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  1. he stated on television that he is not a sikh. he wears his turban for 'heritage reasons'
  2. aww! thank u

    but trustt me.. i need all the luck i can get haha




  3. fatehjee..... good luck for ur exams penje

    gurfateh :)

  4. that doesn't make sense. are you sure this wasn't a reference to punjabis as opposed to sikhs? if some random person converted to sikhi, the likelihood of them getting heart disease wouldn't increase would it. and sikhs over the world dont exactly have a homogenous diet-depends on where you come from and what food is available.
  5. i had that problem last year- 9 hours of exams in one day!! in the end they had to change it, so i had 12 exams in three days. that is my definition of hell. IT IS POSSIBLE!!! DONT GIVE UP PEOPLE im still alive after it :D just do past exam papers every spare second you get, eat healthily for a while and get some decent exercise. most importantly just keep reading bani/doing keertan/ardaas. you have the capability, the only thing which could let you down is ur attitude. think positive, and i hope it goes well for everyone!!
  6. that makes perfect sense! thank you for all of the replies
  7. is milk alive? does it have a soul? can you kill milk?
  8. was reading this shabad and started thinking about praise does this mean that we shouldnt praise people excessively, or does it mean we shouldnt praise others at all? also having trouble understanding the last line, so if someone could help, id be very grateful thankyouuu
  9. ^ yeah, who IS coming to london? awww thats mean. but funny LOL it cant be that bad!
  10. haha typical, mummys boy! city- found it quite depressing to be honest. but the sikh society is ok, know a couple of people that go there and ive bin told they do have regular events etc QMUL- same as above really. its east london, so it was a complete toilet once u stepped outside the uni (meant in the nicest way possible). but if ur gonna live at home then that doesnt really matter. if the sikh society isnt brilliant then it wouldnt really matter seeing as ur in london, and ull prob have ur own car by then. de montfort- bound to have a lot of sangat, its in leicester. so im guessing its got a good sikh soc havent gt a clue about westminster stick to london and birmingham n ur almost guaranteed to be in the middle of tons of sangat.
  11. maharaaj dee kirpa naal, many unis in the uk now have very strong sikh societies, so its tough trying to narrow down which have the most sangat and events etc what i did was decide on my course first, then look at which universities were best for my course i then chose a few which id thought id like and could get into, n ranked them according to which had the most sangat in tht general area. so ultimately my first choice and insurance were based on the amount of sangat/programs at the uni. that might be easier than deciding on an area, then trying to find a decent uni there, and then seeing if it does your course. keep us posted! edit- if you havent heard of it already, the times good university guide is really useful as a rough guideline.
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