told me that I am too humble at times. What I feel is that I don't have any self worth at all. There are times where I feel like I am a really big sinner. I only deserve to sit outside a gurdwara and beg for someone to let me in. I would always think that someone is wasting their time if they were to have a chat or a talk with me.That was my thought, the problem is here that I don't find anything wrong with my thoughts and me being humble. But many of the sangat is telling me wrong. Could you explain a little bit so that I can build a better self esteem. Maybe my entire meaning of being humble is wrong or this humble is too the next level already. Can anyone help and guide me? I believe through the sangat, maharaj comes and answers their help. Thank you sangat ji
  10. Its been 10 days since you posted this I wanted to welcome you too. It's always never late. I am a little new too so welcome to this amazing website where we can talk about our problems or ask reasonable questions. I hope you'll take as much laha and learn something from here. Have a blessed day ahead!
  11. I don't know but at times if I have done a mistake, I really feel guilty and bad and I really wish to repent it. I deserve to apologise to you because I definitely have done a mistake. Maharaj kirpa karan sab de upar
  12. You really make me feel like crying because I really wish to be blessed with amrit. I cannot believe the sangat is giving me so much of pyaar. Yeah I definitely try not to rush onto things after a few times I did and it did not turn out good. I'm so touched with this beautiful message. Maharaj always and always bless the true sangat like you.
  13. I definitely am a paapi because I know I have done mistakes and I'm not perfect either. While writing this, I did not have the ego to boast about how gyaani I am but i just wanted to express my disappointment because while walking on the path of sikhi, I wanted many other youths too to be walking too. Anyways, speaking to the sangat, I always get to learn something new and I will definitely not repeat any mistakes that I commit. I'm so sorry if there is any misunderstanding or if there was too much of ego in me. I'm not a mahapurkh to have myself fully control over all vices.
  14. I believe I can never change someone unless they themselves want to change. All that I can do is pray that maharaj does his kirpa and bring back those youths that are running away from sikhi and those who have gone off track.
  15. I agree with you and I am very much disappointed with the youth nowadays. So many of them are running away from sikhi and I have seen some youths take amrit but don't keep a proper rehit. I really look up upon the youths around my age that have been blessed with amrit but it's really disappointing when I see all the truth.
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