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  1. so sikhs cannot carry a spear to darbar sahib?? but how come in mandirs they have those durga statue and kali mata statues with like crazy hooks and those hindus with like a grass cutting hook surely thats like a weapon??? or maybe ive been watching too much star plus.
  2. yeah I agree the audio is so messed up on sangat tv like the microphone never works nd my dad puts the volume on like 60 (he has bad hearing) nd then the microphone works for like 5 seconds and like breaks the speakers. I also hate how they never stick to their schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I know this is random but i came across this video on the damdami taksal facebook page showing Shiv Sena's dhoti's catching fire!! just felt to share it with you guys. <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=505875256127280" width="400" height="266" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  4. You know wats really annoying?! its a 15 rated film!!!!!!!!!! thats not fair because i went to the Feltham, london UK cinema and the stupid lady wouldnt let me in!! she is just like oh you are underaged!! not fair. :angry2: anybody know when it will be on TV or released on DVD? btw, they had security on every showing room so I couldnt just walk in like other cinemas
  5. if you live in london, uk go to a shop called: Sikh Missionary Society UK. 10 Featherstone Road, Southall, Middlesex UB2 5AA http://www.sikhmissionarysociety.org/ or if you are in Ontario canada: Sacha Sauda (its mainly on books, but you probably can buy other stuff) 2575 Steeles Avenue East, Unit No, 18 Brampton, Ontario Canada L6T 5T1 http://www.sacha-sauda.ca/ 10
  6. Congratulations on taking amrit!!!!!!!! I also like the AKJ. but some advice about surrey B.C. is that its a very bad area. there are so many gangs who name themselves sikhs but they are cut haired and meat eaters. There are a lot of gun problems and drugs with punjabi gangs in Surrey. If you go to brampton/toronto in ontario canada you will find a lot of amritdhari sikhs like you. and also you get A LOT of Akhand kirtani jatha smagams, rainsbahis, kirtan darbaars in toronto. http://akj.org/skins/one/programs.php?countryid=1&city=Toronto There are so many AKJ programs. You can meet alot of gursikhs by going to the house programs. Im not saying you shouldnt move to surrey but toronto would be a better choice. once again, CONGRATS ON TAKING AMRIT!!!! :D
  7. Nope, it happens on random days like as soon as I start this stupid problem happens!!
  8. wjkk wjkf, I have this really annoying pronunciation problem like on some days I can do my nitnem fluently with very few mistakes, but on somedays I cant even say Karta Purakh properly!! It feels like my mouth is feeling weird and its so annoying and it upsets me how I cant even do my nitnem properly :sad2: do any of you guys have this problem or am I just weird? :ohmy2: please help its so annoying and makes me sad :sad2: :sad2: Wjkk Wjkf
  9. I also have a feeling that the gurudwaras in Pakistan will vanish... well not vanish but as you said, crumble. especially how sikhs r treated in pakistan by the government n talibans/al qaueedyaaas (however u spell it) there is hardly any sangat there, if you look in pictures taken nowadays there is only a few muslim locals who go and visit it. The only time a lot of sangat come is on Guru nanak dev jis gurpurab at nankana sahib... its all in the hands of the sangat.
  10. Um i would never do a matha tekh to a bird. Even it truly was guru jis falcon, the bird is not the guru. I swear were only supposed to do matha tekh to the guru could someone pls tell me where it says that its ok to do matha tekh to a bird. thats like going up to a horse and doing matha tekh just because its standing near a gurudwara and saying its Guru jis horse!!!!
  11. um no offence but why do you need a custom made kara??? ordinary sarbloh is good. karas are supposed to remind you of that waheguru has no end or no beginning do u really neeed one custom made?? not tryna start a fight here just expressing my opinion.
  12. I agree, BC nagar kirtans are more like a Punjab parade. surrey is known for its punjabi gangs, crime and those so called sikhs who label themselves as 'jatts'. and yeah toronto has a lot more smaagams and you get more gursikhs living there than BC
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