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  1. WJKK WJKF Hello everyone, I have been in a relationship with this guy for 6 years. I am now 23 years old and thinking of marriage. I don’t believe in caste and neither does he. My family come from a Jatt background and his family are chamar. My family do strongly believe in caste, but I was not brought up around it. I didn’t even know about the caste system or different castes until 3 years into my relationship with my boyfriend. He doesn’t have Singh in his name, but I always thought this was because he isn’t apart of the Khalsa. When we first met, he told me he was a Si
  2. This looks interesting. Marina Wheeler is Boris Johnson's first wife who has four kids with him. Her mother was from a Sikh background by the looks of it. According to this DM article, she looks like she wants to discover her 'lost heritage'. This is pertinent to me because recently I've been spending time with younger mixed race relatives, and some of the older ones now seem to resent being encouraged to be indifferent to the Sikh side of their heritage when growing up. Ms Wheeler was able to speak to her mother, Dip Singh, about her experiences in India, before she
  3. If a non-Sikh child went to live with a Orthadox Gursikh family until he is 18 years old, would that Sikh family allow him to cut his hair?
  4. So I am the eldest child of 2nd gen Punjabi parents in the west. Ive had an ordinary upbringing with the unfortunate timid father and aggressive overbearing mother. Hope some of you can relate. One of my siblings is a plain arrogant, small minded <banned word filter activated>. My mother practically worships this child (2nd youngest) and can do no wrong. One day I’m in the town on my way back home and I ring sibling to say, is it ok I drop in and visit you for a couple of hours? Sibling goes no sorry bit busy, another time ok? Sure thing I say. No problem. Little furth
  5. Iv heard this before that Indra was descendant of Gangu bhaman. The Singh in the video names all the descendants of Gangu bhaman to Indra. I don't know how true this is because I'm pretty sure Gangu was a Punjabi bhaman while Indra and Nehru were Kashmiri pandits/Bhamans. Unless Gangu was a Kashmiri who was residing in Punjab. VID-20190603-WA0007.mp4
  6. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh! How emotional is a Khalsa expected to be by Guru Maharaj? (In terms of familial relations)
  7. I wanted to ask what if someone is in love with their love of their life. Then she gets married to someone else and cheats after the marriage many times with the affair. Does Waheguru forgive such a sin? Can it be forgiven when the human is in deep regret and suffers from their mistake daily (she gets depression) and prays daily, visits the gurdwara, and also wants to take amrit. Will this sin vanish then? Will Waheguru love this human still? Or should she forget to be a sikh and prepare herself to go to hell?
  8. I wanted to know i heard about that person who killed many many humans, but god forgave him. I dont know his name now. So my question is what if a human makes a huge mistake and hurts somebody or cheats on their husband/wife. Or if somebody lies. Does our Waheguru forgive such humans if they see their mistake and do paath then everyday and didnt wanted to harm anyone in first place? And how can somebody know that Waheguru has forgiven? Will they still go to nark (hell) ? And also what if the person is ready then to do amrit shakan (sorry if i spelled wrong), and prays everday, also does sewa a
  9. I am a sikh girl and i was married already 2 times. I couldnt stay with my first husband because he abused me and hit me. He was very violent. As you folks know, when someone was already married once, its hard to find a good husband the second time. So i got another time a husband who abused me and also drank much alcohol. I couldnt stay in that family, it was very hard, i got hit every day. Also both didnt loved me. So i am divorced and that too also 2 times already. What do you think? Should i have stayed with him even if they were abusive? Because in sikhi you can marry only once right? Or
  10. I got married to my husband one year ago, but i left him only a few months later because he was mentally ill. I got married to him because they had a big house. Now i am at my own house. But I dont know if it was right to leave him. We already divorced. Was it a sin? Or was it right to leave him if i was not happy?
  11. I got married to a sikh man. But I was not happy woth this marriage. I was in love with someone else, and I still am. I also cheated on my “husband” with someone else. Also before the marriage and after marriage. I dont want to make my family unhappy. I would sacrifice my own happiness for my family. Thats what I am doing now. Is it a sin to stay with my husband even if i am unhappy? And will Rabh ji forgive me if I always pray and do bhaani? And also if I become a true sikh and do amrit ? Also I will stay with my husband but I will be really unhappy. Will Rabh forgive me? And how do I know?
  12. Guest

    Mistreatment by parents

    Dear sangat ji, Im 33, residing in Canada, living with my parenrs. I work an honest job, live with my parents. For the last 2 years, ever since getting married, my parents have been very difficult with me. My last issue was my mum was upset with my wife and told me to leave the house. That we are free to go. It isnt the first time, my mum will say this in an argument m, essentially i feel gaslighted beyond belief. Im not sure who to turn to, i live with my parents and have been giving them my wages after graduation. I have given close to 150,000
  13. Guest

    Father Son relationship

    I have got on pretty well with my father for most of my life. However Since he has aged and gone past 60. I am finding it increasingly difficult to talk to him. He very easily starts arguements when having conversations. He is very grumpy and always taking digs at me. I have accepted this from him for a long time. As in the asian community we are told to respect our parents even if they behave sometimes badly towards us. However, I am now starting to dislike his behaviour. Where he will argue for no reason at all. He does not speak to 2 of my other siblings as they have fallen out with h
  14. Guest

