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  1. So, are we all very slowly being pulled into this black hole?
  2. does anybody know how to change the version to a palm version? that would be appreciated... thanks... _/\_
  3. is there a sikhitothemax version for the palm, not the pocketpc?
  4. damn, that was a good video... fateh
  5. Gurfateh, Ok people, this question is deep... If you could ever get a chance to go back to childhood, school, or college, and do something differently, or learned something else, or chose a different path, which would have yielded a different outcome in your life, what would it be? It can be about sikhi, or not... Anything which you feel like you wish you had done different... We can start with me... Sikhi-wise, I wish I would have payed more attention to gurbani, and what it actually meant... I didn't do that when I was young, and now I'm struggling to understand it...
  6. also during that floating dollar trick, u hear an uncle yell "REMOTE CONTROL" hahaha.... that was classic.. so funny......
  7. the coin bite trick, i know how he does, but i can't tell, it wouldn't be right... :e: but yea, his tricks are crazy... especially the floating dollar, that is my favorite, i have NO clue how that's possible...... i'm trying to figure it out, i will one day.... hopefully..... fateh
  8. i saw this on another site, and wanted to post it here... maaf if you've already read it... How to answer the usual questions asked of Indians To help the new wave of incoming students from India, here are the proper answers to awkward questions asked everyday: Q. What does that red dot on women's forehead mean? A. Well, in ancient times, Indian men used to practice archery skills by target practicing by aiming at their wife's red dot. In fact, that is one of the reasons why they had many wives. You see, once they mastered the art of archery and hit the target.... Q. You're from Indi
  9. no no, i don't want you to reveal any of your secrets... i know magicians can't do that.. but u know how a lot of magicians teach like one or two simple little tricks, that's what i was saying...... anyways.. good stuff.........
  10. definitely some cool pics man... good work... ps.. vikram, can you teach us all a cool trick or something man? i saw some of your videos, pretty impressive stuff....
  11. haha yea... it's pretty embarassing................ i'm more careful now, i just put my ipod in my shorts pockets........ :TH:
  12. anybody know where to get khalsa revolution vol. 2? their site is down and has been down for quite some time now... thanks fateh
  13. this just happened to me the other day... i was at the gym, running on the treadmill... and it has a few little spots to put things, water bottle, ipod, etc... so i put my ipod in one of them... and while i was running, my arm hit the earphones wire, and it came out and my ipod flew out of the little holder and fell on the treadmill and started bumping around... then i jumped and started moving around on a treadmill that was going 5 mph to avoid stepping on my ipod, and i lost my balance, and almost fell, but still, managed to look like a complete <banned word filter activated>...
  14. yes i would also like to see the full video, please let me know if you find it... gurfateh
  15. -----------[ bUmp ] anybody know where i can get the khalsa revolution vol II album? the site www.khalsarevolution.com has been down forever it seems like......... thanks......
  16. yes, he just went back to india, he was visiting the usa, so we were very lucky to have him at our gurudwara for such a long time..... very uplifting kirtan... fateh
  17. sat sri akal, just letting the sangat know about a new site, www.bhainirmalsingh.com, it's the official website of bhai nirmal singh (nagpur wale). he really has an absolutely amazing voice, and his kirtan truly must be experienced... gurfateh
  18. It's like the NBA Finals......... the winners always have shirts that say they're the world champs right after the game............ it's kinda like that...
  19. interesting question. sadly though, i do not have an answer to it. sorry...
  20. kh@ls@ bro, your email address must be like the most confusing address to give out to people man... kh@ls@@yahoo.com or something like that...
  21. wow... update after update after update... :TH: i like the banner
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