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  1. Gurdwaras, besides being the place of worship for the Sikh community, have often provided food and shelter for people during times of crisis, not just in India but across the world.This time, things are different and many gurdwaras have been forced to down size because of the lockdown.For Sikhs and the larger Indian community, this is causing a lot of distress because they do not have access to a space where they would have gone to find peace and pray and offer services in the community kitchens.Inspite of all this, the Raagi Singhs have been fulfilling their duties deligently and sincerelyThe sewadaars had been preparing langars for distribution to NeediesBut we never realised, that they, who are serving, may also need to be servedWe are unaware that many of them are not getting their salaries since lockdownThe sewadaars who have sewa in their name and in their blood, who have helped all, need help today.Let's not forget that they also have their families back in their villages. They may be getting food from langar services but there is no one to think that their families need support to survive these tough times.Let's come forward and donate our daswandh to help these families https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-harmeet-singh?fbclid=IwAR1tHK49Uo7lah77xmFt23feDLthKf7FWPqy_vUOK0T6t6JD57wo0ViyXvA
  2. I recently saw a facebook post of a UK singh who had committed suicide and it made me wonder what makes these people take their own lives when they have so much to life for. And this was not the only case in recent years there was a sikh girl recently who took her own life cos of not getting good enough exam grades for the uni course she wanted. There was a case of a young punjabi schoolboy taking his life after being bullied and cruelly taunted about being a pedo. And I remember another case of a singh taking his own life fear years ago because of family problems. I think there is a huge issue in our community where they are being brainwashed by false expectations and aspirations of what success is, false ideologies such as creeping backward hindu punjabi beliefs / superstitions, family pressures/problems, financial/job pressures and taking of drug alcohol intoxicants which is leading to a rise in people falling into depression and taking their own lives especially British punjabi men. The male suicide rate is often much higher than females in most communities. We should try to help more the mentally vulnerable in our community. Though its not usually easy for people to open up about problems when most our pendu people just want to laugh or critise if a guy is feeling emotionally weak due to something but has to maintain a strong face or front.
  3. Waheguru ji khalsa Waheguru ji fateh I post a kirpan on Facebook is it illegal to post kirpan on Facebook my Facebook got shut down i need your help we need to stick together
  4. Digital heroin emerging major threat among mobile crazy youth Yudhvir Rana | TNN | Feb 24, 2017, 05.09 PM IST AMRITSAR: Not only the substance addiction is taking lives of Punjabi youth but with the vast popularity and unabated use of internet, the screen addiction has also emerged as a potent threat for people of all age groups using mobile phones, which is causing major behavioral disorders as well as impotency. "There are over a dozen patients, with majority of young girls undergoing treatment of behaviour disorder in our internet deaddiction centre," said addiction psychiatrist Dr. JPS Bhatia while talking to TOI on Friday. Stating that benefits of social networking was far less than its harmful effects, Bhatia said it was hiding one's own true identity under the garb of a pleasing activity. He said that parents approach with sudden fall in grades of their children while wives complain about their husbands neglecting them. Among youth, the symptoms of screen addiction includes unconsciously looking at mobile phone, hand movement towards phone, relationship problems with immediate family members and living in a dream-like state. Giving example, Bhatia said that parent of one of his patients reported that their son spends hours in bathroom. Vaishali (name changed), mother of a 15-year-old girl screen addict, said, "I was worried to find major changes in my daughter's behaviour. She would spend at least three to four hours in bathroom and when I clandestinely checked her mobile, it was full of porn stuff and more than one hundred male Facebook friends that was an alarming call." Bhatia said that among adult males, erectile malfunction was a major symptom. "When husband and wife are using cell phone, they feel they are being neglected. This emptiness leads to marital disharmony," he said. Notably, a recently released government data had disclosed Amritsar as the top city among others for sharing sexual abuse material. According to the data, Amritsar took top place with more than 4.3 lakh "files of interest" - code for child porn - shared between July 1, 2016 to January 15, 2017. While Delhi was second in the slot followed by Lucknow. Talking about the treatment part, he said at the internet deaddiction centre, they give life skills counselling and advise on inculcating good habits while the male adults were made to realize the importance of real relations over the fantasy world of pornography. While agreeing to the addiction caused by mobile phones and excessive use of internet, medical superintendent Guru Nanak Dev Medical Hospital Dr. Ram Saroop said that over-dependence on mobile phones was causing frustration among youth and related disorders. Bhatia suggested to develop "role models" at the school level as the first measure to check the impending threat of screen addiction. "Students follow their teachers and if the teachers will keep the mobiles away, they will learn the same."
