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  1. very based perspective. thank you for calling it out for what it is. this is how you address the root causes because the hypocrisy behind holding the 'spiritual values', but not embodying them in action never ceases to amaze me
  2. Division between state and faith is needed for a secular society to work, and for people's rights to be upheld. Racism of low expectations and politically correctness has made scrutiny or critical examination of unfair treatment by certain so-called 'protected groups' unpalatable - this 'us' and 'other' attitude for those in power is unacceptable. They are public servants, and need to serve the public at large - not their preferred tribe. (i get that this is very idealistic and won't ever exist 100%, however discriminatory attitudes can't be so overt and tolerated in the name of political
  3. I am not sure if this has already been posted before, however I found this interesting article which has a interesting and pointed rendition of Sikh history. It has condensed and very much simplified history for brevity, nonetheless calls a spade a spade in many cases. It is written in the context of the incident with KS Brar in 2012. I thought I would share as I it refreshing to read something from the point of view of a non-Sikh that does not whitewash or perform apologetics for the hypocrisy and corruption of the times. It doesn't sugar coat things as I've seen in many other case
  4. don't have more context to this video, however the original post says the person's hair is 'shorn' - you can see it at 0:29... i think the insinuation is that this is all staged? does anyone have any more info on this?
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