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  1. I say that it is poison and I back up my statement by those I know that have ruined their life with drinks.Totally good for nothing useless human garbage that are only interested in their next peg.Useless to themselves,their family and the larger community.Since childhood I have been brought up being told alcohol is poison and in adulthood I know that is true.Other than medical use, it has no place in a Sikhs life.Not only Sikhs,alcohol has no place in any humans life.This world would be a much better place without this damned drink.It is the panj doot in concentrated form. Authentic or n
  2. Alcohol is a gateway to all other types of addictions and vices. If you want to drink,drink,no one is stopping you,drink till you pass out,no problem, but why use Sikhi to cover up your own decision to get hammered and escape reality?
  3. Please explain more on Sehaj avastha and how to obtain it.
  4. Not everything is a conspiracy theory.An innocent immigrant man trying to earn an honest living lost his life because of some lazy criminal retards.The incident just happened.Everyone is in shock.Faces are covered because of covid.You hear the National Guard chasing people away from the scene as fuel was leaking from the vehicle. "The National Guard does not have law enforcement authority. Under Title 32 of the US Code, the Guard has authority to support domestic law enforcement, but it does not have arrest and detention (Title 14) powers. The only armed service with Title 14 authority is
  5. These types of organizations are controlled opposition. They would stand up for trivial issues but when the real issues pop up they practice elegant silence. They also actively silence voices within the community by claiming to be the only ones representing American Sikh voices while marginalizing the rest because of the American and Indian political patronage they enjoy.
  6. https://www.tiktok.com/@ranbir_vs_manoj/video/6941778030259916038 Before standing up(lol) for gay rights,LGBTQEFGX, and 'We are equal in Gods eyes'( did God tell him that?), pappu here should at least make an attempt to spell 'homophobic' correctly.
  7. If they don't we should 'assist' them.
  8. People affiliated with different groups will have different opinions.AKJ believes Mool Mantar is till Gurprasad but for Taksal that is only Maha Mantar and Mool Mantar is till Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach.Best is to follow those that taught you and do it daily without thinking too much.
  9. There are girls with Singh in their name but this is the first time I have heard of Kaur Singh.Did Nikky add Singh to her name in the spirit of feminism and gender equality?
  10. sexist mexist. Bhagat ji's bani was not made to satisfy these heretics.The smart person follows what his bani says,take it as infallible life instructions and receive the gift of Naam.The stupid fool reads his bani,starts arguing on its content,tries to show the world how smart they are and damns themselves and everyone who follows them to the cycle of rebirth.
  11. Read this after I made the earlier post.So sad to hear.Hoes will be hoes.Stories like this make me lose faith in Karma.How come everytime the evil people carry on and have a good life with no repercussion while their victims are decimated? If justice will come in the next life whats the point?Everyone has forgotten their pasts.Even now we don't know what we did or was done to us in our past lives.
  12. He should have dumped her after the 1st time.
  13. What was the end result? These type of stories make me very scared.
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