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  1. I am sorry but we might be wrong in using the words 'my country' or 'countrymen' for India and Indians.
  2. This is correct. I was once, during my college days told by a bus conductor mate in Punjab that he too went for recruitment for PRTC Bus conductors 'interview' and the trend was to meet Bibi ji(Surinder Kaur) with one lakh rupees at bungalow and he didn't have that sum and thus missed out on govt job. Corruption is has always been rife in Badals' circles. Waheguru is the best judge and indeed he'll do justice to everyone.
  3. Does anyone know do they still organise London Sikhi week in Uni's? I went to one a couple of years ago and found it amazing.
  4. You know what mate...no-one can know this better than you. All people on this forum won't know the finer details about the Girl and her family more than you. It's easier to say just break the engagement coz she lied to you but what's the guarantee any other girl will tell you truth about each and everything. Just a simple question...How many girls and boys for that matter reveal to their partners on how many ppl have they had sex with before? People lie and lie big..... its you who can decide whether to persist with her or not....just get to know her better and see what's she's on about....and
  5. These guys are brainwashed and more significantly dishonest man. Arguing with them is like banging your head against a brick wall. Coz they won't accept no logic. To them quran is the only logic. The best way to shut em up is to question about Muhammad's life and his wives. Him marrying a 4 yr old and indulging in child sex and then also his marriage with Safiyah the 18 yr old jewish girl whose family he murdered and had sex with her the same night. Combine these facts and question him if such a person can truly be a role model for humanity? Go to sites like www.faithfreedom.org and wikiislam.
  6. I had an awful tough time reading this dude's posts and what he really meant.....lol i dnt think it would be appropriate for me to divulge in details why i employ bhaiyyas....but anyways reitrating my point i would again say Hindus in general are the enemies of Sikhi and they will always be...the soon we realise the better it is. Period. And if you have to reply to me you can do it in Punjabi.
  7. http://www.punjabnewsline.com/content/view/18027/38/ RSS leader Rulda Singh succumbs to his injuries at PGI GAGANDEEP AHUJA Saturday, 15 August 2009 PATIALA: Rulda Singh, head of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, an affiliate of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has succumbed to his injuries in PGI Chandigarh in the wee hours of Saturday. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Dy CM Sukhir Singh Badal have mourned the death of Rulda Singh. He was shot at and seriously injured his shop cum flat t Grain Market in Patiala in Punjab by three unidentified assailants on July 28. Ruld
  8. How ignorant your statement is regarding indians and sikhs not actually playing but just watching cricket. i'm 25 and have been playing since last 18 years of my life and can confirm that the amount of cricket indians play and are passionate about is just unmatchable. Iv'e been playing in a London league for 2 years and misc cricket in london fron 4 years and have found out that the number of indians playing cricket in leagues or in parks is second to none. Even in the English national team currently there are 2 sikhs (Bopara and Panesar) and 2 pakis (shah and rashid). Although i find it su
  9. more than shashtars sikhs need to carry some courage...british born sikhs, well most of em have brought tremendous disgrace to the panth.
  10. Pakis are all the same. I was at Lords the other day and these young pakis were very vocal, shouting pakistan zindabad and allah hu akbar in newzealand southafrica match, one gora had objection to it and subsequently had alteracation with this paki mob who shouted and chanted at him as he was a upper stands and soon complained to police and this individual was removed from the ground. I was particluarly surprised to see the police reaction who witnesed eerything and yet didn't remove no paki as they were stirring major trouble. One thing's for sure, Pakis play the racism card very well. Durin
  11. I can see how we still have people in u.k who are willing to clean up this mess and take this problem head on if needed. All we need is to get together and act rather than arguing over petty differences of opinions that we have. akjatha lion, cov, sarpanch veer e.t.c keep it up.
  12. Yeah....both are named as Sikh Channels.....let's hope both serve a panthic agenda.
  13. To be honest, if we are even to think about tackling these issues we need to think one step ahead and not ponder once the damage has been done. In this case i am 70% certain if not fully that this is a dodgy group created to mislead and corrupt sikh girls by inviting them over to melas, praising them about being sexy etc....I won't be surprised tho i am just speculating that in the process messeges are being sent to them inviting them to various nightclubs at weekends.....where guys might be already present to 'prey' at them.
  14. Well, either no-one sees a merit in my claims or no-one cant be bothered about this issue anymore. It's sad really........ (This is when i miss punjab the most...).
  15. Those Girls wouldn't be foolish and ignorant if they already knew wat's it all about.
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