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  1. Although i appreciate the sentiments of the posters in this thread but let me put another question out to you.... How many here, actually go to their local gurghar and actively get involved in sewa. A Singh spoke to me a few days ago and he went toa gurdwarah where Maharaj's assan was dusty and grimy and gutkeh were left lying around with rumalleh sahibs and the darbar sahib was in general dis-array, he noticed a nother singh walk in, notice the same thing and then i found some bibis in the langar hall and asked for a bowl and some wash cloths, he began to clean all of Maharaj's asan and the the other also joined in and they both managed to get the darbar sahib up to a better standard of clenliness.... Now, with waheguru's kirpa they plan to go each friday to do this and the gurdwara people are more than happy for them to do this.. Firstly....the problem with caste based gurdwareh is deep rooted and will not be resolved with harsh words and bullying.... get into these organisations and begin with the practical sewa, once committies see that you just doing sewa they normally will not reproach you for this....form relationships with these people... the main reason for their lack of regard for Guru Maharaj is lack of knowledge....if we be-friend these people and work with to provide active solutions to issues regarding beadbi and satkar around Maharaj and His darbaar... food for thought: "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up." bhulla chucka di khimma :-)
  2. WJKK WJKF last night, in Birmingham, UK there was a meeting held regarding the beadbi of 2500 saroops of Guru Maharaj including sencheea, poothiah and gurtkeh etc. Many issues were raised and many ideas put forward...this is just a summary and if anyone was present at the meeting last night please add to this and correct my mistakes if dass has said anything wrong....... One of the ideas that will be put into action will be an akhand paath taking place in the West Midlands in Memory of the Shahidi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji......there were talks about other contries/cities etc also getting involved to condemn what happend and also seek Guru Ji shelter in giving his gursikhs the courage and strength to prevent this happening again. The event will also have youth forums with youngsters speaking about how this event has effected them and with whaeguru's kirpa we are going to try and get alot of press coverage/news papers/ to publicise this event.... Long term were are hoping to form a "forum" of sorts to tackle issues that are happening on a daily basis in Gurughars. Meat in Langer Halls, Satkar of Guru Ji, Party Halls in GuruGhar premises alot of sangat using this forum are from various countries and was wondering if there waould be any way of setting up similar intiatives in your home contries...i.e. a highly publisized event to express sentiments about what happend in Dehli and them looking at long term projects to bring about satkaar and respect around Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj... It was agreed that much beadbi is done because people do not uinderstand that Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not just a Book.....it is our Living Guru and Guru Nanak Jot was placing inside Guru Granth Sahib Ji for us.....this is a fault we all have to accept responsibility for and now is a time to bring about change.....not neccessarily by going up to people and shouting at them and threatening them but through active parchaar and enlightening people about Who Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is..... With forum and group like this in place we are there for people to turn to when beadbi is being highlighted.....and also respond when major incidents do occur.... the change has to start with us people.... Again just a brief summary of what the outcome of yesterdays meeting was..... if anyone has ways in which they can help in any sewa or ideas please put them forward.. BENTI PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS THREAD AS A MUD SLINGING MATCH....IRRELEVENT AND NONSENSE POST WILL BE REMOVED....lets try to stick to the topic at hand and looks for ways to use this event to change future actions and consequences... BEANT BHULA CHUCKA DI MAAFI JIO....
