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  1. Wjkk wjkk I heard it was based it Leeds this year any furthur info? Amrit Sanchaar info? Dhanvaad Sangat Ji Wjkk wjkf
  2. I remember listening to this a while ago, thanks for sharing pyaareh-oh :-)
  3. Are you ready to be Blessed by the Guru & Panj Pyare then enroll on to the Khalsa Panth now!!! Amrit Sanchar this Saturday at: Gurdwara Amrit Parchar Dharmik Diwan, Oldbury, UK, B69 4EH on Saturday 3rd December 2012 at 3pm contact 07811330636 - all Kakkars will be provided!
  4. Wjkk wjkf Sangat jeo I'm having difficulties in finding formula for our new born baby, (in the UK) as sma and all other high street brand ALL have fish products in them, I know there are some soya based products but I read that they are not always good for newborns and lack certain nutrients.... Does sangat know of any formulas that are veggie friendly? I am breast feeding soon I gotta take some meds that won't allow to me to continue to do this, I really worried, I need to make sure baby gets the best of what he needs.... Thanks in advance sangat jio
  5. WJKK WJKF...... hmmmmm....you may not like what im about to say here because you so badly want it to work with this guy. But having spoken to many bibiah in similar situations and also personal experiences before dass was blessed with amrit......heres my 2 cents...... Attraction and love are two very different things, lust and love are two very different things and it seems you have confused what it is you feel. When you love someone and something or have a feeling of love, lust, sex, attraction do not come into the equation. If you truly loved this person, sex would be the last thing on both of your minds because the bond of love is God itself and is felt and experienced on a spiritual level. What you are feeling is now desperation, anguish and dispair because, you have slept with someone, now you feel obliged to marry them for that reason alone. thoughts are going through your head such as "how will i marry someone else because im am no longer a virgin, and anyone else will find out on my wedding night." "my parents will hate me and marry me off to some stranger blah blah blah" i hope you understand where im going with this. Also you call yourself and your partner rehat-dharis and you wear a patka, thats fantastic but what concerns me is that you dont even know what the bujjar kurihets where yet you claim to be "into sikhi" before i contine please let me apologize for the harsh words but im just trying to highlight what exactly the problem is here.......... you are no different to any other girl out there, sikhi or not because, you met someone, became overwhelmed, got attracted to them, allowed yourself to consent to having sex with them and then when the happy ending is not coming your way.....you panic.......it happens every day, to a lot of women. a womans vitue, no matter how much we regret and repent afterwards, once lost, is not retrievable...... You need to seriously think about your future with this man..... what do you want? do you want to progress in sikhi together? what about when you both go on to have children? what moral values and teachings will you be passing onto them? are you going to be hypocrits and teach them something, set it in stone, knowing full well you, yourselves didnt follow it yourselves, If your partner is hesitating now? where were his parents when he decided to have sex with you? can you depend on this person for the rest of your life? you need to do some serious growing up from now onwards and think how best to move forward....... please forgive anything that may sound offensive, ive just heard this story so many times and when these questions are raised, girls dont realy seem to know what to say.....but to move forward in a postive light and learn valuable lessons means facing some harsh realities and truths about ourselves.....again i can say this from my own experience and im a paapi as it is.... bhul chuck maafi WJKK WJKF
  6. I was at my local gurghar yesterday and was horrified to hear from a younger singhni im close to about how she went to a sikh camp in wolves recently and was punched in the face by another singhni because she was questioning and debating about some sensitive issues in the panth. to add insult to injury they are now hounding her and threating in case she presses charges (which we have all told her to do) WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Where was you Guru when you raised you hand to hit someone innocent??? SOrry to rant here sangat jio but im sooooo dissapointed with the downward direction that some of our youth are taking and yet they thrush themselves at the forefront of camps and sewa to teach others about sikhi....... What is happening to us as youth.....we are supposed to love and respect each oether, be equivilent to charan dhoor and keep unity and pyaar amonsgt the panth? something we all (including myself need to think about) RANT OVER :BL:
