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  1. Come on guys lets not derail this important thread.There are many other threads dealing with that subject and you can carry on there if it's really necessary.Just because Niddar Singh is affiliated with the RSS it doesn't mean everything he does has an RSS agenda angle.Most probably he is familiar with this issue and is supporting as a person because he believes in the allegations as do so many others currently. Focus on the victims and what they are saying.It's not easy for them to come out like this in public especially for males.The least we can do is to not start wild conspiracy theor
  2. Kareena suit,lehnga,mehndi,jewellery,bollywood wedding fantasy,maiyan,jago,dancing,singing,"family izzat",relatives acceptance. Another theory could be 'Ziddi'-who the hell are you people to stop me,I will do what I want and this is what I want,I'm going to do it whether you like it or not,try to stop me you backwards fundamentalist,sexist,misogynist,chauvinist! Something like that.
  3. A lot more. Waheguru works through us. It is we who have to get something done but in a much more sophisticated way that has long term effects. Direct action against the establishment would bring disastrous results as it is exactly what they want to justify the deadly action they have planned and will take against us. How are you doing emotionally? Sometimes it's good to take a break from social media just to give your system a break.Too much bad news can affect your wellbeing.
  4. This is pure gold. On a side note, whats up with last, best hope of earth? If you're the last hope then that automatically makes you the best hope and if you're the best hope then it doesn't matter whether you are first or last since you are the best.
  5. Bhai Satpal Singh is not a bad parcharak and his parchar always had little examples or elements taken from Hinduism and Buddhism but this video has gone all the way. His videos usually have less than 10K views but look at this one, 200K plus.He knows making videos like this will attract views.Well, good for him I guess. More people to buy his shirts,hoodies and donate.
  6. I actually lol'd at this. Now yellow tracksuit bhangra wala from the gif's must be dreaming that he too could one day be a politician.
  7. Nothing to be worried about. 1 line can be easily removed and wouldn't cost a lot. Remove it if it will give you peace of mind.
  8. This is embarrassing to say but there is an influx of Sikh girls starring is south indian B grade softcore films with full blown kissing and implied love making scenes while wearing Kara playing the role of a Sikh girl. You go look at their Instagram page and at the top will be a Gurbani Tukk and below half naked pics of her and also pics with the family with dad being full keshdari. What is their thought process I don't understand. This Simran Kaur is doing great. Nothing wrong in shaming shameless people.
  9. Afghans still have their country along with a couple billion dolars worth of US Military equipment. Sanu ki milia?
  10. Oh they wouldn't dare. Only soft targets as usual.
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