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  1. Tell him to back off and not to bother you again. Or when you go to uni have some earphones in and pretend you are listening to music and see if he tries talking to you then. Be strong and if you are scared to tel this guy to back off then go with a group of people and approach him then. All the best.
  2. Detective A I am leaving!!!! I asked them to ban me from the forum...Hope they do it. We'll still be friends tho. I just have alot of negative energy i need to sort out!

  3. Hey detective number 2. :D

  4. I admit that I fooled you many times and i keep on fooling you because you are easily fooled and partly foolable and foolish all the time.
  5. I live like two minutes from north york..Just the border of toronto and north york.
  6. haha chill homeboi...da partys done...shows over....everyone packed up and left..dnt raise ur blood pressure
  7. It's all good bro...when i was graced with amrit by panj pyaray I was given the name gurpreet singh. I am in the same situation as you are. Since I am from the Caribbean its harder to get my name changed at this time....You can always change it legally as soon as its possible for you...don't let this be an obstacle in your way...Just let everyone know that you'd like to be called by the name Guru sahibs panj pyaray gives you....
  8. Very good post by Curious singh. I believe that insted of people throwing food away they can take it home . But as far as giving it to shelters .... their might be a problem with people who are allergic to certain things. Things here are different still. ... and guruvah bro, Ofcourse it Guru sahibs langar and we are guru sahibs children...insted of throwing it out if someone can make use of the langar, its always better.
  9. nah man...i didn't make fun of the name..i jus gave u a suitable rename for urself...anyways u can continue propagating ur missionary nonsense.and spreading ur hate..the clocks gotta out tick u....goood luck countdown has already started
  10. Sukha Singhs da man! International Bakali...get real !!
  11. What do you smoke? If you smoke weed pm me I got resources that may help you deal with it.
  12. I met Joe the other day...he's not allowed to practice anymore...he got caught up in a mix up and babylon dem found out he had bribed and scam'd some people so he lost it all.....sooo yeh don't front .cuz u might lose it all and .it might come back and bite u harder...\ :TH:
  13. whats that for?...who u buyin bracelets for?
  14. Khalsa123 , My parents are radha soamis and Most of my family are hindus and at first it was a big hassle for me too but eventually things got better. They have accepted that fact. When you give your head to the Guru he takes care of all your affairs. Rest is upto you...I wish u all the best. and hopefully whatever decision you make ..you remember waheguru always..
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