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  1. Thoughts please @S1ngh @NaamTiharoJoJape @californiasardar1 @Jacfsing2 etc from USA https://kiddaan.com/sikh-student-reportedly-bullied-turban-knocked-off-at-american-school/ Sikh Student Reportedly Bullied, Turban Knocked Off At American School By Kiddaan.Com Team2022-02-24, 11:28 AM A rather disturbing incident has come into the light where a Sikh student has been bullied in school premises of Whiteland and had his turban knocked off. Reports suggest that the school is brushing it under the rug and saying that this was just “teenager stuff”. ........
  2. Check this hindustani extremist who claims to be a punjabi hindu who has been promoting hate and violence against Sikhs for 2 years now on youtube and perhaps more on the internet. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyNZB5agRv8jv_LgJsPHtdA We need international Sikh orgs to take action against such hate promoting people as they are poisoning the minds of the next generations with further hate and violence.
  3. While doing some research came across this old article from 2006 in indian outlook magazine below. interesting...I wonder how many of these lot were part of covert black cat indian/punjab government terrorist gangs in 80s/90s punjab. And how many were recruited as part of India's military R&AW's super secret "the third agency" murdering innocent civilians and also actively taking part in the Sikh genocides. The rabbit hole of deep rooted conspiracy against Sikhs just gets more stranger and more enlightening. ====================== Dead Or Alive? Many 'dead'
  4. https://sikhsiyasat.net/2020/05/25/muslims-offer-namaz-at-gurdwara-haa-da-naara-sahib-in-malerkotla/ completely disgraceful and shameful. When the hindu's turn up and want their idol murtee's worshipped at gurdwara sahib what they gonna say to them? show hypocrisy? discrimination against them? opening the pandora's box that guru sahiban's didnt permit themselves these m0ron fake sikhs are openly doing beadhi of Sikhi and gurmat.
  5. khadim hussain rizvi the new kuttah Islamic brelvi sunni extremist molvi praising the killings of hindus and sikhs.
  6. If so whats your experiences and how did it effect you?
  7. I agreed with this fox guy when he appeared on question time cos not everything these crazy far left feminists or muslim activists say is classed as "white male privilege". but now he has shown his true White male privilege and far right white racist views when he complained about a sikh soldier being featured in the new movie 1917 as "forced diversity" in the movie industry. Had he had a brain or some intelligence he would have realised 83,000+ turbanned sikh soldiers died fighting shoulder to shoulder with allied forces in both world wars defending the UK in foreign lands they had no pe
  8. Comedian, 27, is ridiculed for saying she felt 'threatened' and 'scared' when four Sikh men boarded her plane, questioned why they were allowed to fly and described them as a 'different type of Muslim' Jess Hilarious has been forced to apologize after posting a series of videos to her four million followers in which she confused Sikh men for Muslims The comic says: ' Where are they going?' filming the men as they got on the plane She later adds: 'If I'm scared, I'm scared. F**k y'all. I felt threatened' Jess, who appears on Fox comedy Rel, continues her tirade after bein
  9. http://barficulture.tv/world/408 Special report published this week http://www.nsicop-cpsnr.ca/reports/rp-2018-12-03/SpecialReport-en.pdf Some key findings Ten out of the report's 18 findings, and three out of its five recommendations, were partially or completely redacted due to security reasons. But it still makes some significant points. "According to a CSIS Intelligence Assessment, the threat from Sikh extremists in Canada peaked in the mid-1980s and declined thereafter." Canadian and Indian officials met several times to "address more effectively India’s grow
  10. How Intelligentsia is discrediting the Martyrdom of Guru Teghbahadur. Integral to comprehending the Sikh versus State dynamic is the historicity of the Sikhs, as a collective, vis-a-vis political absolutism. It is no wonder, then, that political powers from time to time have continually targeted the Sikh past in a bid to neuter Sikhi of it’s temporal purview. Whereas historically the Sikhs were more erudite regarding their past, their modern descendants exhibit no such tendency owing to intellectual atrophy. Sampradaic (traditional) sophistry is content with reciting vague passages from
  11. 100-yr-old dies waiting for justice for 24 years Amar Kaur had deposed against ex-Punjab DGP Saini Satya Prakash Tribune News Service New Delhi, December 12 Amar Kaur, who had been waging a legal battle to get justice for her son, son-in-law and driver — not seen again after allegedly being kidnapped by former Punjab Director General of Police SS Saini almost 24 years ago —died here on Tuesday. Kaur (100) had been bed-ridden for a decade due to brain stroke. Amar Kaur had deposed against Sain
  12. I was watching some videos on youtube the other day and came across this old hindu guy called Rajiv Malhotra he seems to be influencing the younger Indian generation towards hindu nationalism. Evil Sakshi Bhardwaj the anti-sikh infamous hindu extremist who recently made highly offensive videos against Sikhs and Sikhi is a follower and admirer of this guy. https://twitter.com/RajivMessage/status/5808820218718