    Unfair family structure

    Hi i come from a family of alcoholics and wife beaters. My question is why do the men get to drink, smoke, go clubbing, talk to other women at clubs other than wives ect whilst wives are expected to be vegetarian, subordinate, uncomplaining, non drinkers, non smokers, domestic servents and restricted to activities inside the house with no free leisure time. I see this soo much in my family, my aunty for example, her husband beat her, woke up the whole family including 1 year old daughter so she had to put her back to sleep and I had to face sleep deprivation with school the next day
  15. There's A LOT of questions that Sikh Women have about what Paath or Nitnem they should do when Pregnant or what they should be doing before pregnancy, etc. There's also questions about what to do after the baby is born and just about family life in general. For example, do mothers have to observe Amrit Vela? Do ALL Sikhs need to observe Amrit Vela? Fortunately, there's a new non-profit organization that's completely DEVOTED to educating about Sikh family life... and it's called... Sikh Family Life (!): https://www.SikhFamilyLife.com/ There's a whole series on Mother's
  16. Greetings, I am new to Sikhism (about 4 months) of reading and practicing as best I can. One of the aspects I like a lot is the encouragement of family life. Up until this point, I had been a practicing Buddhist for the past ~11 years. Having recently had a child and starting a young family, the strong teaching of renunciation of family life is one of the things that made me turn away from Buddhism. For me, religion/philosophy/way of life, is about support to keep being a positive and good person no matter how challenging life can become. I think that having a family is difficult and Sik
  17. Im posting this just to get some generic sikh views on how to deal with difficult members of the family What do you do when you have a 'black sheep' in the family who throughout their life has hurt you and others members of your family and continues to do so? Its gone past the point of talking to them - we are at the point where we have just come to accept that this is their character, but how should we be with this person? Ive seen alot of families just disown certain members but this is hard to do when you still care for them. From a sikh perspective though, can anyone suggest
  18. So no one in my family is amritdhari. We were proud of our caste (which i realised once coming into sikhi it didn't make any sense). Let me be honest. I loved my life when I wasn't a amritdhari. My family and loads of my friends and people would call me attractive and I loved all the attention from girls. From all this attraction from girls, I got with the most popular girl that everyone likes apart from me and had sex with her. It was a dare and I was young!! And that really didn't help with me after taking Amrit. For some random reason I woke up one morning and thought I wanted to take
  19. Guest

    Help marriage issue

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh Sangat please help me with this problem i am having. I am from the UK, and my family is sikh. Although i do not believe in caste because i follow sikhi, my family is chamar. I met a girl while studying at university and we became friends, however this accidentally blossomed into love without meaning for it to. She is also sikh, but her family is Jatt, and they are very casteist. Although she herself does not believe in caste because she also tries to follow sikhi, her family believe in it strongly. Now we all know here that there
  20. How do you handle family, mostly in laws, who tend to make indirect comments, which seem to be anti-sikh or anti-religions. I sometimes would post a topic regarding Sikh issue, on social media to create further public awareness. Recently I had shared a topic regarding Guru Granth Sahib Ji's disrespect and hoped to enlighten my non sikh friends regarding this very hurtful issue. However, soon after, this family member starts another topic, which undervalues this posted issue and indirectly focuses on beliefs of atheism instead. Soon I see lots of comments pretty much criticizing sikhs and minim
  21. I have been married to my life for almost ten years now and cant seem to escape the pressures of her family. I have now moved back home 200 miles away from where she is originally from. She has two brothers both younger by a few years, however, one past marriage age Her mother is always calling and texting which i have no issues with or coming to visit, however, I experienced a lot of interfering when we had our first child and disagreed with a lot of what she was feeding into my wife. My wife always seems to take her side, yet I say nothing. Just recently we have had a second child. My
  22. Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa ! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !! Forgive me for bringing my problems to you, but I cannot share this with anyone I know. My father went down with back injury when I was 14, and he could not work for a while. While he was down, my mother had to step in to fulfil his duties, along with hers. She worked day and night, while also attending to my father's and our needs. I helped her best I could. Once my father got better, he could not gather the courage to go back to work. We talked with people to get appropriate work to his like, but he did not want to work for anyone. Apparently
  23. So I was talking to my family and I was always under the impression that they orignated from west punjab prior to 47, they were in areas such as lyalpur (now called fasialbad), montgomery (sahiwal), multan etc But now I have been told that we originate from where we live now which is adampur and kurdhpur next to jahalandhar and that we used to migrate to different areas of punjab where there was nothing and build up the land to make it agricultural I was just wondering did many sikhs do this? Or did most originate from where they came from before partition? My clan are aujla. Even though I
  24. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3279582/Family-beat-teenage-girl-death-forcing-live-regime-fear-lick-toilet-bowl-eat-paper.html Family 'beat teenage girl to death after forcing her to live under regime of fear where she was made to lick the toilet bowl and eat paper'Shahena Uddin, 19, from Watford, was punished by siblings for 'crimes' They would hit her, ban her from using toilet and make her eat own faeces She was found dead in bathroom in October after allegedly being beaten Her brother and sister-in-law deny murder; five others deny allowing death By Steph Cockroft for MailOnline
  25. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh The bellow is a post from a Kaur on another forum, and I would really appreciate if the Sangat on here especially Kaurs could help her. Link to orginal All posts on here will be copied and pasted. Thanks in advance Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I’m a sikh girl currently in my teen years attending high school and have been facing so many issues with my family and have become fed up with it. I come from a family of 4 daughters and my parents have always wanted a son as long as i can remember. They always remind me of how i’m a gi
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