  7. Just to add two cents to this topic, I was listening to some katha about our beloved Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, and Mata Ji's height was around 6ft tall and she wore a huge yellow dummalla with two chakkers in it. When we mat were privalidged to speak to gaini ji he also told us, that singhs/singhniah were very hard to differentiate on a battle field.......he told us that singhiah were built like towers....this was also because some very special souls took birth as singhniah in Guru Gobind SIngh Ji's time to recieve mukhti....... But behind the dastaar was some SERIOUS KAMAAI, i say this because this is where i too am failing in this jeevan,,,,,,,,,we may look the part, tie smart dastaarah/dumalleh/chunni/patkeh whatever......but what gives all this value is our value and keemat of rehat....... The disapline and obenience that women had in their lifestyles, raini/baini in puratan times and some even today is amazing....... Are we getting up for Amritvela regularly? Are we making efforts to progress in our knowladge and understanding of sikhi? Do we still remember why we took amrit? Do we understand what amrit even is or its value? A re we looking at the panj chor within ourselves before we seek to judge others? I can truly look in the mirror and be disgusted with myself as on the outside i look the part, but the inside.....well....thats whole new topic to discuss in itself.....but lets just say....it aint pretty... :|
  8. yup to add to that when you have the avasha of a sant/braimgyani mahapurkh Guru Gobind Singh Himself comes to get you :waheguru: :L:
  9. The point is the hall was established and funded by gurdwara money, simply separating it in name and deed does not automatically make it separate does it? Separate committee or not theyare still going to be asociated with the gurghar....and if sangat come through the gurghar to making bookings for the the hall.... i.e. exactly the same situation we are in now, can pulling this stut still leave them unanswerable to the akal takht hukamnama and the conditions the hall was initallly established under the carity comission? Because if its just a hall thats being hired out for parties, how would it still remain under the charity commission even if its a separate number etc etc? Could anyone from Satkaar clarify what the implications of this would be? or even someone from a legal perspective....
  10. Hanji i remember this sakhi it comes in the Japji Sahib katha i think, i remember giggling to myself, how His own hankaar was his give away......lol :lol:
  11. WJKK WJKF I dont think think Giani Ji has made a recording of Asa Di //, if you go to http://www.gurbaniupdesh.org/multimedia/downloads.php they have the largest collection of Giani Ji's Gurbani Ucharan, I couldnt see ADV there If you find a copy please post up here, would love to hear it :-) WJKK WJKF
  12. Mod Note: Thread has been cleaned up and restored guys. Please be responisble when replying and posting responses and refrain from personal attacks whilst keeping the in the spirit of the discussion. :-)
  13. Mod Note: WJKK WJKF. The Dudley Beadbi Thread has temporarily been taken down and the admin team are discussing how best to proceed with getting it back on-line minus the personal attacks. Each one of you can help by refraining for making such attacks but at the same time show your support and voice opinions on the Satkaar of Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Remeber guys, we are all on the same team here and Sikhsangat is 100% in support of the Satkaar of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. :-)
  14. My husband deals with PC Repair in Birmingham. check out his website www.pcseedup.net
  15. Waheguru, it's a long coming, I for one, am shocked at the arrongance and conceit members of this committee have shown, this attitude of trying to find loop holes and thinking that they are higher than the sandesh and hukamnama from akal takht, will surly come now to hit them in the face, So many attempts have been made to try and with them, and initiate peaceful dialogue...then we as sangat will accused of being fanatics and trouble makers for protesting at their door...lol It is also worth noting that Grey's had this similar attitude that thier gurdwara's reputation was tarnished because of the satkaar campaign, well if u as a community refuse to list and discuss and negotiate and think by burying ur head in the sand will cause Sangat to forget what's happening...of couse u are simply inviting a protest on ur doorstep so don't moan when 100's of Sikhs are at ur gate asking for the respect of our Guru and his teachings to be adhered to.... Sangat jio please spread the message far and wide, and west midlands has so much gursikh sangat....let's not make excuses and show our unity and support in a preaceful and proactive way for Guru Maharaj.... :-) Beanti to update ur facebook and twitter status with dates and times of protest rally... Waheguru It's is very safe to say that RST have brought
