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  1. There are different stages of simran. In the initial stages we should practise simran by speaking it loudly. A mala can be used to help us concentrate. At some point with Guru jis kirpa, a stage is reached where the lips cease to move and mental simran continues. This stage induces mental peace and joy. As we grow spiritually, mental simran will always or whenever we choose progress unceasingly. The physical aspect of simran ends and mental simran continues from day to day. Read bandginama by Raghbir Singh Bir for further clarification.
  2. Go to bhagat Jaswant Singh Jis website gursevak.com. All the pothia have a set of accompanying Mp3’s. When reading the pothee, the recordings will help with the pronounciation and help learn Gurmukhi quicker.
  3. Japji sahib – obtaining bhramgyaan Jaap sahib – namaskaar to akaal purukh Tva prasad svayie – developing bairaag chaupai sahib – benti to akaal purukh Anand sahib – experiencing the anand of jeevan mukhti Rehraas sahib – obtaining sachkhand Kirtan sohila – eradicating bad dreams Sukhmani sahib – One average a human takes 24000 breaths each day and sukhmani sahib contains 24000 letters. Therefore reading sukhmani sahib makes the each breath fruitful and gives the mind peace. For further information, please read Khalsa Jeevan by Sant Kartar Singh Ji (page 221)
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