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  1. So here is the lastest lunacy - I cannot believe how these people associated with building the new gurdwara would not realise what hypocracy this is - they are hosting a hip hop, bhangra and giddha night in order to raise funds for a new gurdwara! HAs the world gone mad?! How can you build something with rotten foundations? Please see attached flyer. Helpfully, there is a contact number on itwhereby the sangat can get more information!
  2. This idiots make me sick. You think if they'd taken Allah's name they'd be getting away with this sort of major disrespect?? What can we do to stop this though? We're in a mess from top down, everyman just more interested in power/money in SGPC/ Akal Takhat etc. These 3h0 people need to be shown just how direspectful it is.
  3. (mod edit due to consequence of actions if information were to be passed)
  4. someone needs to be able to push this point at the Panth Time tomorrow evening at RST. Surely the Sikh channel wouldnt edit something like that out, would they!?
  5. What I find surprising is just how it is possibly victimisation. Look at the facts. The first gurdwara to be requested to shut the hall and did so was Edinburgh's one - traditionally called "Bhatra". Grays was the same again. So if those two were "bhatra" (i hate these labels we use) then how can it possibly be an attack on these "Ramgarhia's" - perhaps someone could ask this on panth time! it is very confusing. Second, and more important point is the fact that the Gurdwaray that have these halls come up with "financial reasons" for not closing the hall...hmmm... now, if we take a look at t
  6. I've been calling as have a few other singhs i know and i couldnt get thru to the secretary number that was up, but i got to speak with the president a couple of times. he seemed a bit ambushed first of all and confused, said that there was no hall, but then backtracked and said that what he meant to say was that the hall was no longer going to be open. Seems like a nice old guy who genuinely wanted the punga over with. See what happens, but i hear that the committee have signed an agreement thats gonna get sent today confirming that the halls closed for BeadBi!! Good work everyone, UK Sang
  7. Just found out that the Pardhaan Gurcharan Singh has confirmed on the telephone that this type of activity does happen, and also that he's given a guarantee that it will be closed down and put a stop to as quickly as possible. The Committee have been sent a form to sign accepting their obligation to abide by the akal takht huukamnama and sandesh. The deadline runs out on Tuesday so hopefully they will realise the gravity of their situation now.
  8. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/4thoughttv/episode-guide/series-1/episode-123
  9. Don't talk rubbish I've been many times its a load of $h1t to try and claim that http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/6485/grayslayout.jpg
  10. This camp is not affiliated or linked to the Ludhiana Sikh Missionary College. The original founders who wished to do Parchaar and make Gurmat literature available to the Sangat used the name "missionary" in the sense of "parchaar". But perhaps the word's meaning has changed over time and needs to be looked at. In regards to the camp itself, some of the same uncles and youngsters who are involved in the Sikh Student Camp which has now rebranded as 'Sikh Summer Retreat' after all the embarrassment they caused themselves are involved in the Sikh Missionary Society camp. Perhaps this is a reflec
  11. Hi was wondering if anyone could be specific about the september monthly programme in cross roads was thinkning about attending but the site seems to be in construction just now
  12. here's one that everyone dreads... it was new years eve and darbar sahib is PACKED out. I took ages getting ready for gurdwara that day, BIG dumalla, and new shastar in it i got from india. anyways, so im sitting there, then its time for ardas, we all stand up and im feeling really inspired, and when the granthis like " bolo ji.." im like "VAHEGUROO!!!! At the end of ardas, i go to matha tekh, and i forgot how crammed we are, and as i raise my head, i forgot i had a teer head in my damalla, and i rise my head really swiftly...right into this poor old guys rear end! VAHEGUROO!! poor guy let
  13. there is also a more subtle and dangerous side to these lies however... The person above him may or may not have alot of knowledge in sikh, and it would be a great shame if someone who seems to know fundamental right from wrong be brainwashed as he has said, "i dont know what mahapursh do" obviously he is showing great respect for Baba Santa singh ji, as he wouldnt want to question them. But the point is, nangs exploit this piyaar and respect between sikhs to promote their own alcohol-fuelled delusions and fantasies. I have been at people's houses when they come out with statements from th
  14. thank you valli, the slandering of such a gursikh is just shocking. I dont think they can go any lower than flat out lies like this now.. surely its come to a point where enough is enough? we 've not really engaged them before properly, all of us have kind of turned a blind eye and just sort of hoped that the whole nang thing would go away... its not going to happen unless we all get together to do something
  15. in case you dont speak nang-ish, let me translate Nang, "About Nihangs drinking Alcohol it is ok for medicinal purposes. not for oo uj din kushiyaa da ik peg lah lo (ie not for just everyday). I MYSELF HAVE SEEN AKALI BABA JATHEDAR SANTA SINGH JI DRINKING ALCOHOL (for health reasons?!)
