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    Sikhi<br />tabla<br />vaaja [not sure how to spell it in english =S]<br />doin my standard paani seva at the gurdwara =]
  1. WooooooHoooooooo this sunday!! :D Exciteddd :D
  2. Why do you think Guru Ji isnt there for you? Dont really want to judge becuase we knoe nothing about the situation in full but based on this..Gta agree with peacemaker ji on this one! Fateh
  3. lolz what i meant was that i'm assuming that she lost it before she met him so therefore had to knowledge that she would met and fall for a virgin. In hindsight if she knew then she probli wouldnt have lost it. if that makes sense lol Fateh
  4. if she knew that you kept ur viginity then he might have kept hers....obviously she didnt
  5. :TH: i dont understand why people have this thing bout those types of dastaars...i mean a dastaar is a dastaar at the end of the day....when did all these specific types for certain people come in. Most of the men in my family wear African dastaar and they all have kept dhaari sooooo.... lets not go by stereotypes yaar.... fateh
  6. Extroverted (E) 72.22% Introverted (I) 27.78% Intuitive 59.46% Sensing (S) 40.54% Feeling (F) 69.44% Thinking (T) 30.56% Perceiving (P) 69.44% Judging (J) 30.56% ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population. interestinggg
  7. like wen ur 16 and you leave school to go to college or a 6th form wich is lyk part of a school
  8. haiiii Come to any king edwards in Bham I go to King edward Handsworth but thats all gurls so thats no use lol I no people in Aston and Handsworth grammar...they are both around the sme level relli penji Um but i would say Aston tho I think King edward High school is mixed but i duno thats a private school btw. buh ur gna need 2 do an exam for the KE ones..im not sure about the other handsworth one. For our 6th form ins 8+ A's in GCSE's to have a good chance... i think its about the same for Aston aswell
  9. GurpreetKaur


    yep i agreeee. im like that...ive had people askin me about my eyebrows..and people not beleivin they are natural. Its cuz they are naturally shapped. But then there are in cases where it is really obvious that someone has done there eye brows. Another thing is hat not onli bibia remove hair from here eyebrows. Ive seen men done it from the middle aswel.
  10. HAppy Birthday bhanji!! ur as old as me now!! yay!!

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