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  1. Veerji, i know of people who have been cleared of many charges including very serious ones when they have committed them, and these were at the police station alone!! like i said for a Guru da Sikh to be charged with this is enough for the sangat to be made aware.. is it wrong for the sangat to be made aware?? or should we allow something like this to happen again, the rest is the sangats choice. I would personally prefer the sangat to be in the know how rather then not know. Only Guru Sahib knows, but it is a crime to let things go without raising awarness.
  2. Satbachan as per sangat request, treading carefully is as dass will be doing... Maharaaj will deal with whatever happens as only GurSahib knows. As there are many ways with dealing with such a situation and as i do not know this individual personally norr do i have hate toward such person. From the replies it is obvious that this issue should not to be addressed here. Like i have said and many know, cleared of all charges DOES not mean you are not guilty. English law is not the be all or end all of decisions in guilt, and i do not wish to detail issues. Sorry to have offended anyone, GuruManyeoGranth you obviously see this as some form of attack on someone, which i respect you for having the passion to post a reply to. The edited version was because i added to mention that he had been cleared. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  3. Baujraur is where it is, but it is in the kheth of Chebewal, and right beside Chaggran
  4. Why does Baba Jis; dob matter? Getting him a bday card?
  5. Everyone should listen to the ithihas of this Gurdwara and Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bachan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39oXSYzw-1w
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7398989.stm How long till we get blame, I say 5 hours
  7. Tarna Dal de Mukhi??? Which Tarna Dal, elaborate GOI scheme, I aint ever heard of Satnam Singh as mukhi of any of the Tarna Dal Dals, unless someone else can shed some light
  8. When he had his C4 program he used to drink openly, he has said on that on Hardepp on...(that was program name) that he is an atheist, I personally think he portrays the sterotypical punjabi view, which alas people associate with Sikhs
  9. taksal for LIFE bruh,


  10. There also a MOhinder singh on soho road, is that the same guy??
  11. worse than the beadbi that happened in the school in east london, you should ask the BOSS singhs. See they wont reply to this because they have no grounds to reply. its all party bajeee, they are they majority so they think they have rights over mahraaj.
  12. Come all you singh soormay who sttod outside the school in east london, stop this beadbi now!
  13. Here's a clip I was given, very interesting - Gurdwara Rawalsar Sahib, Patshahi Dasmi - Himachal, Hindustan http://youtube.com/watch?v=39oXSYzw-1w
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