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Found 9 results

  1. I wonder how much comes over the border to our Panjab? I don't think it is in these types of quantities? Kutchees must be making a killing with this stuff? Enormous three-tonne haul of heroin from Afghanistan worth £2BILLION is seized at Indian port after it arrived via Iran Two Indians were arrested after the heroin was found by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) at Mundra Port in the western Indian state of Gujarat The heroin was kept in two containers marked as carrying talc which originated from Afganistan and was shipped from a port in Iran to Gujarat The shipment of heroin was estimated to be worth 200 billion rupees (£2 billion) Nearly three tonnes of heroin with a street value of £2 billion from Afghanistan have been seized from a western Indian port in a major bust, officials said . Two Indians were arrested after the heroin, which was kept in two containers marked as carrying talc, was found by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) at Mundra Port in the western state of Gujarat, the anti-smuggling government agency said. The consignment - with one container carrying nearly 2,000 kilograms of heroin and another holding nearly 1,000 kilograms - originated from Afghanistan and was shipped from a port in Iran to Gujarat, the DRI said. 'Searches have been conducted in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Gandhidham and Mandvi in Gujarat,' the agency said in a statement. It added that the shipment was estimated to be worth 200 billion rupees (£2 billion) and was seized on September 15 after the agency received intelligence they contained narcotics. The investigation also allegedly uncovered the involvement of Afghan nationals, the DRI said, although no one else has been arrested so far. 'Investigation conducted so far has also revealed the involvement of Afghan nationals, who are under investigation,' an official in Gujarat said, declining to be named as he was not authorised to speak publicly. The narcotics were headed to Delhi and the two arrested people had sought an import-export licence based on a house address in Vijayawada, police in Vijayawada said in a statement on Monday. The containers had been declared as containing semi-processed talc stones from Afghanistan and had been shipped from Bandar Abbas Port in Iran to Gujarat Mundra port, the Gujarat official said, adding that forensic tests confirmed the presence of heroin. Afghanistan is the world's biggest producer of heroin, supplying between 80-90 percent of global output. Heroin production has boomed in Afghanistan in recent years, helping fund the Taliban which returned to power in August. But the Islamist militants have said they plan to ban the drug trade, without giving details on how. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10012429/Enormous-three-tonne-haul-heroin-Afghanistan-worth-2BILLION-seized-Indian-port.html
  2. Kalyug is apparently coming to an end soon , Gujarat is the source of Kalki ...hahaha https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/indian-worker-god-lord-vishnu-work-excuse-rameschandra-fefar-gujarat-a8360366.html?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#link_time=1526892105
  3. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/gujarat-massacre-india-court-jails-11-life-sentence-killings-muslims-gulbarg-society-compound-a7086876.html
  4. The recent visit by Indian prime minister modi has been met by a large number of ethnic British Indians protesting against him and his BJP hindu nationalist government. It was the congress secular atheist terrorist party which attacked the Golden temple and murdered over 5,000 Sikhs in 3 days of state sanctioned violence in 1984. Many of the congress terrorists were secular hindus and muslims. Hardly any where right wing hindu nationalists because they did not see Sikhs as the enemy. Now I am really confused why are some brainless British Sikhs protesting against Modi and siding with Indian Guji muslims who have never lent their support or sympathy for Sikhs since 1980's. Some of these British Indian guji muslim's have made jokes about Sikhs on social media and don't seem themselves as part of an Indian society rather more of their separatist muslim collective. So why are our stupid Sikhs always the first to help other peoples causes rather than concentrate on purely Sikh centric issues and movements. The Hindu nationalist government has no real wish or desire to provoke the Sikhs in a violent confrontation that would be counter productive to their dharmic centric society they want to create. They do want to make muslims / missionary abrahmics either assimilate in their hindu nation or look else where to go. Which i think is fair enough especially since hindus, sikhs and buddhists are forced to tolerate daily humiliation and subjugation in islamic countries like pakistan and afghanistan or convert or get killed. Some of low IQ Sikhs are not protesting for the rights of afghan Sikhs or pakistani Sikhs getting victimised by muslim societies yet they are quite happy to protesting against modi which I think is very counter productive and not addressing the demographic and geo-political influence problems we have as a panth
  5. IB sources say Sikh terrorists are to take sea routes and land routes to enter India. Narendra Modi or Parkash Singh Badal is the hit list of Sikh terrorists. 250 Khalistani terrorists trained in Pakistan. Terrorists trained for more than 9 months ihna kutteyaan nu hunn fer daroune supne aun lappaye !!!
