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  1. On the topic of four castes, I have noticed no one caste is proficient in everything. All have their positive and weak points. Brahmins+Khatris are very good in intellect, command over languages, business sense, but lack in technical knowledge and artisan skills. With my own eyes I've seen they are literally unable to use a screwdriver. Jatts excel in health, stamina, stick up for each other, (over)confident. But education lacking. Big Ego. Impatient. Lohars, Ramdasia, Tarkhans etc excel in artisan skills requiring use of hands, fine motor skills (includes sewing etc), patience
  2. Yep reap what you sow! However I will say this, sometimes it is our own fault for girls marrying out. Too many of us lack a caring nature and can be ridiculously harsh on our own with disabilities. I've heard a story were a cripple Sikh girl ended up marrying a muslim because apne couldn't look past it. Some families reject girls whose father is ill thinking that her offspring may get the same illness. Pathetic.
  3. One thing I've noticed is apne who believe in caste can take advantage of those who don't believe in caste. Basically they put on a facade of not believing in caste only when it serves their purpose. Example when it comes to marriage, they will allow their son to marry a girl from another caste if she's pretty, educated, PR etc, but the same people would not allow their own daughter to marry a boy from another caste. If non-belief in caste is not genunie and reciprocated by the other party, it all feels very one-sided and a feeling of being taken advantage of which leads to tribalism. V
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