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Found 10 results

  1. Get it while you can folks. Free download. This short, ancient classic by an unknown (but obviously brilliant) Chinese general on military strategy is eye opening and shockingly enduring as a work. Why pick this translation over the many that are available on the market? Because it has been translated by Chinese people themselves who are better equipped to read and translate the subtle nuances in the work that would go over the heads of the many Europeans who have attempted to translate this work. I picked it up many years ago from a Chinese shop in Holland just after first graduating. I found it again after years when I was going through some old boxes and scanned it. I tried sticking it on my scribd with no success, but you can download it for free from the link. I hope some of you learn a thing or two from it and enjoy studying it. http://www.sikhawareness.com/files/file/20-sun-tzu_-the-art-of-war/
  2. Sau sakhi hv different versions with differences. One of my friend's late Nanaji had some old books in his collection. He sent me a page from an old book. It mentions about the rule of a randdii(Indira gandhi) and a Khalsa making a fort in harmandir(sant Bhindranwale). It also mentions about Russia and China attacking India.
  3. watched this video today , been thinking about mahapurakh's bachan about china's war starting when the roads are completed
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWEu_WX57vA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjB7TUWBuF4
  5. As per an article in times of india , https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/amritsar/sikh-group-goes-to-china-against-india/articleshow/76158533.cms This was in news before as well when a khadku singh in sting operation told indian media that if china attacks india our task will be helped I think there's also a sikh prophecy of Russia-China attacking India. For those who dont know , India and China are currently in a face-off on the indo-china disputed border.
  6. What begun as a trade war against china by the angry frustrated US is increasinly becoming scarier and taking on a more miliaristic tone over south china sea and taiwan . This can't possibly end well for the world. what do you guys think
  7. Guest

    The Sikhs of Shanghai

    Let's start with the Boxer Rebellion in China. They teach you about in school history lessons but what they don't tell you is who the British sent to crush the rebellion in China. The answer is the Sikhs. They put together the Ludhiana Sikh Regiment and each man in that regiment was specifically chosen because of his height and build. Every last one of them was built like a brick <banned word filter activated> house. After service, many stayed on in China where they dominated the professions of Policemen, Watchmen and general enforcers. But being paid enforcers, whist doing wonders for one's own macho sensibilities, comes at a price. And that price is being disliked. For when the Japanese occupied Shanghai, the Sikhs became enforcers for the Japanese and that was something the Chinese were never likely to forget. This still photo from the classic Bruce Lee kung fu film 'Fist of Fury' sums up what i mean. In this scene, set during the Japanese occupation, Bruce is told by the Sikh (a Chinese actor playing a Sikh) that dogs and Chinese are not allowed. In the end, of course, the Sikhs would have to leave Shanghai but I feel it's important to remember the first of the great Sikh diasporas: Shanghai Sikh Gurdwara: At the Gurdwara entrance: Still standing today in 2018 but now private dwellings: Still standing in the middle of Shanghai;s futuristic new skyline. Neglected....by all of us. But still standing: 1945 with some American sailors: The Nanking Road, 1901: Shanghai Police Officers: Shanghai 1935: Sikh family with their Chinese Maid / nanny Shanghai Police Training centre: 1931: Mounted patrol: With chinese criminals in stocks in Honk Kong:
  8. Great news for China they now have translation of Japji Sahib and the first and most important part of the path of Sikhi translated into Chinese http://www.azaadsikhmedia.com/sikhs-has-translated-japji-sahib-in-chinese-language/
  9. Interesting scenario shaping up with china's peoples liberation army allegedly incurring into Indian land? I was thinking the India media is telling the truth maybe china did invade 19km into indian ladkh but then now im thinking its all geo-politics with america fingering Indian govt and in turn the indian media barking like it usually does to get the indian population to protest all to make a fuss about nothing in order to check china's lack of action on north korea (its ally). And thus the net result will be america will have closer ties with India. It's also interesting for us Sikhs who want to have a separate nation state as only with China invading and having a war with the Indian army will nations seeking self governance like khalistan can rise up to liberate themselves from the Indian Union. Whats your analysis?
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