  16. just to add my two cents...lol..... Whilst coming into sikhi i have come accross two amazing Granthi Singh's that were from India, I found their sangat to inspiring.........they were a massive stepping stone across my whole journey into Sikhi.......One gaini ji im still very close to, to this day and They were able to perform our laveh when dass got married.......and this Giani knew me as a moni.....and always used to encourage me to comet o gurghar to listento katha in the mornings and would always do amazing vichaar on the daily hukamnama.......this in itself was a massive step to heve dass take amrit because i learned and understood sikhi in a way i was never able to my whole life..... Second Giani Ji i met whilst i was an amritdhari and they would always encourage us to do rowl the sewa and gurdwara and book slots for us, this not only helped dass read bani better and brought me closer to guruji because so much time was spend at gurughar....... I guess what im saying is that not all granthis are bad, amongst the dust theres always a few hidden gems and very rarly reveal themselves, I feel truly blessed to have sangat of such pyaeh souls and would reccomend sangat not to label all granthis from India as visa grabbing freshies...... bhul chuck maafi
  17. wooohoooooo Thank you Guru Maharaj for inspiring and leading such positive outcomes of negative situations especially in this yucky age of Kaljug :waheguru: :waheguru:
  18. lol....what a refreshing thread, Try falafels (you can get em from any supermarket, very healthy and vegan friendly......guacomole, hummus, and salsa for toppings and sauces... try cherry tomatoes, chopped peppers, radishes, spinich leaves (REALY GOOD FOR YOU) cucumber, stuff all that into a whole meal pitta bread and yum yum tasty and healthy snakc and it will make a change from having toasted sandwiches all the time.... :-)
  19. wjkk wjkf, Just realised this video posted on YouTube was made in 2006, over four years ago... Surely some action must have been taken..............my husband spoke to one on the singhs involved with the Grey's movement and he sed that the matter was in hand and there were some singhs who were looking into it..... didnt go into too much detail though but hopefully that might re-assure people.... is there anyone who actually visits this gurdwara on a regular basis AND is a member on this forum? can they give an accurate picture as to wether this beadbi is still continuing? bhul chuck maafi wjkk wjkf
  20. Meeting took place at Guru Har Rai gurdwara in West Bromwich regarding the Greys beadbi issue: heres some transport info for wolves/bham sangat Mini bus will be leaving from sedgley street Gurdwara, wolves at 8am sharp tomorrow morning for PROTEST IN GREYS, Essex regarding party hall beadbi taking place...all wolves sangat are requested to come in numbers, bring mums, dad, family members and children everyone and ur cars...bring as many people as u can... If you have cars and can accomodate additional sangat please come to this pickup point.....please be on time as minibuses will not opperate on desi timing as it is a three hour drive A 2nd Mini bus will be leaving from Smethwick High Street Gurdwara, Smethwick, Bham at 8.30am sharp tomorrow morning for PROTEST IN GREYS, Essex regarding party hall beadbi taking place...all brum sangat are requested to come in numbers, bring mums, children everyone and ur cars...bring as many people as u can... If you have cars and can accomodate additional sangat please come to this pickup point.....please be on time as minibuses will not opperate on desi timing as it is a three hour drive As mentioned in this thread...please remember to watch ur behavour and comments throughout tomorrows protest.....you are there representing Guru Ji and ur purpose is to educate and raise awareness with pyaar...... BEANTI TO SANGAT PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND.....GET SANGAT TOGETHER AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND LETS UNITE IN THE NAME OF OUR FATHER.... DHAN GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ
  21. MOD NOTE: We beg to differ as you are both using the same computer. Creating multiple ID's is a forum no no but in the spirit of this discussion we will allow to post as a response on behalf of Grey's committee. However if any more fake ID's are created, your posting priviledges on all the multiple acounts will be revoked.
  22. Waheguru Jio, If we look at the issue in the States a few days ago whereby a church pastor was going to burn a copy of the Quran... INTERNATIONAL PROTESTS WERE HELD MEDIA WERE ALERTED TO THE SENTIMENTS OF THE MUSLIMS THEY UNITED PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS FORCED TO MAKE A STATEMENT TO CONDEMN THESE ACTS This was just one Quran....... Over 2,5000 saroops, poothiah, senchia of Maharaj were mutilated and disrespected...........yet the sikh nation sits quietly looking around at each other....... Please attend and partake in the sewa of spreading the message of this tragic events and lets pray to Akaal Purakh that we too are given the courage and strength to unite to protect our Guru's body from being subjected to such horrific torture.... Waheguru
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