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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, where did you go Singh? I remember talking to you on the older forums. I think you came to Dakota Gurdwara as well once.

  2. Satgur Meraa Sadaa Sadaa Naa Aaave Naa Jaaey
  3. vaaheguru ji ka khalsa vaaheguru ji ki fateh SaintSoldiers.COM has been doing Panthik Seva in UK for probably over 5-6 years. Saintsoldiers.net really haven't had many updates so what's a point site which has been the same for the last year or so? Besides a couple of videos I don't see anything new. Now please dont' this as an offense, but rather as an encouragement. Please start working on your site and add more stuff, if you can. The site saintsoldiers.net serves the same purpose which saintsoldiers.com will and has been. If your aims are the same, why put the other side down? You sh
  4. but sadly I can't find that group address anymore :umm: It's probably deleted.. but oh well.. here's one of Baba Isher Singh Ji.
  5. got this from Bh. Balpreet Singh Ji's group on MSN photos
  6. I think ksinghni used the word necessary to ask why DO YOU want to get tatoos of Gurbani in the the first place when you have other options? If you want to go against the wishes of Guru Sahib, go ahead that's ur own personal choice, but why is that you want to abuse Guru Sahib by using his own Bani as a tatoo? Isn't it just like saying: "Guru Sahib has asked us to not drink alcohol, but I'll show him by drinking right inside the Gurdwara Sahib"?
  7. I thought that the Punj Kakaars do a very good job of that.
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