  3. bump...meeting is tonight guys please come and show your support..... and for those who think that sending a "3-man" committee to write a report is adequete when your Guru has be sujected to such torture and neglect and DISREPECT.....not once......not.twice for over 2500 times OVER A THIRTEEN YEAR TIMESPAN....!!!!.....well.....frankly......i have no words to says.....but i will present the following senario in front of you: - Your dad has been kidnapped and you, as his child, have no idea whether he is dead or alive and the 13 years later u find that the torture and suffering he has undergone without a single person knowing.....how would you be feeling... this is no different..... I agree with other poster that there are other incidents in the UK that too need to be dealt with....but....if we can get together and unite ONCE instead of bickering and arguing and pushing responisibility to each other.....we can too be able to come together and investigate other tragedies and harm towards our Father...... waheguru kirpa karan wjkk wjkf
  4. wjkk wjkf sandsangat jio. There is a meeting taking place at Smethwick Gurdwara on Monday 30th August 2010 at 8pm. It is with geat remorse that the sikh kaum again is being attacked through disrespect and beadbi of our Living Guru. This is a benti to every sinlge one of you that serves Guru Granth sahib Ji Maharaj whether are are amritdhari or non-amritdhari, akj, taksali, nihang, nanaksari....We are sikhs FIRST AND FOREMOST and... we serve only Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Please attend to show your support in any way that your can....this is not organised by any jatha and not in accosiation with any guruwara, Smethwick is just a convenient location as there is a simeran program happening there already.... Two weeks ago it was revealed that beadbi of over 2500 saroops of Guru Granth Ji Maharaj aglong with other sikhi pothiah and granths has been on-going for over a 13 year time span. Angs of Guru Maharaj were pulled out of gutters and streams and other were found with insects and rats infected within Guru Maharaj's pavitar Ang. A beadbi of this scale has happend and yet the panth remains silent. How long will each one of you reading this message remain ignorant and pass the responsibility to others? How many of you will forward this meassage and then forget about it in a weeks time? Beanti to sangat ji, wake up, a jatha of singhs and singhniah is being organised to travel to India to find out why this happend. Now is the time to stand up and serve the master you gave you head to.... There is a meeting taking place at Smethwick Gurdwara on Monday 30th August 2010 at 8pm. Make you actions count. Show your support. Now is the time. wjkk wjkf
  5. The fuss is about the 'anek hai'. They agree that 'ek hai'. Ask anyone and they will say God is one...but it is 'my' God that is that one, not yours or theirs. It is My One God and My One Path to that MY ONE GOD is the only way and this MY ONE GOD is the sole manifestation proof (in written text) of his existence and I (Religion) with MY ONE GOD has the sole knowledge of how to reach him. People don't see the multitude of his reflections in different fashion, form and expression. Limited views, limited minds can only see the narrow paths to the one who is found in the fields of limitless mind. We seek the one with the mind who cannot be found with the mind. We seek words, justification to support our position, our egos, our biased viewpoints when the one who we seek does not speak in the language of the mind. This noise of the mind is just an excuse so you can feel the need to be silent. So you can understand the necessity of going silent. The noise is there so you can crave the need to be noiseless, to be free of thoughts, to be free of labels, to be free of our false identity. The Noise is there to make you aware of that which you are missing, just as Pain is there so you can appreciate the experience the pleasure. What do we do, we feed the noise with more noise and think that somehow we have reached clarity of noise. If thought is Noise, then even the thought of God is NOISE.
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh...!! Does sikhi condemn anything?.....daas was thinking about what an amazing dharam sikhi is........if we look at guru maharaj...........there is a great emphasis on Action and Consequence. . . . do good and recieve good.....do bad and recieve bad....it realy is as simple as that............. what are sangats thoughts on this? there are many religions out there that "scare" people in to believing in a God out of fear of going to hell, jamdoot etc......yet Guru Nanak Dev Ji teaches us how to fall in love with God........can we honestly say that we are in love with God, showing others how we are in Love with God.....? sorry for the random rambings just some questions i had running around in my head.... bhul chuck maafi WJKK WJKF...!!
  7. Mod Note: Keep it clean sangat jio. You are well aware of forum rules regarding personal attacks.
  8. thanks pahji, i have got in touch with the pahji but no response as of yet....be greatful if anyone else may know where we may get hold of these pothieah in the UK... dhanvaad
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Fateh..!! I was wondering if any one has the following pothiah in Larivaar akhar that they no longer require.. Panj Granthi Baaee Barah Bani Bhagat Bani We live in the Handsworth area of Birmingham and are will to collect them, providing you are based within the midland's We also have 2 10-volume senchia with english tranlations and transliterations of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj if anyone would like them. They were very useful in our earlier years when learning to gurbani and we were able to do sehaj paaths and learn basic gurbani this way. Please reply if you have the senchia we are looking for or if you are interested in having the 10 volume set senchia Bhul Chuck Maafi Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh..!!
