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  1. I was too interested in this topic, so I went and google about this guy. And look what I found.
  2. I'm turning 16 this march. Last year during march I was blessed to have darshan of India for the first time ever in my life. Ever since that, I really wish maharaj brings me back there. Whatever you said is literally what I hope maharaj does kirpa for.
  3. Guest hope, I feel you. I really feel so connected to India. I have only been to India once and I really love India. I want to migrate there when I am older. I love India because there are so so so many itihaasik places and I would love to know more about our sikh history by visiting places.
  4. Rereading back whatever you typed. I really think this is me. I too got so so much of attachment to someone that I went into a whole deeper bad mental health. I used to cry for that person during my exam and cry every single night. I don't know why but I missed that person alot. One day I told myself that this night is the last you're gonna cry for that person so cry how much you want because tomorrow you're not gonna cry. And the next day maharaj made me control myself. Ultimately it's maharaj kirpa. Maharaj sda kirpa karan lots of light and pyaar from this empty person
  5. This is so mee last time. I used to think worse of myself. I used to think that I don't even deserve to be in a Gurdwara. I deserve to be outside the gurdwara begging for guru sahib to let me in the gurdwara. I used to think that I am the most biggest paapi and the lowest. I would never look at gursikh in their eyes because I did want this pappi to disturb their joth. I used to cry everyday begging to maharaj to do his kirpa upon me. The key here is ardaas from the bottom do your heart. Just cry and talk to maharaj and tell guru sahib everything. Maharaj definitely does kirpa. I don't have friends but I always talk to guru sahib every chance I get throughout the day. Paatshah Ji is always listening to me and is always with me. Sometimes I do feel like this nowadays, but it's okay once in a while to feel down because you're able to get up higher and stronger. Maharaj kirpa karan tuhade upar. I'm not sure this helped or not. Maafi for all the mistakes I made writing this
  6. I know this post and topic is from 2005, the year I was born. When I read forums like this, I cry alot because I still haven't been blessed with amrit. This daat is literally on my mind every day. Every day. I'm crying alot now because i really hope maharaj blesses this paapi with amrit. The joth in me dying for it. Maharaj kirpa karan. God knows how many times I have created a forum talking about me wishing to be blessed with amrit. My lots of pyaar to all those gursikhs that have taken amrit and keeping a rehat. Lots of pyaar to those that are like me crying to take amrit everyday. Lots of pyaar to everyone. Maharaj kirpa karan that everyone will be blessed with amrit.
  7. Watch this video https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKLoDoqgFni/?igshid=244yzkkrh5hc
  8. Seeing guest Harkirat asking which prayer to do in order to pass his PT3 exam lol, maybe some great gursikh must have done so much of path last year that I did not even sat for any PT3 or any end year exam. All maharaj's hukam.
  9. I just heard the above clip, but i missed my amritvela this month for 3 days already and I don't know how many more I'm going to miss. Oh no, I feel really guilty now of all the amritvela I've missed.
  10. Just read part 1 and I would love to read part 2 soon. Do update when part 2 is available! Dhanvaad jii
  11. ManpreetKaurr


    Baba Deep Singh Ji was 75 years old when attainu shaheedi. Guru Amar Das Ji was 73 years old when guruji received guruship and lived up to 95 years. Our job is to naam Jap, and guru sahib job's is to worry. If we start to worry about our problems, who would jap naam? Don't wander, when there is time, why not at least recite some bani like japji sahib and slowly increase day by day. After all, this can only happen with maharaj kirpa and our constant effort, trust, love,faith and patience. Bhul chuk maaf karna ji
  12. ManpreetKaurr


    I heard a katha where if someone realises his/her mistake and feels guilty and shameful, maharaj has already forgiven them. But, you should always go to the panj pyaare which are the form of a guru for peshi/tankaah. You are blessed to have that guilt because I know an amrit dharee who never went to peshi and never even realised his own mistake. I feel so sad because sometimes when you don't have the thirst for amrit, you don't really value it. You would do anything that it's against and still say that you're right. Anyways, it's best to ask forgiveness from guru sahib because better late than never.
  13. I think this is the video - it's a katha of Sant Baba Nand Ji https://youtu.be/-uBsTc0WrNc
  14. This is the main reason I still haven't taken amrit yet because I am still practicing to tie a dastaar. Sometimes, I cry because I don't know how to tie a dastaar. Sometimes I cry because I still haven't taken amrit. With me only being 16 this year, I really hope maharaj blesses me with dastaar sjaun di daat and amrit di daat soon. Guru sahib is definitely teaching me how to be patience here.
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