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Found 9 results

  1. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-sikh-hate-crime-hammer-attack-brooklyn-20210502-5ywjt4n6ojahdjspllid3llhqq-story.html
  2. Guest

    Thoughts on Rahul Arya

    Look up his youtube channel “thanks Bharat.” These RSS goons are now out in the open.
  3. WJKKWJKF, Just a heads up for Sikhs in the UK. This UK based restaurant owner who also is runs a political website on Malaysian politics has made anti-Sikh and anti-Turban statements against a top Sikh Malaysian policeman a couple of days back. This is the original article:https://www.malaysia-today.net/2018/09/28/amar-singhs-turban-must-be-too-tight/ This is the Sikh policemans response: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/29/amar-calls-rpk-racist-over-turban-remark/ Another article by the UK restaurant owner justifying his racist remarks: https://www.malaysia-today.net/2018/09/29/muslims-wearing-turbans-are-terrorists-and-extremists/ This individual Raja Petra Kamaruddin runs with his family this restaurant http://gossiponbroadway.com located at 2,BROADWAY, NEW MOSTON, MANCHESTER, UK M40 3LN. This is a heads up for all Sikhs to decide for yourself if you would still want to patronise a business run by a racist bigot who believes in Malay race supremacy over all other races in Malaysia while they are our masters and we are the foreigners who live at their mercy. Please spread this information to everyone you know,Sikh or non-Sikh. This is the best way to send a message to bigots and race supremacists that their hatred would not be tolerated any longer by us ordinary folk. Thank you.
  4. Don't know if this is the right forum, but want to let all the sikhs know that anti-sikh propaganda is in full flow on Wikipedia especially relating to 80's & 90's punjab massacres by showing all sikhs that were killed as militants. The objective obviously is to show sikhs who were (and are) fighting for separate state as anti-national and terrorists. This is going on from India. Have a look at this editor's edit history: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Contributions/DBigXray&target=DBigXray
  5. Ajit Vadakayil article is the most insulting , racist full of lies . Some of the points he mention are : http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2013/07/unknown-history-of-sikhs-and-sikhism.html The Queen Bee could NOT deliver justice to the poor Sikhs of 1984 , who were massacred . But here they are successful in amputating Sikhs from Bharat Mata, under pressure from separatist Canadian Sikhs . In 1905, Arur Singh, manager of the Golden Temple , on being goaded by the British ordered the removal of all Hindu idols from the precincts of the Golden Temple. Till then the Hindu Brahmins had presided over different Sikh marriage ceremonies. Above : 1857 War of Independence- Sikhs assisting their white masters to hang their own countrymen -- their Hindu and Muslim brothers In 1914 Bagha Jatin nearly drove away the British. The well planned Ghadar movement was crushed with active Sikh help. Just like how the British injected our Vedas with poison, using Sanskrit scholars, they did the same to the Sikh manuscripts too. They put words into the Gurus mouth— words which have never been uttered by them. Passages like a day will come when the Sikhs will fight for the white man. Words like Guru Gobind saying that after my death the holy book will be the next guru. This was to cut down the chance of Banda Singh Bahadur, a Hindu from claiming the 11th guru status. Both Sikhs and Hindus loved him for his grit and balls, for he made the Muslim invaders shiver . The Mughals always said that there were 11 Sikh Gurus . This man did NOT betray the trust reposed in him by Guru Gobind Singh. His mere presence was magic and some stated saying that he is a magician NOT a tantric. Even the death of Guru Gobind Singh at Nanded is hotly contested by certain sects , the most prominent being the Namdharis. They say that nobody saw him entering the cremation pyre. His bones were NOT visible after the fire cooled. His horse and weapons were missing. There were people who saw Guru Gobind Singh riding away and one of them even spoke to him. Some Khalistanis even write that Rajputs were on the side of the Mughals – an lie most foul. On the other hand naive Sikhs under Mata Sundri ( second wife of Guru Gobind Sigh ) were on the side of the Muslims for a brief while ,when power politics shook Sikhism. This part of true history you will NOT get elsewhere. History must be written in a correct manner. Banda Bahadur was NOT baptized into Sikhism after taking Amrit and the five Ks— the reason why Guru Gobind’s second wife accused him and cut his strength by splitting his "till then " loyal army into two . The moment Guru Gobin Singh saw the huge physique of Madho Das he knew this man was his old friend Lachman Dev. Both sat on the same charpoy bed , never mind the Sikh paintings which show