  10. There are a few things on my mind please bear with me. i think i need professional help, but i can't afford it. i feel very lost. you make a good point, my mum suffers from depression and all the nhs want to do is pump her full of drugs....its natural to get lost onlong the way when journeying through life.....the problems begin wen we fail to see the signposts around that tell us the right direction to go to... i just want to be left alone, and i hate when people can't see that. but then at the same time, i'm so, crushingly lonely and just want to be around the people i love, and i hate that i have to hide that from people because they'll think i'm too clingy. hmmmm it seems to me that u have massive self-esteem issues.....rather than being yourself around people ur first thought is about how you are percieved by others...........again something many of us go through.....but when you find it impossible to be around people without worrying about their perceptions you.....your own identity is lost.....hence the depression.....depression is simply when the mind tries to supress what it truly is.....a wonderful, infinate tool of God where everything is possible.... Mind is also, at the same time, a double edged sword.......you can use it for good or evil....depending on what force is dominating you.....if u are filled with self loathing, low esteem, negative thoughts, you will never see anything around you as good... i've been with this guy for about a year and a half that i met at uni. i love him very much but i know in my heart he still has feelings for this girl he was engaged with for a little while. i wish he'd just tell me, i love him so much that i don't want to end it before it's time. from the sounds of your previous statement my dear its sounds like you barely love yourself....how can u possibly love someone? or even know what love is, in ur current frame of mind? Im not knowledgable in this area so please forgive me if i have spoken out of term. i lost my first boyfriend of 3 years and now it's happening again. Again it seems to me that u dont not feel worthy of love.....and you have put ur current partner in the same light as your last....again is the problem with them? our your state of mind? at least once a day, i think about what things would be like if i weren't around anymore. i'm desperate. what are you desperate for? belonging? peace of mind? the previous poster was right in that seeking professional help is probably the best way....theres Womans Aid...at least i think thats what they are called...try doing something small each day,...ou..like writing a gratitude journal......get a notebook....everyday.....write the date....and each thing that has made u smile.....or something that u feel greatful for....it can be anything from a little baby laughing, to something you watched on telly....an inspiring story....your health, job, family, friends, each day the more you shift your focus from all the negative aspects of your life to the positive aspects....you will begin to feel better...... waheguru
  11. bump bump bump Its tomorrow saad sangat jio woohooooo
  12. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh The Yudh 10 - in celebration of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Hola Mahalla is upon us... Date : Saturday 6th March Time: 9pm - 10pm : Rules & Regulations 10pm - 4pm : Tournament (Juniors, Ladies & Singhs - Teams (5 per Team) and Singles Competition) 4pm - 5pm: Presentations for all Participants & Winners Venue: Gurdwara Amrit Parchar Dharmik Diwan Birmingham Road , Oldbury, Warley, West Midlands , B69 4EH Tel: 0121 552 3778. Let us all together bring the spirit of Nirvair and Pyar back that Guru Ji intended!!! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh..!! YUDH 10 TRAILER - HOPE THIS INSPIRES US ALL TO LOVE WAHEGURU MORE!!! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh..!!
  13. that has the be the 'truest' comment and observation i have read in a long time.....
  14. Mod Note: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again, with the the jatha bashing......Seriously guys, have you guys got THAT much free time on your hands that this is what u do to fill your time? There's so many good things that are happening in this world........so many inspirational stories that need to be shared....but noooooooooooo..........show me the nidiah, chuggli, eerkha, and the post replies are at their highest... THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE HELL BENT ON BRINGING DOWN THE QUALITY OF THIS FORUM.....no warning will be issued, your account will be frozen and u will loose your ability to post until the admin team see an overall improvement on the forum as a whole.... You know who you are.....so think before posting.............read the terms and conditions that EACH one of u signed up to when u joined this forum.......topics will be deleted without notice that are not adhering to forum rules so dont start whining when your topics have been deleted...... I hope this clarifies where SS stands with regards to trouble makers on this forum....THEY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED......improve you posting or face the consequences..... You have been warned..... Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh..!!!
  15. Mod Note: I think we al know where this topic is going to end up....so ill put it there before hand. Raagmala is not up for discussion...Read the forum rules
  17. Shaheedi Camp 2009 Saturday 26th December 2009 In loving memory of the sahibzadeh's shaheedi Gurdwara Amrit Parchaar Dharmic Diwaan Birmingham Road Oldbury B69 4EH Special Guests speakers and renound kirtani Gurmat Sangeet Academy...!! Fun, games, Gurmat Vichaar, Open forum discussions and Pizza langer....!! Registration 9.30am Camp times 10am-5pm FOLLOWED BY AMRIT SANCHAAR @ 5PM
  18. this reply summs everything up nicely...value of gurbani has definatly has definatly been lost....Whatever does does is for our own good anyways....a wake-up call is long overdue....
  19. waheguru.. waheguru, we too were blessed with giani ji sangat when they were in the midlands...and he pretty much told us the same thing....lol...but hey, we need to worry about whats coming tomorrow.....we seem awfully certain that we gonna be around to even see 2012......our sikhi has to set up now.....to save our souls..... Giani Ji is amazing though.....so gupt...... Waheguru..
  20. MOD NOTE: Topic Discussion is banned, please read the forum rules. TOPIC CLOSED
  21. WJKK WJKF!!! i found out Giani is in Bham at the mo....anyone know where they gonna be doing katha?? Plz respond asap if you know thanks sangat jio WJKK WJKF!!!
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