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  1. Bhai Ram Singh, Bhai Deva Singh, Bhai Tahil Singh, Bhai Ishar Singh and Bhai Fateh Singh These 5 Singhs were the first to receive Amrit from the original Panj Pyares 4 of the Panj Muktas (Bhai Deva Singh, Bhai Tahil Singh, Bhai Ishar Singh, Bhai Fateh Singh) became shaheed at the battle of Chamkaur along with 3 of the original Panj Pyares, Bhai Mohkam Singh, Bhai Himat Singh and Bhai Shaib Singh
  2. Is this Tuk from Guru Granth Sahib?
  3. :D Do you have link for the above smagam?
  4. Battle of Nandaun: The hill cheifs had not payed tribute to the Emperor of Dehli for a few years. In 1690 Mian Khan governor of Jammu recieved orders from Dehli to take steps aginst them. The governor sent Alif Khan to revieve the tribute. He went to Nandaun via Kangra. He sent a warning to Raka Bhim Chand and the other Hill Cheifs that they should pay the tribute or get ready for battle. The Hill chiefs did not want to have the burden of paying the tribute. Raja Bhim Chand's chief minister advised that they seek Guru Gobind Rai's advice and aid. Guru Ji told them not to pay the tribute as it would just lead to more and more demands from the Emperor. With the Guru assistance the Hill chiefs won the battle. Guru Ji used this oppurtunties to urge the Hill Chiefs to fight for the freedom of the country, the Hill Chiefs promised to abide by the Guru's advice in future. After the defeat of Alif Khan, Dilawer Khan governor of Lahore decided to defeat the Guru and the hill chiefs. He sent his son, Rustam Khan to deal with the Guru. He directed his attack at Anandpur. The Sikhs prepared for battle, they were helped by the monsoon rains which caused a small tributary of the Sutlej which caused it to flood. Because of this obstruction and his army being frightened by hearing the loud war cries of the Sikhs on the other side of the streams. Because of this Rustam Khan went back without having a battle. This steam was called Sahari Nala (the Helper Steam) by the Sikhs. Battle of Guler: After this Dilawar Khan's slave named Hussain Khan bosted that he would plunder the Guru's city & get tribute from the hill chiefs it he was given an army. Dilawar Khan gave him command of 2,000 mens and marched to Anandpur Sahib. Raja Ajmer Chand who had succeded Raja Bhim Chand in 1691, Raja Kirpal Chand of Katoch and many other hill chiefs forget their promises with Guru Ji and threw in thier lot with Hussain Khan. They paid tribute to him and proceded towards Anandpur Sahib, intent upon attacking sacking and destoying it. Before they attacked the city they decided to finish of Raja Gopal of Guler. Raja Gopal then sent an envoy to Guru Ji to pray for help. Guru Ji sent a strong contingent of finley selected warriors under the command of Bhai Sangtia Singh. In the Battle of Guler, Hussain Khan and two of his officer called who were called Himmat and Kimmat, Raja Kirpal Chand and some other prominent officers of the Hill Cheifs army were killed along with most of their army. The rest of the army fled in terror. Ajmer Chand saved his life by surrendering. Bhai Sangita Singh along with several of his companians were killed. The Battle took place in 1751-52 BK or 1694-95 A.D.
  5. I am not Valli singh lol :D but the link is http://www.geocities.com/anulbird/anuragindex.html
  6. :D Kam Bhai Shaib can you tell sangat more about Swami Parmanand Ji. Thanks
  7. can u explain what a "Nit Avtar" is. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji said in Mecca that he will have 10 Satguru roop and 74 Sant Brahmgiani roop. Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaaj was one of those roop. Thanks :D Which other brahmgianis were Nit Avtar and which number out of the 74 was Baba Nand Singh Ji.
  8. can u explain what a "Nit Avtar" is.
  9. It was not acid it was sarowar's jal (water) just asked some in punjab
  10. It was the battle of Bhangani, there were 500 udasi sadhus all who run away but one. his name was Mahant Kirpal of Hehar. He killed Haiyat Khan with his club. Ah thanks for that. i remember now....was too long ago More info on Mahant Kirpal from http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Mahant_Kirpal_Das Mahant Kirpal Das, was a leader of the Udasis. The Udasis were originally a branch of the Sikh faith started by Guru Nanak's son, Baba Sri Chand. They were celebate and wandered about the forests in the same way that Hindu Sadhus do, even today, half naked. They wore only a loin cloth and had no fighting skills. A large group of them had traveled to Nathan with the Guru and his Sikhs. They often aided in introducing people to the Sikh faith. They had been living at the Guru's Darbar and eating at the Guru ka Langar at Paonta. When the Guru heard of the attack the Pahari Rajas were planning he ordered even the Udasis to arm themselves and participate in the Battle of Bhangani. Shamelessly they all disappeared in the night, they had no intention of fighting. Only their leader Mahant Kirpal Das stayed to aid the Guru. Mounted on a horse and armed with only a small kirpan and a huge club the Mahant clothed only in his loin cloth presented quite a sight. Guru Gobind Singh tried to disuade him from fighting, but finally yeiled when he realized how determined he was. As the battle began he was the cause of much amusement, though he was totally inexperienced in the art of war he challenged Hayat Khan the Pathan chief, one of the Pathans who had recently deserted Guru Gobind Singh ji's forces. Flourishing his heavy club he charged at Hayat Khan, who dealt him a heavy blow with his sword. Kirpal Das received it on his club. Then rising in his stirrups and shouting loudly, "Sat Sri Akal", he struck Haiyat Khan's head with his club so mightily that his skull was cleaved. The scene is described by Guru Gobind Singh in the, Bachitra Natak in an eloquent simile. He wrote: "Mahant Kirpal, raging, lifted his club and struck the fierce Hayat Khan on his head, upon which his brains spilt forth as butter flowed from the Gopi's pitcher broken by Damodara." Mahant Kirpal Das was later the keeper of the Udasi dera at village Hehar in Ludhiana district. Where he was visited by Guru Gobind Singh after the battle of Chamkaur. He, as a mark of respect, helped carry the palanquin on which the Guru was carried to the next village of Rajoana.
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