that the tantric was on his knees worshipping Guru Gobind Singh.. Tantrics do NOT kneel in servility to anybody ever -- if you know what this term means.. Sundari living in Delhi issued a hukam-nama ( Islamic type fatwa ) declared Banda is a Hindu and those who will support Banda will be considered out of Sikhism. By now Hindu Banda was being considred as the 11th Guru by Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims - and Sundari did NOT appreciate this.. On Baisakhi of 1717 A.D, when Banda sat on the throne of the assembly, stooges of Sundari - Baba Kahan Singh and Vinod Singh asked him to stand up shocking everybody. There was commotion everywhere . The whole assembly was split into two groups Bandai Khalsa ( Hindus and loyal Sikhs ) and Tat Khalsa ( only Sikhs ) in a most shocking manner . Banda was accused by Mata Sundari that his battles were NOT in consonance with the high principles of Sikhism -and that he is now excommunicated . Full insult of Mata Sundari ji in below lines Mata Sundri had NO power over Banda Bahadur as he was a Hindu-- but she had "self conferred " power over his Sikh soldiers. She accused Banda of adopting “fateh darshan” in place of “Waheguru ji ki fateh‟ given by Guru Gobind Singhi. She even accused his Sikh soldiers of having a longer kacha which extended below the knees-- i guess it takes a petty minded woman to point such things out.. Above: If this woman , the second barren wife of Guru Gobind Singh had NOT divided Banda's army-- after the Mughals were driven away, the British would have been driven away too -- and India would have been free of all invaders 220 years before. The Khalistanis have tried to discredit Banda Bahadur . They write false stories of how Banda ‘s wife ( he never married ) a girl from Chamba , was captured by the Mughals and she willingly became a Muslim and entered the ‘harem’ of a Muslim noble. I do NOT want to say here what my Pakistani officers told about the status of Mata Sundri under the patronage of the Muslim invaders —this will cause a heart ache to the desh Bhakt Sikhs. Let it be. Mughals also kept records NOT just guerilla Sikhs . Hukamnama is a Islamic word , meaning same as Fatwa. All Mata Sundri’s hukamnama’s started with the words- SRI MATA JI DI AGYA HAI ( the holy mother thus commands ) . Her fatwa included one which reminds Sikhs that the Guru had bestowed Patshahi (Rule or Sovereignty) on the Panth and not on any individual , like Banda.
  6. Amritsar, Punjab (April 15, 2014): Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) candidate from Amritsar Lok Sabha seat has been running his office from the Khanna Smark in Amritsar, named after late Hasrbans Lal Khanna, who was responsible for committing a nefarious, provocative and highly sacrilegious act against Guru Ram Das ji, Darbar Sahib (Amritsar) and the Sikhs. Arun Jaitley paying “tributes” to Harbans Lal Khanna It has been documented in the official White Paper issued by the SGPC that Harbans Lal Khanna led a mob of disgruntled elements on 14th Feburary 1984, at Amritsar during a ‘Bandh’, that had damaged the model of Darbar Sahib Amritsar placed at Amritsar Railway station in early 1980s. Arun Jaitly recently hailed Harbans Lal Khanna and thereby showed his anti-Sikh mindset. It is extremely shameful for Parkash Singh Badal and the Badal Dal to run a joint office from the Harbans Lal Khanna ‘Samarak’ at Amritsar and seek votes for Arun Jaitely, in view of extremely derogatory, provocative and highly sacrilegious act committed by Harbans Lal Khanna against the Guru Ram Das ji, Darbar Sahib and the Sikhs.
  7. Did anyone watch the sikh channels youth show on this Sunday night 27/10/2013 and if anyone can find a recording of it and post it here it will be appreciated. The Topic was the sikh genocide petition application being presented in Geneva and the events / killings of sikh during that time a peaceful debate and no anti hindu views being expressed by Kam Singh or his guests then a Anita Kapoor an Ealing Councillor with the Conservative party and obviously a hindu come on the telephone has a rant about "what about all the hindus killed by sikhs at that time"? says Kam Singh and his Guests are doing wrong and puts the phone down. Now this person being a Councillor should know better and also in fact she tried to make the topic into a sikh vs hindu show ! Clearly She was trying to incite racial tensions and is possibly an agent for the congress party and our community needs to be aware of this person and her extremist views !! (see link). http://ealing.cmis.uk.com/ealing/Councillors/tabid/63/ctl/ViewCMIS_Person/mid/383/id/66/Default.aspx Also if Sikhs are voting for this person and live in her constituency the should think again. I would like to report her but i am not sure of the process but i have tried to Contact Kam Singh, we need to bring these people to task here in the uk and the west, so if anyone can help please pm me.
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