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  1. No need to apologize to anyone.Its a forum for you to speak your mind.Its very obvious what you said was just an emotional reaction and not something you really want to happen.All of us human beings do that at some time or the other.Unlike some mahapurush on this forum who starts issuing fatwas declaring poeple as non Sikhs.Ignore the fools caught up in their own haumai that they are the most perfect Sikhs ever.
  2. Trust your gut instinct.Our subconscious processes information at a much higher rate than our conscious mind and this translates into instinct etc.If you feel by how she treats you that her behavior is going to get worse might as well bail out before things get more complicated.If you feel you have been cheated and you don't like it might as well act on it now instead of coming back from work one fine day and see her engaged in bedroom acrobatics with another person.Not accusing but anything is possible in this age. It could be possible that the truth she has revealed to you is only the tip of the iceberg that shes letting out to make her feel better and to cover her tracks so no one is tempted to look into her past.You think shes been all honest with you and put things to rest while she can now use this confession in every argument you guys have to justify her actions and prove her honesty.Do whatever that makes you happy.Don't be tied up to traditions or choose to suck it up or else you are going to live a living hell with no dignity and might resort to alcohol/drugs to cope.This is your life and only you know what you're going through so be strong,make a decision and implement it. Just remember you are NOT the one at fault here. p/s- how much did your entire wedding cost? just asking for R&D purposes.
  3. Did the memories come during simran or later?Did you receive memory of 1 past life or many others too?You are blessed ji.
  4. Exactly.Saw a few turbans at the Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony.Don't know how these people look at themselves in the mirror. ps-we need an Angry emoji option on this forum.
  5. Bad goy detected.And mix every other race up so only they remain homogenous and rule over all the average IQ masses.
  6. Relax brother. Your posts are appreciated here,at least by me. Let dogs bark,you keep on contributing.
  7. A bunch of goat fornicators so desperate to defame other faiths to make their desert death cult seem legit.Even ancient statues evoke extreme fear in these idiots.If they had advertised online and sold it to some international collector they could have made some nice coin but alas fortune evades fools.
  8. Are you a psychologist MisterrSingh?Great observation.I've seen this exact scenario many times before.
  9. Where were the leftists and riots when thousands of Sikh,White &Hindu girls were groomed,abused,raped,tortured by Pakistani Muslim Grooming gangs that were and still are operating all over Britain?
  10. The main question to be asked is why is this known Hindu Troll so worried about what Sikh men think about Sikh women?This again confirms my belief of an organized attempt at social engineering by Hindutva agents and their fellow butt buddies to sow discord and disunity in the Punjabi Sikh community on this forum.Of course,this gutless babu will never use his registered account here but keeps on using guest accounts.Guess the cowardice of the hindu never changes. Babu before lecturing us why don't you go educate your fellow brahmin cow worshippers first.Tell them to stop killing their daughters for marrying out of their caste or religion.You don't worry about us Sikhs,we can manage ourselves,you go take care of your own never ending mess.
  11. Not to forget that the paks have powerful politicians and financial power to cover up for their people.The main goal looks like to depress the whole community.Depress the female child bearers who are the future of any race and you will depress the whole race making it easier to control and lead.The capitalist powers that run the western nations don't care for any race,religion or culture,they just want an obedient,easy to control future race of workers and consumers.It is up to us to preserve our honor,religion and blood.If we want to of course.Seems like everyone these days wants to get westernized and secular. Back in the old days the Singh was highly empowered by his family and community.The womenfolk were 100% behind the Singhs.The Singhs had a good reason to fight all the way knowing women and children behind depended on them.Now in modern society we depend on the police and government and this has weakened us alot. You guys know the origins of the chinese triads?They were benevolent warriors fighting to restore their king and dynasty in power.During the time of war they were honored in every way and given alot of money and food by the poeple.After the war when they returned to civilian life they had no skills other than fighting.The people treated them badly and with disrespect.Slowly they were chased out of towns and banded up as robbers in the mountains to survive.From benevolent protector they became the worst of predators.
  12. The law has never been successful in discouraging criminals from committing crime.It's just what they are.They see an opportunity they will commit the crime. The biggest mistake yet was relying on law enforcement.I just see 2 solutions,either eliminate the criminal itself or use medieval style control techniques on children and keep them mostly sheltered,home schooled or all-Sikh schools till they grow up and get married. We call ourself a warrior race/religion yet this happens to us.When we cant save our own,how are we going to save others?Unfortunately we have become cosplayers only.I understand many don't want to risk being arrested for breaking laws.Thats why you see every successful immigrant race be it Italian,Irish,Jewish,Chinese always had secret societies or a black hand that could do the dirty work while those occupying legitimate positions supported them covertly.Unfortunately for us I am not aware of any such entity and when any lone wolf does something to protect the race or defend our own and gets into trouble,everyone washes their hands and shames such person. We can call ourselves lions,tigers,warriors all we want but until there is some sort of unity and action group formed to fight this menace we will always be cattle waiting to be devoured by the wolves.
  13. Yes a lil bit. Whites are the only race they even go near too so they get fairer offspring.If with Jews then they want to upgrade their intelligence.Thats their M.O. In asia they pretty much stick to their own and highly dislike mixing.They have a high sense of racial pride since they are barely religious.But anyways,what do they care,they have a billion plus people.
  14. Unfortunately,usually the religious fall to secularism rather than the other way.Choosing a non-amritdhari itself is the first step.I don't know,just speculating.
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