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  1. I had these too and I did find out why I do get these. Especially after amritvela when your mind is tired, I was tired and I do get scary dreams like this. I did some research and usually when you often get scary dreams is means you are changing. Your lifestyle is changing, I could relate to it. I was just at the feet of sikhi. Till now still at the feet of guru sahib. Nothing more. And as my daily lifestyle is changing and something was stopping me. That's why I used to get these dreams. Yes, my family and siblings live a different lifesiand they were stopping me. After many many scary dreams
  2. Guru sahib gives test to those that he has his nadar on. If guru sahib does not give you test, you wouldn't know if guru sahib is still taking care of you or not. Each test has got something you have to learn from. Guru sahib gives us test to makes us better. No one is perfect and we all do fail.
  3. Try to tell this yourself whenever you have the urge to do something bad: is this activity that I'm gonna do now bring me closer to guru sahib? Can I stop and sacrifice a bad activity just for my guru? Baki do ardaas to guru sahib everyday and don't feel guilty for too long! Guilt is there to make you realise your mistake. Everytime you feel guilt, it's guru sahib trying to pull you back.
  4. Sangat like you always motivate paapi like me to continue on guru sahib's path. Thank you to all the sangat that gave me motivation when I need it the most!
  5. Are you in Malaysia? Congratulations to you too
  6. Guru sahib did his apaar kirpa today and blessed me with Amrit today! If you have read any of my forums, I always cry for amrit and today guru sahib did their beant kirpa. @Shaheed4life
  7. The last week before I dreamt so many negative stuff everyday. One day I dreamt someone committing suicide, another day someone robbing my house, another day many people bring killed and then getting possessed by a ghost. I was like why are all those dreams coming to me? I'm not doing anything wrong. I do my sohilla sahib path and wake up for amritvela. I looked up on Google and it meant that you are trying to let go of a old lifestyle and you are now changing the way you live. Yes I definitely can relate to that because I just started to keep a rehit and I am trying to leave the old habit. So
  8. It's a hundred time better! Thank you
  9. This person really understands me. I am nothing infornt blessed souls like you.
  10. So much of negativity, yes we know it's polluted but it's not like we gonna die there once we step in there. I bet your country has a bit of pollution too. I am not a western world type of girl.
  11. Okay yes, it's not like I'm running there now and leaving my home and going there only myself. Yes it can be dangerous if I don't have any guardian with me but hey I'm not doing that now. Yes but I would definitely love to stay in India for maybe a month when maharaj bless me. I will finish my studies and work because who's gonna pay for my ticket? I have to pay it myself. Many of you are not really understanding me here.
  12. Don't you like India? Our goal at there is to attach ourselves with Naam,bani,sewa. Yes of course we can do it at home to but I feel the vibration of bhagti in India is much stronger. And there's so many itihaasik Gurdwara. No, you can't get disease like maharaj said ਸਰਬ ਰੋਗ ਤੇ ਉਹ ਹਰਿ ਜਨੁ ਰਹਤ ।। Such a devotee of Lord is free from all diseases. Your age doesnt limit what you do. Think positive come on
  13. One that I like yt1s.com_-_Har_Aap_Kirsani_Laeya__Bh_Harjinder_S_Sri_Nagar_Joginder_S_Riar__Onkar_S_Una_NS_Khalsa__Various.mp4
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