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  1. Satsriakal ji

    aap ji nu janam din di lakh lakd badhai. Rab kolo aap ji ddi lambite achi umar di ardas.

  2. I think its important to first understand Maya is not bad as it too is the creation of God. How can that which is created by God be bad? What is 'bad' is our perception and understanding of what Maya is. Maya is Bad, therefore something else must be Good ie: God. So now there is a conflict between God and Maya or You and Maya. Conflicts exist because of Duality and Duality is Maya. So it a cycle of ignorance that we create. You are not in conflict with maya, you are simply in conflict with your ignorance of what Maya is. Maya cannot be destroyed, You can de-attach yourself from it through Wisdom and Experience. Objectivity is the key here, to be objective to your experience, not be a subject to the Duality of what Maya is. Knowing that a dream is dream while you are dreaming is liberating, but believing that your dream is your reality has more to do with us being ignorant than it being a conflict with the Dream itself. It is the nature of Maya to be what it is. So we have to understand through Gyaan, through Wisdom, through our Meditative Experience what Maya is and how we should live within it, yet not at the same time. To be a part of this illusion and not become the illusion. To float across this expanse, and not drown in it. To be like the Lotus, remaining float even though the roots go deep within the muddy water. As the water rises, so does the Lotus, but it never sinks.
  3. The core ingredient while doing Jap is your Love, Bhaavna / Shardha toward the Mantra.
  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with worshiping a Stone barring few important details. One, You are under the guidance of a Living Master. Two, you are approach your practice with this thought, that if God is within that Moorti, that Stone, then God must also be within me and all those around me. Meera of Rajisthan, Bhagat Dhanna Jatt, the Guru of Bhagat Kabir ji were all Moorti Poojak. It is not the Practice that makes the difference, it is the correct guidance from a Master and your Devotion towards your practice that bring forth transformation in your Bhagti. It is common to get stuck at the first step of this practice as veer ms514 mentioned above me, to forget the bigger picture and speak as if this 'Stone alone is God'. When a Saadhik should move forward to the next step and say, 'this Stone is also God, just as God is within us all'. There are dangers on every path of bhagti, to become aware of them and to be under the compassionate gaze of ones Master is of great importance when walking towards Liberation.
  5. The Sufi's have spoken of two types of Love, Majaji (Worldly) and Haqiqi (Godly). Love when it is woven with the strings of Attachment is call Moh. Love when it is woven with the strings of Freedom is Divine. As PJS spoke above, Learn to love others without expectations. Love them but don't hold them. Love them, but let them be free. Love them, but don't expect this love to be given back to you. Love them, but don't possess them. Love them as you would Love a flower in the Garden, enjoy its fragrance, but don't pluck it from its stem with the desire to posses it. Let it be free, Love is Freedom. If Love invokes fear of someone leaving you, then know that it is not Love. True Love cannot flourish under expectations.
  6. Pheena

    Issues About Hair

    If the mind objects to your new found awareness of Sikhi and its requirements, then subject the mind to further interrogation of why am I walking on this path? First resolve the insecurity you feel about your body by becoming subjective towards it. Are you the Hair on your toe? If not, what care do you have. Is the person staring at your toes the one who is going to liberate your ignorance? If not, what care do you have towards that person? Is their Laughter towards you or towards that which is not you?
  7. From this alone, I can tell you were not ready or prepared for a relationship. One thing you have to first accept that we control the amount of misery we go through and no one else. What others do, do so out of the same freedom God has given to you. If they wish to run around, that is their prerogative. We travel together until one of us wishes to depart,....let them go! Why become a hindrance in another's freedom. God does not hinder our freedom to do what we desire, let us become God in our small way. Understand yourself first, understand your mind and where it has anchored itself in this world. Find the sanctuary of silence within your first, before you even think of holding another's hand on your journey. Take your experience in two folds. One, be great-full to have gone through this experience and come out of it unharmed or in worse shape (mentally) than you could have. Two, I hope you have learned what Moh, Mamta, Maya can do to your mind and just because one is wearing the attire of a Doctor, does not mean he has the qualification to heal your wounds, much less give you security that you two are walking on the same path. Our minds are all alike, whether you wear a Dumalla or you wear a Hat. Every person goes through the same trials and tribulations of shedding the layer of vices we have laminated on our minds. The Journey is long and arduous so don't get attached to one person thinking they should be so and so because such and such is an Amritdhari or non-Amrtidhari for that matter. It is not that simple. It the Rehni and our Behni that defines us. Even so it is not that easy to know what kind of a person truly is. We are great actors, we may deceive all those around us, but never can we deceive the one within us. Also know that no one person is truly bad and no one person is truly good. If you keep this in mind, you will not get fully attached to anyone. You will disappoint yourself when the Good person does a bad thing and you will again disappoint yourself when a bad person begins to do good deeds. Let individuals be as they are...evolving. Dhan Guru....
  8. Pheena