  13. Islamo-fascist article writer basically calls the rapist ram rahim of dehra sacha sauda as a "sikh guru". When if the muslim idiiot writer had a brain he would have realised Sikhs have been fighting these dehra cultists for more than a decade now for blasphemy and beadhi against Sikhi and our SGGS Ji. https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/226142-Sikh-guru-sentenced-to-jail-for-raping-two-followers
  14. Posted at: Jul 31, 2017, 1:51 AM; last updated: Jul 31, 2017, 1:51 AM (IST) Death in Turkey: Kin allege hate crime The wailing relatives of Lovepreet Singh whose body was brought to Amritsar from Turkey on Sunday. Photo: Sunil kumar Tribune News Service Amritsar, July 30 Family members of teenager Lovepreet Singh, whose body was brought here today from Turkey, alleged that he became a victim of racial abuse. His mortal remains were consigned to flames today. Balwinder Singh, deceased’s maternal uncle, said talks with his acquaintances in Turkey
  15. from the article below : Ashutosh Maharaj was pronounced “clinically dead” on January 28, 2014. Ever since, his body has been preserved in a freezer by his followers at the DJJS headquarters at Nurmahal in Punjab’s Jalandhar district. His followers claim he had gone into a state of meditation and would return after fulfilment of his spiritual mission http://indianexpress.com/article/india/ashutosh-maharaj-punjab-high-court-allows-preservation-of-divya-jyoti-jagriti-sansthan-body-4736758/ This is the same guy who got punjab police to shoot on innocent sikhs in 2008. And he had b
  16. Jat Sikh discovers wife is Dalit, kills self days after marriage He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the girl, whom he married a few days ago, believing that she was a Jat Sikh, turned out to be a Dalit. Updated: May 31, 2017 11:57 IST HT Correspondent Hindustan Times, Sangrur Manpreet Singh Manpreet Singh, 22, a resident of Khai village here, who had consumed a poisonous substance on Sunday, died on the same night. He had allegedly taken the step after he came to know that the gi
  17. I'm monitoring twitter right now and look what we found here. Imagine if they or any political party in the western democractic nations posted this about jews or muslims or any other minorities.....the outrage it would cause.
  18. As you can see from the tweet above, this sikh girl has an issue with a celeb white woman who has merely stated facts that Guru Arjan Dev Ji was martyred by muslims. Can that be classed as islamophobia (fear of islam) as this naive Sikh girl is alleging in her tweet? Why shouldn't be there a fear of Islam if Islam is seeking to dominate, discrimination, subjugate, kill and destroy non-muslim ways of life and nations? And why is she defending islam from getting attacked anyways and yet nothing about defending Sikhi and Sikhs? What strategies should be used to help these young idi
  19. Disclaimer foreword : I don't intend to spread any kind of animosity between two communities but will just share the kind of things hindus said about our sikh gurus, about our dastaar , etc. This is my first hand experience. I joined my current office in July 2015. I wanted to get along well with everyone , but soon realized my distinct appearance (turban and beard) didn't go well along with some of them. In lunch table I started getting ridiculed I remember this motherfucker started mocking me. He was a south indian 1) Why do you tie that thing on your head ? to ke
  20. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Something Daas wanted to know was why some lost Sikhs go to Fake Gurus? Don't say the Indian Government sponsors them,(even though they do), because we all know that these people are not really devout that it would effect what the Indian Government did. Are these people stupid or something, that they need to be lied to on a much lower level of spirituality than what they could get from a Gurdwara? Add to that, some of these Pakhandi Babas have shown Manmat, and their i-d-i-o-t-i-c disciples still follow them like a mentally brainwashed person. Exampl
  21. https://twitter.com/amiiidonalon This rat has been using al-taqiya (deception) very slyly he operates a few "british asian" facebook pages where its all pro-islamic propaganda and jokes against non-muslim religions. If you analyse his tweets he has been following hindu and sikh girls on twitter for a 2-3years and pretended to be a Sikh chatting dirty to girls and then all of a sudden start of last year he started to show his true colours and islamification agenda by posting pro-islamic tweets pretending to have "reverted" to islam. We need to make Sikh girls aware of such tactics.
  22. http://www.indiatimes.com/news/world/a-sikh-man-was-photoshopped-to-resemble-a-paris-terrorist-was-even-shared-by-an-isis-channel-247316.html
  23. Which anti-Sikh process and individuals elected makker and SGPC to rule over our religious and political affairs?
  24. Do all these Anti-Sikh organizations such as Nirankaris, Dera Saucha Sahib, and many others work together to face Guru Sahib? (Why do they hate Guru Sahib so much?)
  25. Saw this on social media. Don't know how true it is but goes to show how far the Indian establishment and British establishment work very closely together to put on fake religious people in mainstream media to attack and belittle minority groups such as the Sikhs.
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