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  1. Don't muslims trim their mustache and keep their beards? When did kissing become important to a relationship? If you think about it, kissing is pretty disgusting... I would think twice about sharing food with anyone and kissing is like 10 times worse. People are too influenced by western media...
  2. hahahaha thats the first time i've heard the pantha being called a dance! if you see the panthera as a dance, then you probably don't know the significance of the panthera and therefore shouldn't be teaching gatka.
  3. For some reason, I don't think God is causing terrorist attacks because of what humanity is doing. God is running the entire show, he's not throwing in random events/catastrophes as a consequence of human actions. What about other terrible massacres in history when alot of the above wasn't happening. Everything is happening in hukam... Hukam cannot be explained only accepted...
  4. I wanted to reflect on the previous comment. Remembering vaheguru for a second will remove all paap but that kind of concentration and reflection on vaheguru is not easily done. It definitely needs a large amount of kirpa. To remove paap, I feel I need to remove the reasons for committing them. I don't feel I can be forgiven if there's a chance that I can commit the mistake again. After removing such reasons, then asking for forgiveness feels more fulfilling.
  5. We are not living in hell! Hell is an actual place of existence. Please refer to the gurbani quotes below: Maru M.5 (ang 1003) EAMkwir auqpwqI ] The One Universal Creator Lord created the creation. kIAw idnsu sB rwqI ] He made all the days and the nights. ... qRY gux kIAw pswrw ] He formed the expanse of the entire universe from the three gunas, the three qualities. nrk surg Avqwrw ] People are incarnated in heaven and in hell. In this shabad, it describes hell (ang 92): ibKm Gor pMiQ cwlxw pRwxI riv sis qh n pRvysM ] The path you must walk is treacherous and terrifying, O mortal; neither the sun nor the moon shine there. This next shabad describes how it comes after sinful living (ang 385) mnmuKu jy smJweIAY BI auJiV jwey ] Even if the self-willed manmukh is instructed, he stills goes into the wilderness. ibnu hir nwm n CUtsI mir nrk smwey ]5] Without the Lord's Name, he shall not be emancipated; he shall die, and sink into hell. ||5|| This shabad reminds us that we are born in hell or heaven: swsqR byd pwp puMn vIcwr ] The Shaastras and the Vedas speak of sin and virtue; nrik surig iPir iPir Aauqwr ]2] they say that mortals are reincarnated into heaven and hell, over and over again. ||2||
  6. Amazing! Loved the sakhi that went with the gurbani.
  7. Good question. When you say purpose, does it have to be a good purpose?
  8. You don't need to be invited to discuss gurbani on this forum :D From my little understanding. I feel these 5 chor distract us from naam. Without these five chor, I don't think we would be living in kaljug. I think God gave us the 5 chor to make his game more interesting by making maya more appealing. They blind us from seeing Guru Ji and the value of naam. Only destined by their previous karma will get the tools to fight the chor and the motivation to fight them. What do you think the purpose of the 5 chor are, veerji?
  9. Perfect Student's post was very informative. BANDA veerji, if a post does not reach your standards please do not bother replying to it. Personally, I never thought of us being less than animals. That kind of thinking made me feel more insignificant, more humble. Baanee says only the lucky and fortunate get this chance to jap naam. Should we try to justify baanee with what our senses tell us about the world and the universe? (Your statement about the human population increasing) One answer to your question is that our world isn't the only world that exists in this universe. In Jap Ji sahib, it says: kyqIAw krm BUmI myr kyqy kyqy DU aupdys ] kaetheeaa karam bhoomee maer kaethae kaethae dhhoo oupadhaes || So many worlds and lands for working out karma. So very many lessons to be learned! kyqy ieMd cMd sUr kyqy kyqy mMfl dys ] kaethae ei(n)dh cha(n)dh soor kaethae kaethae ma(n)ddal dhaes || So many Indras, so many moons and suns, so many worlds and lands. We cannot understand God's play, can we?
  10. I think its more of the fact they're partying and drinking in the name of Vaisakhi. Vaisakhi was the day when sikhs were given amrit to become pavitar gursikhs. It wasn't the day they danced with one leg and arm in the air drunk out of their minds.
  11. jb DwrY koaU bYrI mIqu ] As long as he considers one an enemy, and another a friend, qb lgu inhclu nwhI cIqu ] his mind shall not come to rest.
  12. pyaraji


    I thought your stomach is already acidic. I'm sure it has a much lower pH than any tea. I always loosened my belt during eating or after eating. Having a tight belt will give you digestion problems (talking from experience).
  13. It says in this sakhi: "Magan stated that Raja had desired to know of some 'Mantra', and that he had arranged to show him, provided he followed him to the place he would take him to. (9)" Why would Guru Gobind Singh Ji desire to know any other Mantra when he already has the greatest Gurmantar? This part is my opinion: It meantions countless times that the Raja says all these people worship me. Did Guru Gobind Singh Ji really see himself as a saviour or did he think of himself as a slave/messenger of Vaheguru? If Guru Sahib saw himself as the being that everyone worships, then why would he himself take amrit from the panj pyaray?
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