    Would you be lazy to save yourself if your house was on fire? Circumstances create urgency. Would you be lazy to miss your flight when you go on vacation? Would you be lazy enough to go meet your beloved if he/she stood outside your door? A good friend of mine told me one cause of laziness is due to the lack of respect for yourself and for that which you are lazy about, homework, housework, job, school etc etc. We have fallen in a pattern of numbness, our mind no longer seeks to better ourselves, instead we are content to the point we desire no progress in our life. I also suggest you go check with your doctor, if you continually feel exhausted or tired all the time. You might have a lack of vitamin or protein in your blood.
  9. Pheena

    Porn On Internet

    Next time, remember these words, "Sex is a part of the Body, not the Mind" Try to understand what Sex is, rather than just ignoring or suppressing it. Where does this urge come from? Why does it come to you? How often does it come and where does it go? Where is this energy coming from? What your mind has done is created an addiction to the sexuality. This (sexual) energy has to go somewhere. Learn how to do Kirtan, learn how to play Tabla. Some effort you will have to make in diverting this energy. Next time the urge comes to look at porn, be watchful of the mind and if you pay attention to it, you will notice that you always have an option. You can either continue forward or not do it, pay attention to this voice and observe the thoughts of the mind, don't guide it in either direction. Allow the mind to go where it wants to go, but don't follow it. In that moment, start doing Simran. You have to give the mind something more powerful and effective to follow. If the taste of Simran is powerful and important enough in your life, why would the mind want anything else?
  10. beloved veer ji, Kalgidhar ji also says you have to have the bibek budhi to know when it is justified to act and when it isn't. Kalgidhar ji also says Sant First then Sipahi! Those account of history you have noted, only express the act, but the internal spiritual states which were needed before these Sings picked the swords is often not made mandatory or even spoken about. It is not easy as just pick up and sword and kill those wrong doers because you are Khalsa Army of the Akal Purakh. It is like giving someone a loaded gun...one must be careful who they say these words to...Is the listener prepared to handle this responsibility? Does the listener have the capacity and spiritual maturity to grasp what you are saying?
  11. VahegurooJiKaKhalsaVahegurooJiKiFateh KHALSA AKAAL PURAKH KEE FAUJ VahegurooJiKiKaKhalsaVahegurooJiKiFateh Does this Khalsa have the Khalis within him/her before he or she can make this claim that he/she is the army of the Timeless? It is easy to read and utter these words for justification, but what happens when those who have not connected internally with the Timeless use these words to justify their actions? To become the Army of the Timeless is not the hands of the Army, it is in the hands of the Timeless. You do not become a Sikh because you choose to, it happens when the Guru accepts you as his/her disciple.
  12. Do you know what the exact problem is with her? Perhaps someone here has gone through a similar situation and can help you help her deal with it. Does her family know? If not then, you should definitely talk to them if its becoming this serious.
  13. Have you consider telling her parents about this or getting help from another of your common friends. Is there some deeper issue at hand which causes her to fall into this depressive state again and again? If so, then that is where you should start. Help her deal with it by talking to her about it casually if you haven't already. Begin by Helping her Help herself first. Don't let her self-victimize herself, show her that there are people in worse situation than her. Tell her about the life of our Guru's, tell her about your personal experience, tell her that you will be there for her. If she is willing help her get into counseling, it can be of great help.
  14. Pheena


    I don't understand..... you are re-born because you have karmic debt which needs to be paid off or you have desires that you want to fulfill, whether that desire is to reach God or to have more money. You will have to take birth as a Human. The journey is progressive, we make a choice and reap the result of that choice. All choice push us forward towards the ultimate Truth as all results from our actions provide the Jiva (Soul-Mind) an experience from which it can learn. Some learn from the experience of others, some learn from their own actions, but we learn or I hope we do...
  15. i was just pointing out that they did that to my niece and i didnt like it...im not saying its a joke...just wanted a title to capture the attention of u guyz if thats the way they want to attain god im not stopping them. To have such vision and bhaavna which allowed them to see a Devi in a child girl is not something you should mock my friend. It is the vision of Bhagat Dhanna Jat who saw the lord in a rock and compelled the creator to take literal form to satisfy the love of his Bhagat. but then they shudnt call a child a devi...and wasnt the bhagat told by hindus that we worship rocks and he got interested in it so thats why he worshipped them? Calling someone a Devi is a method in one's Bhagti to bring their mind which collects itself in devotion towards a representation of a Devi which exists in a form of girl child. Learn to see with different eyes and you will begin to see the beauty in the way others perceive the divine presence. Don't get caught up in names . He was told by a Hindu Priest, but i'm not sure what you mean by 'we'? He was not a Sikh in term you might be thinking. Bhagat Dhanna was a deciple of Swami Ramanand. His most famous disciples were Dhanna Bhagat, Kabirdas, Nabhadas, Pipa, Ravidas, Sain, and Tulsidas.
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