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  1. Which western country you based at? I think it's a very bad idea. If you have no money there you will be ill treated and oppressed by almost everyone. I don't recommend sleeping outdoors under any tree as it is highly unsafe for women and many unsavory characters that are drunk or high on drugs prowl the countryside looking for easy targets. At your age there's the serious risk of developing diseases etc. As an alternative you could immerse yourself in Gurbani,Keertan,Katha,Simran in the comfort and safety of your home or the nearest Gurdwara.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope things change for the better in your life. Now you know your friends are useless, get rid of them from your life permanently.
  3. Bingo.It's the panj doot concentrated into a bottle. Chriss Cornell's of the band Audioslave quote.He committed suicide by hanging.
  4. Alcoholics can be helped if they themselves want to get clean but would need professional support as she might require medication to handle withdrawal symptoms.The problem with alcohol is its legality and easy availability that makes it harder to quit. What a wicked woman!
  5. You can go off grid wherever you are,no need to migrate anywhere.Premi5 is right,you will be an outsider in India. This requirement would be tough to find anywhere,unless you go settle in some really spiritual Babas Dera or something and dedicate yourself to Bhagti.But then there is the serious risk too of you ending up with the wrong Baba for eg Gurmeet ram raheem,and end up being turned into a eunuch.So tread carefully.
  6. This is so sad.She on heroin?She self medicated with substances to cope with the childhood abuse she suffered at the hands of someone that was supposed to be her protector and caregiver.
  7. No money,no honey,even if you're an Amritdhari.Seriously wonder are they looking to start a Gursikh family or to conduct a business transaction.
  8. Great post brother.Are you sure you're really not a psychologist?Part time maybe?I second your view that people should not shout down your throat to further their agenda.Everyone has their own valid view that should be equally respected as long as they are reasonable.This is a discussion forum,lets discuss and not belittle or mock others for not having the same view as us.
  9. He has always spoken in defense of BJP and Modi bro.They are one of his backers.You ever heard of the conspiracy surrounding the death of Jagis wife?
  10. Real Sikh spirituality is dead so they engage in this holier than thou gestures at Gurdwaras such as iftar food and allowing namaz.The same people taking part in iftar breaking fast during their namaz in Gurdwara must be praying "dear Allah,give Hidayah to these kafirs,may they get circumcised and may this Gurdwara turn into a Masjeed.It already has the dome on top so doesn't need much renovation".
  11. Common intelligence tactic.Play both sides for their own agenda.Even Hamas was encouraged and funded by the Israeli government during its infant years: "In 1973, Yassin founded the social-religious charity al-Mujama al-Islamiya ("Islamic center") in Gaza as an offshoot to the Muslim Brotherhood.The Israeli authorities encouraged Yassin's charity to expand as they saw it as a useful counterbalance to the secular Palestine Liberation Organization.Yitzhak Segev, who was the Israeli military governor of Gaza at the time, recalled that they even funded his charity: "The Israeli government gave me a budget, and the military government gives to the mosques".Israel's religious affairs official in Gaza, Avner Cohen, later regretfully concluded that Hamas was created by Israel. He claimed to have warned his superiors not to back the Islamists."-Wikipedia(Hamas).
  12. Genocide and rape,pain and hate,what else?
  13. In 1984 it was Amitabh Bachchan provoking the masses with anti-Sikh slogans,now it's this washed up nobody that is after Sikh blood.
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