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  1. @SinghPunjabSingh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanjar#:~:text=Kanjar is a hindu tribe,almost all also speak Punjabi. As far as I know the word Kanjar/Kanjari always stood for pimp/prostitute,person of low moral character. Never heard of this Bhai Mardana Ji connection. Can I get a source to look this up? In the Colonial period, Kanjaris were listed under the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871, as a tribe "addicted to the systematic commission of non-bailable offenses." A recent study found that: "A Kanjari hears the music of tabla and ghungroo from the day of her birth and
  2. What you're saying is true especially the grooming part. But my post was not directed at issues facing the Sikh community or the media, police, Government. I was talking to MisterrSingh about a certain topic we have discussed before.
  3. For every other issue I support the approach you are suggesting bro. Some issues it's best to avoid the direct approach as we gain nothing and stand to lose a lot.
  4. No ji. Just making small talk with MisterrSingh.
  5. Who am I talking about?
  6. These beings and entities are Akal Purakhs creation so how could acknowledging their existence be considered duality? Being directly told to do something by an entity and being influenced by their negative energy causing a person to behave like those entities are two separate things altogether.
  7. Just like how through Dharmic practices and bhagti we change to become more like Waheguru and gain his qualities and start acting accordingly so do they by their worship of these entities start projecting their energy and engage in activity that is very harmful to humanity. And they have been operating for millennia.
  8. Whats the benefit of ashwagandha bro? have you tried Arjuna or Brahmi? I used Mentat by Himalaya before and its main ingredients was Ashwagandha and Brahmi,supposed to help with mood and calmness. Didn't do jack sh!t for me.
  9. Very wise brother. The internet is crawling with their cookies,bots and who knows what else just searching for certain keywords,phrases,images. The last thing our community needs at this moment is to be perceived as hostile resulting in direct attention from them.
  10. I believe they are in direct communion with Asuric entities and high ranking demons which King Solomon pacified and controlled. A very old evil that led to the destruction of ancient Egypt, Babylon the Roman empire and now wants total hegemony over this planet.
  11. Military, the ISI which comprises of serving military officers from 3 branches of the military that reports to the PM and the Chief of Army staff, Uncle SAM and not to forget Pakistan's economic lifeline, Saudi Arabia. Officials in the U.S. alliance believe Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have an understanding in which Islamabad would supply the kingdom with warheads if security in the Persian Gulf was threatened. A U.S. official told The Times that Riyadh could have the nuclear warheads in a matter of days of approaching Islamabad. Pakistan's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Naeem K
  12. Lol,is this from twitter? Googled that channel name no results. Whos that Bernard Levy fella? Going by Wikipedia it seems he's been involved in every major conflict around the world including the Bangladesh liberation war. Seems like a high level operative.
  13. Good job Ontario! The next thing they should do is start a small English language class every weekend so that they can spell Premises correctly.
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