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  1. Guru Kian Sakhian, Bhatt Sarup Singh Kaushish, 1790.
  2. Its KS come back to post 1 message, PM me if you can help If you have any info on where this person lives, her house, etc please tell me (PM). Ask around your Brummie mates at uni, or wherever If you wanna help with "seva" (seva involving a brick) and you live in Bham then PM me. Please dont reply back if you want to argue about the course of action being wrong etc, just reply if you have help or info to give, if not dont. Waheguru Ji Ki Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  3. Gupt_Singh


    WJKK WJKF joint message frm the 2 souljas (sarbloh n khalsa) we hav decided we aint gnna post ere no more, might have a browse frm time to time bt basically its becumin a bit of a waste of time, the board is good n all but we rnt learnin that much new n we shud really be doin paath cuz personally myself (khalsa soulja) am a total moorakh and i dont do nearly enough paath or namsimran and sarbloh soulja will prolly say teh same (even though he does do BARE naamsimran, he just wont admit it ).....we rnt ragging the board tho, its heavy, well heavy for u lot cuz u do loads of paath nyway!! nyways so ill c all u lot l8a, b4 we go we wanna say (mods dont edit this out) a fat interenet fateh goes out to khalistani, mkhalsa, kulpreet singh, son of guru gobind singh ji, all similar Gs cuz blatantly they r gnna be propa gurmukhs in their lifetime if they arent alredy......i need to chat with u gursikhs on msn n a few otha safe ppl a fat internet slap (jokin) goes to all the nangs, cyber wolf rock music man, n a few otha not so safe ppl nah kiddin u r all pretty safe, do more paath n take amrit if u havent all ready, altho pretty hypocritical comin frm me...... WJKK WJKF khalsa soulja n sarbloh soulja :nihungsmile:
  4. paji if u cannot read gurmukhi fluently get a romanised gutka where punjabi words are in english eg "ik on kar saat naam" etc. i think u will come to a stage when u think you are ready to have amrit. i think befor that comes a stage where u just WANT to take amrit (but know deep down ur not ready), thats where i am i think the biggest issue u may have is that with your wife, its quite complicated, perhaps you should discuss it with the panj or a very knowledgable gursikh (not some random ppl on the net, although i know there are plenty of gursikh here, but its probably better in real life)
  5. jassika, didnt you read what i wrote. unless youve read all the rehatnamas, studied the history of the rehat, talked to brahmgyanis, gurmukhs and mahapurkhs on the issue, you are in absolutely no position to call the rehat maryada that has been and is followed by millions "like rituals". plz, have a little bit of respect. let your ego give in just for one moment and give your guru the benefit of the doubt over your own mind. FYI rehatnama bhai desa singh "never be seperated from your kachh or kirpan" bhai daya singh rehatnama "it is said of a singh that whenever he takes one leg out of his kachh, he must always have the other leg in another kachh". the kacch is also meant to reach just above the knee.
  6. sorry im not actually from trinidad, altho it wud b kl if i was haha im indian all the way thru.....i mean khalistani
  7. yo jassika im not being cold ye but u need to go down to the simple stuff for a bit......dont worry about monkeys have periods.........the panj kakkars are not things to be taken on and off like clothes are.....they are not just symbolic...... plese do a bit of research, talk to some gursikhs, try to find a really spiritually developed gursikh and chat to him more. cuz its worrying when u have todays youth thinking, its ok to take off your kachereh, cuz they are just symbols and u cant see them anyway sorry if i came across as harsh btw im not in a position to say anything about this topic.....hahaha.......why dont you go and ask the panj pyare for their advice before u take amrit?
  8. wjkk wjkf apologies if u thought i was criticising/looking down on shaheed bhai mani singh....was just tryna work out why.......becuz i can understand banda singh bahadurs odd quirk.....eg not eating onions (becuz he previously a bairagi hindu)......bt this part of history has always confused me........still who am i to question kulpreet u have raised some good points.....thnx man wjkk wjkf
  9. could someone explain me the line in guru gobind singhs bani (swayias or chaupai) "the hindus have set up false religions". please read the quran for yourself. its not exactly a long read so you should be able to handle it. then you can come to an informed decision on whether or not it speaks the truth. there is truth in all religion, because praising god by nature is a "true" act, but there are plenty of contradictions between gurbani and hindu scriptures or gurbani and quran, one obviously has to be right on an issue, so the other must obviously be wrong.........?
  10. sorry i didnt make this clear at all. i *think* it was in 1721, but dont quote me. bhai mani singh had the idea, that perhaps he should rearrange all the gurbani in the guru granth sahib. usually it is arranged by raag. he thought he should rearrange the entire guru granth sahib (this is all happening after guru gobind singhs passing) by AUTHOR - ie first all guru nanaks bani, ending with guru tegh bahadurs, then bhagats, bhatts, etc. as u can imagine, the generally sikh sangat were incredibly p**sed off with this idea so it didnt go ahead. people said he should be cut into pieces for attempting to mutilate gurbani. nevertheless bhai mani singh still gave the biggest sacrifice and redeemed himself with shaheedi. i can understand that even great gursikhs make *little* mistakes in their lives and make up for it (eg banda singh bahadur) but WHY ON EARTH would bhai mani singh want to mess about with gurbani? after all he was the scibe of guru gobind singh, so he would be aware of the importance of gurbani and the sggs. why would he have such a crazy idea being such a great singh? hopefully my question is clearer now - what possessed bhai mani singh to think about messing up the guru granth sahib?
  11. bhinder kala???? wheres that :T: dont metha chowk order some of their kirpans from there? also, what kind of differences did u notice bhai sahib?
  12. why did shaheed bhai mani singh want to move about all the material in gurbani (ie arrange by author rather than by raag)?????? surely being such a scholar and the scribe for guruji he knew a ) what the current system was and B ) that gurbani should not be messed with? i never quite understood this one.
  13. i would say english translations are interpritations done by someone else. saying it in the original gurbani will give u the divine ras which has been imbued in it, which a translation cannot give. thats just my opinion, and its from other people, not my own experience (yet )
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