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  1. it was really good that it was video broadcasted live aswell
  2. OK , i was only asking about kirtanis, because I dont really get to be there at kirtan progs when there a keertanis here that are not normally in the uk. I was going to come to the smagam anyway, i wouldn't mind if there was certain keertanis coming or not just wnated to know if there was or not, i don't know why people have to make a fuss over it, the smagams going to wicked anyway.
  3. http://charhdikalaa.com/forum.html THE CHARHDIKALAA.COM FORUM! get all your questions,ideas,whatever you want into the forum SARBLOH UTENSILS ARE NOW ON SALE !!!
  4. does it matter wich keertanis are coming?? no not really, just like to know if any keertanis from outside of uk coming Bhul chuk maaf
  5. just them u no fast simran tunes that kick :D
  6. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/299343/9_11_twin_towers/ :D @
  7. nah at these times you have to support others that are in these situations, otherwise they think stuff which makes them do anti gurmat stuff. good thing u didnt lol
  8. yeah i would want to knwo too, and whens that kirtantothemax software out?
  9. fateh , Do you really want to cut your hair? Do you really want to throw this beautiful gift huru ji has given you back at his face? Your kesh makes you stand out... guru gobind singh ji wanted his sikhs to stand out!! Do you have sangat were you live that can help you and you cant start doing things together?? Try going to sikhi programs where you live. Sangat changes everyones thinking and even lives.
  10. Fateh, The quality of the shaster are realllllllllllllly good tankpin material will cut any other metal so you no why the prices are like that... If theres a gatka akhara who wants alod more shasters or something, order in bulk and get them through sea shipping and sell them of when u get them to people who want them or use them in your akhara or whatever you want to use them for :D idea, somebody cant partner with charhdikalaa.com and sell on for them here to people who origionally wanted them. So when the seller for CK here in UK gets the shasters he can forward them to the people who w
  11. fateh msn-controlled coke-dont want to control runescape!- was badly addiceted to this online game junkfood- love it sikhi-love it
  12. no1 no !?!?!? please, i heard he might be here coventry smagam in dec?
  13. Fateh, Anyone knopw when this amazing kirtany is next in england?
  14. For chahrdikalaa.com , they do custom things. so if you want a banaa made specificly for you , just email in and it should be done. It might take abit of time because its a customized banaa t your size. The big shasters willb up in 1-2 weeks ( SHASTERS TO WAIT FOR, REALLLLLLY NICE ) If there is anything else specific you want you can email in and Charhdikalaa team will try their hardest to get you it. There is a high demand for Sarbloh Utensils, but the hard thing is to find is people who make them with good quality, but the Chahrdikalaa team will try their hardest to fulfill your needs. O
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