  5. I was talking to a fellow Gursikh on Facebook when a few sentences into the conversation he asked me to marry him and he sent me a picture of his <banned word filter activated>. I blocked him but he sent his <banned word filter activated> pics to my parents Facebook page saying I asked for them and my parent blame me for it. What should I do?
  6. I want to hear your views about a way to deal with such post shared on facebook. May me someone from sikh channel can give their point of view because its shared on their page. The post is https://www.facebook.com/SIKHCHANNELDELHIUNIT/posts/1027619817346095:0 It just have couple of images joined together. Is it a right way to deal with it sharing it on facebook? Some immature kid posts some pics. Someone take screenshot and a good and famous Facebook Page admin puts it on the pages. There is no link to the profile of the person in question neither does facebook search give any such results. Are we not making fun of sikh gurus our selves ? We are disrespecting sikh gurus had there been a link or some way we can find out who is behind it then it would have been a different story. Right now it looks like posting a sikh joke with a title how they are making fun of sikhs without even understand they are spreading this joke. I think such facebook pages which have huge following should be more responsible and share content wisely keeping in mind the after effects.Its so much disturbing to me that it forced me write a post on SikhSangat after so many years.
  7. Mans has notiched on social media dat alot of singhnia be posting phots of themselves. Naow im not saying dont, or being all backwards yeh, but what gets me is all the attentions from kanjar singhs checklig out the phots, all the freshies sayiong stuff like 'oowww woww' i like, and mehr karo ji,' when lets cut to the chase, they're pervin, cheking and looking for wives, visas and women. whats the sangatz views on dis? i fink the signhni should at least know what theyre doing and know by posting selfies and being all thirsty, they is attracting attentions and even firing up kaam in some mans. why not just normal, allow the pics and allow which would stop all dem singhs commenting, gagging and loving it off. if my wife wasd doing that, oh my dayzz mans wopuld go ham. not unless their doing it jaan-ke....
  8. Please send us any program information and posters, our aim is UNITY and EKTA in the panth. Make the Sangat aware of events/programs in your area. ?? Great intermediary page to promote ekta and keep up with the latest events and programs. Updated video and image content daily. Please follow uk Sikhs on Instagram and Facebook
  9. Please send us any program information and posters, our aim is UNITY and EKTA in the panth. Make the Sangat aware of events/programs in your area. ?? Great intermediary page to promote ekta and keep up with the latest events and programs. Updated video and image content daily. Please follow uk Sikhs on Instagram and Facebook
  10. Sikh24.Com, Sikhs For Justice ,Neverforget84.Com and others have been blocked from India Source:http://sikhsiyasat.net/2015/06/15/now-facebook-page-of-sikh24-news-blocked-in-india/
  11. I run a page on facebook and want to do an article on Ravidassias. Who they are etc. Can anyone please tell me about them and why they are copying Sikh traditions such as Jaikara and Nishaan Sahib and changing it to their own style? Why Sachkhand Ballan rejected Guru Granth Sahib Ji and only uses Bhagat Ravidassi's bani. Why they view him as Guru and no one else? The history of Bhagat Ravidass and Gurbani. And what our Gurus have said about him.
  12. Got an accompanying facebook page now, feel free to jump on, engage in debates, criticism and stuff. Manglacharan has one, Ramblings of a Sikh has one and now so do I. https://www.facebook.com/Tisarpanth
  13. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ka Fateh. I have come across this person lying or misinterpreting Sikhi with a one sided view. I want to come up with the truth, that is answer his so called rebuttals and illogicality of Sikhi. Can anyone please see his arguments on Sikhi and tell me what the reality behind them is? That is answer his questions? His name is Abu Adeeba: https://www.facebook.com/Islam.Sikhism I have also seen him add many Sikhs as friends on Facebook from whose profiles, I am sure, he takes Gurbani and misinterprets it etc.
  14. I am disgusted at this, please see what the admin is doing and how he is trying to prove Sikhi and Sikhs inferior to Hindus. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sikh-Facts/430360146974630?ref=ts
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