  6. GUJARAT, India (October 10, 2013)Members of the local Sikh community living in the Bhuj area of Gujarat have launched a formal complaint against members of the Gujarat legislative assembly for failing to take strict action to protect Sikhs. In addition, the name of BJP legislator Vasanbhai Ahir has been rumored to be that of the main perpetrator of the bloody attack against Sikhs Tuesday. Sikhs in Gujarat have been forced to live as second class citizens as the Government has denied them the right to purchase farm land. This is a huge blow to Sikh families who are mostly farmers from Punjab that settled in Gujarat decades ago. Local Sikhs have filed complaints with the Bhuj police and have asked for protection for their families. Local spokespersons of the community told Sikh24 that that Sikhs had been sensing trouble for quite some time and a meeting was held last week to discuss the issue with the district administrationbut despite their promises, the deadly attack could not be foiled. Victims Allege Gujarat Attack Was Well Planned Amandeep Singh, one of the victims that was injured during the attack, alleged that he is the rightful owner of the land for years and has all official records that list his family as the owners. He held that his farming land was illegally allotted to some other persons and on October 3rd, a group of men came to question them about the land ownership. These men left after seeing the registration papers, but as per Amandeep Singhs statement, he saw questionable men taking walks around his fields on a routine basis. This is why the meeting was held with the local administration. These same men came back this past Tuesday in a large group and attacked Amandeep Singh and three of his relatives. Sikh24 had earlier published a detailed record of the incident and detailed that gunshots were fired in the air. http://www.sikh24.com/2013/10/gujarat-sikhs-blame-local-government-for-deadly-attack/#.Ulf0MlCkros
  7. Tensions Rise as Multiple Attacks Launched Against Sikhs Across IndiaBy: Sikh24 Editors GUJARAT, India (October 8, 2013)News reports of Sikhs being attacked in Gujarat and Delhi have created shockwaves in the Sikh community living worldwide. As per media reports, a Sikh family living in Loria village of Bhuj district of Gujarat was attacked by a mob yesterday. Four male members of the Sikh family were left critically injured and were admitted to a local district hospital. In a statement, one of the injured, Amandeep Singh said that at least 30 armed men had attacked him and his family members who were sowing crops during the day. According to him, several shots were even fired in the air. Along with Amandeep Singh, the brutal attack also injured Angrej Singh, Jaswinder Singh and Harpreet Singh. All four were admitted under intensive care. Amandeep Singh alleged that he doesnt know what may have instigated the mobs. He alleged that the attackers wanted them to leave the farms and return to Punjab. Amandeep Singhs family has been living in Gujarat for over five decades and they were allotted the farming land back in 1960. It should be noted that the plight of Sikh farmers came to light recently when they blamed the local Government for refusing to allow them to purchase land. In another incident, a Sikh family in the Rohini area, Sector 3, Delhi, was attacked by a group of 7-8 young men in what seems to be a well-planned attack. The attackers brutally injured an elderly Sikh lady causing jaw injuries. They used a sharp blade to slit her wrist, but luckily she has survived the attack. Her husband was also brutally injured. The elderly Sikh man was held from his beard and his turban was removed. The attackers allegedly kicked him and his turban. They used racial slurs to abuse the elderly Sikh husband and wife. The attackers alleged that they are going to repeat 1984 once again as the Sikhs have forgotten their past carnage in the City. The main attacker, who was named Mukesh, is said to have good relations with the local police SHO and a local judge or Rohini court. He is said to have carried out similar attacks on Sikhs and others in the same neighborhood. Due to his political influence, no case has yet been registered against him. http://www.sikh24.com/2013/10/tensions-rise-as-multiple-attacks-launched-against-sikhs-across-india/#.UlSh4WS9Kc0
  8. Haryana adds to list of Indian states that want Sikhs out. Having used them to convert barren lands into productive farms, they are told to go. Tarlochan Singh urges PM to help Sikh farmers in state Tarlochan Singh, former chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, on Friday sought Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's help in ensuring that Sikh farmers in Haryana were not "ousted" by the state government, following the end of their 50-year lease for tilling. In a letter to the Prime Minister, he urged him to step in and convince the state government against ousting them. "We are thankful to you for showing concern for the Sikh farmers in Gujarat, who, after 50 years of farming, have been ousted," Tarlochan wrote. "The plight of Sikh farmers in Haryana is much more serious and painful. You remember sir, when you visited Pehowa during an election tour, this particular case of the Sikh farmers in that area was brought to your notice and you, very graciously, announced that they will not be ousted and the Haryana chief minister will take necessary action to protect their rights," he wrote. Tarlochan said 3,500 Sikh families in Kurukshetra and Kaithal districts, who were occupying and tilling the land for the past 55 years, have been ousted forcibly. "As you are aware, on the advice of the central government, Sikh farmers were given barren lands on lease for making them fully fertile in Uttar Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar, Haryana and Gujarat," he explained. "After the expiry of lease in Haryana, the Sikh farmers were forcibly told to quit. For years, they were fighting in court, and ultimately the Supreme Court decided that legally they can't be owner of that land, but the Haryana government shall make provisions to allow them to cultivate the lands," said Tarlochan, who is also a senior sports administrator. "I may bring to your notice that only last month at Krah Sahib village, Sikhs were made landless with the help of police. Some villages where the Sikhs are still occupying the land, the authorities have cut the power supply to harass them," he said. He said: "But, these poor farmers are denied protection under the existing law that says that any farmer who has been occupying the land for 15 years cannot be ousted. But, these farmers, who were there for 50 years, are not being given any help." "I request you to kindly advise the Haryana government to show magnanimity to those who have turned barren land into to a prosperous and fertile area," he added. http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/Print/1105812.aspx © Copyright © 2013 HT Media Limited. All Rights Reserved.
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