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  1. who said anything about not learning from history? its not possible to look forward to the future w/o learning from the past. but i still don't see why those pics/drawings are more acceptable than drawings of the gurus.
  2. i don't think you should demand that someone behave, dress, or act a certain way. if you don't think their action is appropriate, then you should try to enlighten them. the rest is up to them. and what would signing this petition do? she may feel pressured to change her appearance, but would she feel any differently inside? i doubt it, especially since i'm pretty certain that these ppl probably talked to her first and when that didn't work, they think public/community pressure will do the trick. its peer pressure, plain and simple.
  3. you may feel those torture scenes are more important than anything, but i don't. my whole life is not because of those torture scenes portrayed on the walls of a gurdwara langar hall. they may serve as a reminder of "how" i'm there (in a historical context) but not "why" i'm there. i'm there because i feel a closeness to god, or because i want to thank god for the blessings he's given me, my family, and my loved ones. other times i'm there due to an akandpath, kirtan, or an anand karaj i've been invited to.
  4. i've always been told that you shouldn't sit with your back to the SGGS in the gurdwara, even partially, because its disrespectful to God. someone questioned this formally, by saying that if God is everywhere, then wouldn't we have our back to him in some form or another. i thought that was an interesting observation. just curious to know what you all think about that. and if, in fact, it is wrong to have your back to the SGGS as you're sitting in the gurdwara. :T:
  5. pictures/drawings are an important part of all cultures, especially for kids. it would be great to have drawings that accurately depict the physical features of our gurus. its not like we had cameras in that day and age. so these drawings are going to be someone's portrayal of them. and if they are reverred by the artist, the artist will naturally try to "beautify" them. i don't see anything wrong with drawings of the gurus in gurdwaras, so long as no one maath tekh's to them. i much prefer those to the torture scenes i've seen in some langar halls.
  6. i've known amritdhari sikhs who, though baptised, were judgmental and hypocritical. they'd do one thing but not another. they'd justify their kid's actions, but would lambast another's children for the same actions. to call them sikhs, simply because they are baptised, and not others, who have good hearts, follow sikhism to the best of their ability w/o being baptised, is wrong. i don't know what makes a sikh a sikh, but i know that baptism ALONE does not.
  7. growing up, i thought it was "baki" too and that's what i used to recite.
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