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  1. I have a ferret already down my pants don't need more lol
  2. Southern fairy's always got their knickers in a twist lol
  3. It's not obvious because they don't, reading in other languages is also not good, IK OnKar is known through out the world as meaning there is one God when it doesn't and people think our panth is monotheistic when it's actually panenthistic not to be mixed with panthestic.
  4. I personally think every Sikh has to learn Gurmukhi, and we need to try and get out of do your nitnem and everything is fine mentality. Guru Granth Sahib Ji has 1430 angs there is so much to learn . For instance you want to know indepth what a real Gurmukh is read Sidth Gosht. Also Guru Nanak Sahib Ji explains Shabad is Guru and singing bani is a must because of sound vibrations the words produce when pronounced.
  5. She is a mature student, from here , but she goes back to Columbia every end of term, I have known her on and off past two years and past 8 months I have been seeing her so to speak.
  6. You are not agitating me, I welcome your thoughts on the matter, thank you for your concern, but fikar na kar.
  7. What, ifs, maybes, I'm not a child I do know what could happen ffs
  8. My first option would be to marry a apni suchi gal, but they do not even want to open up dialogue. They play marriage like it's a topp trump game, any stat lower than 10 is not worth their time. Even if they are divorced and have kids. So please do not think this my first choice but I'm 44 and want a family so time is not on my side.
  9. Ohh she wants to learn about Sikhi and I have explained Gurbani to her, she also reading Spanish version of Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  10. True but same in Punjab, just got to take a risk, see what hukaam is about right?
  11. Same as me really, on the path to Sikhi, good job, decent looking, in shape and wants to start a family and drama free .
  12. Everything I said in my 1st post also applies to Indian ladies in Punjab.
  13. That might be the case, but they have not been indoctrinated from birth, if they change it will be slightly and due to acclimatising to their new surroundings.
  14. Because they are the same as UK girls, they have been bamboozled with Bollywood
  15. This has probably come up before, but just wanted to share my experience. So I have been widowed for four years now again through and still going through the loss of my wife I decided to start looking to potentially get married again, so I signed up to shadi, asaind8, asainsinglesolution and seeking. I'm not the the tallest guy in the world just below 5"7, but athletic, average looking, have a good job etc , but blimey the boxes you have to tick for even getting someone to talk to you is absurd even if the lass is in her 40s and has kids. They all want a fair skinned, non turban, 6 foot who earns over 100k when did we turn into kalay, I have been watching Kevin Samuel and all the stuff he says about women thinking they are going to get Prince charming and will go from piller to bed post to attain is spot on. Ohh well hop aboard the passport bro train, I've met a Colombian women who is amazing and she looks like a apni.
  16. It's better to be a fatty than in shape, is being promoted everywhere, check this cringe out
  17. If you are looking for it obviously you are going to say its everywhere, but speak to anyone who's is not into that, and they will turn around and say who the hell are those guys.
  18. Where do you get your information from, I'm not in the social media world, so I don't really know about it, if that's your source. I do not go out looking for this type of information either, so if I stumble across anything it's usually youtube.
  19. There is too much to learn from Guru Granth Sahib Ji, people spend so much time reciting one paath instead if trying to understand. I keep hearing people say do your nitnem and you will be ok , but there is soo much to learn.
  20. I am speaking a lot with my Punjabi teacher, jap is spelled differently several times, you get jap with onkar/mukta/sihari. When you get jap with the sihari means recitation. This is from my current understand
  21. The only reason I ask, I'm reading Guru Granth Sahib Ji from Ang1 and he speaks of har a lot, plus Wow Guru the euphoria of realising his teachings.
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