  16. Vaheguroo ji ka khalsa, vaheguroo ji ki fateh I am almost lost for words as to how low Nang Niddar and his henchmen are stooping...I CANNOT believe the ends these fakes will go to , distorting the truth, and creating lies about people, in order to justify their vile actions This is a big shock, and all singhs who hold affiliation of some sort with Budda Dal will be obviously very hurt and angered by this... It is a quote on facebook , from Niddars Shastar Vidiya Group which has been sent to me, and the quote is by his right hand nang, "Nihang Tej Singh" i am attaching a screenshot to the p
  17. it does alot - it shows that he doesnt believe any of the junk he brainwashes impressionable youth with. He's nothing but an over inflated ego , who loves the controversy that he creates - hes really a sad man who wants to be centre of attention. Ive spent time with him, ive learnt from him, I know first hand
  18. one thing i was thinking about, and i forgot to say was that the Nihung Dals all deserve alot of credit for their actions. They can get a rough time of it at times, due to these shameless nangs and i think they really showed the difference between NANG and NIHUNG
  19. Thank you Akhand Sabha for your technical wizardry!
  20. Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh Nang Niddar Singh was shamed into admitting that his self proclaimed revelatory book was full of half truths , and his own bias rather than being an informed piece See the great warrior meekly accept his fate here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2xvqfhkWEy4 before the nangs bother saying "why dont you meet him and challenge him etc" please realise that some of us do not wish to get involved in petty arguements with individuals who will bring us no progression in our journeys to Maharaj
  21. cant wait - should be amazing the singhz r chardikalla. Will definitely be travelling up there!!
  22. Fateh Ji! Daas i s looking to find out whether and comparative studies/ reports have taken place regarding the Dastaar and the Helmet? It is something that interests daas, and if feasible, daas would be willing to fund such a study if none have been carried out so far - something that could prove invaluable to the never ending Dastaar/Motorbike cases that seem to spring up...
  23. you guys are an embarrassment to yourselves with your immature posting. Daas agrees with Rupinder Singh and Akal_Sehna, yet they put their legitimate concerns across without disrespecting your opinions... Why do you have to resort to actually painfully unfunny comments and ludicrously bad dialogue to make yourselves be heard? This is not primary school where the loudest person gets heard - its a Sikhi forum where everyone has the right to an opinion.... Sorry to go on and on, but cant you respect your brothers and sisters? Oh and can daas just say - one thing thats REALLY quite irksome is
  24. Fateh to cyber sangat! I just want to first of all state that is by NO means daas' opinion, nor does daas condone this, however daas would like to ask some tough questions and put forward some purposefully contentious points for debate. This is Part 1 Females of the Panth Daas believes that the bibiaan in the panth are perhaps the greatest problem that we sikhs face in modern days... there are a few reasons. 1) It is 9 times out of 10 the bibian who are lured into converting by the same old methods - when are they going to wake up and realise the truth?! Why do they feel some sort of sp
  25. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh Siki camp was amaazing, a big well done to the organisers that made it happen. Ill try to keep this short and sweet as much as possible!! In our group (9) i think it was we had "kaurageous" members, well when it came to the high ropes we found out just how courageous they were, Gurrry! aka Rocky. THe one and only Penji/Paji if that makes sense aka the kung fu master. This nutter thinks that walking along a tree 80 odd feet in the air isnt difficult enough so he jumps, walks backwards and does a karate kick in mid air!!! As i said short and sw
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