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  1. These guys always ban me from posting. Where freedom of speech gone ?
  2. True you could call it fancy dress lol. Bro i forget it about the second i walk out the door lol. 2 days is way too much lol to think about someones wedding.
  3. Bro you are right they do waste so much money for one single day who afterwoods nobody remembers or cares about at all.
  4. Who knows that her lengha was the size of a parachute lol
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/sikh-boy-attacked-video-telford-b1761683.html
  6. I say we should burn the england flag and spit on it !!!! https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/police-hate-crime-probe-sikh-19343067
  7. As i watch death videos of people dying its cool seeing how they are alive then bang they die next minute is my liking. But what happens afterwoods would be interesting like a next episode of a tv program.
  8. @jkvlondonis the best to answer this post. You are on the right track though.
  9. How can you be gay without having any man on man action.
  10. @puzzled and @jkvlondon phen ji your views on this guy.
  11. I found this on youtube and wonder what are the thoughts on this guy from canada m.youtube.com/c/katapatv
  12. I know for a fact you hate me just like all the other people on here. So seeing this doesn't effect me at all. Or ARE YOU REALLY THICK ????
  13. You mean yourself should play dumbledore. Oh look here we have a clown
  14. I don't take it personally bro. I wonder who those 3 people are lol. I hate pedos.
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