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Found 7 results

  1. Found this old article from the SYUK annual magazine. It's written by some Punjabi female who was in a relationship with a Gujarati guy, a live in relationship, around the same time people were protesting against interfaith marriages. Its not very often you read these kind of articles. She talks about all sorts, how her parents disapproved but still went along with it, a £2000 lengha which is just bonkers! and how she started falling out with her Gujju lover. She's obviously not a Sikh, just a regular moni, but its interesting a interesting article. I used to have these SYUK magazines, can't
  2. Guest

    Interfaith Marriage

    Gurufateh - I am torn between reporting an interfaith marriage and just letting it happen. The boy as I understand it hasn't converted to Sikhi yet they are having an Anand Karaj at a Sikh 'Centre' which is essentially a Gurdwara in London
  3. wjkk wjkf I just found out today that Khalsa primary school, slough are going to have an interfaith anand karaj taking place this weekend (saturday or sunday) early in the morning like 6 am or 7 am ! Its a sikh lady getting married to a non Sikh man. Clearly the Singh Sabha Gurdwara Slough and the Ramgaria Gurdwara Slough have rejected this marriage so its going to be taking place at the Khalsa Primary School that to very early in the morning around 6 or 7am. Im guessing its that early in the morning so it can be done secretly? clearly its no secret anymore and it has leaked ...
  4. In one of the 52 commandments Guru Gobind Singh Ji left for the Sikhs he stated that a daughter of the Sikhs should only have her hand in marriage given to another Sikh family. But he did not say the same for Sikh sons for them only given to Sikhs for marriage. Why was this? This question is mainly for the liberal lefties to ponder on. Because to majority of learned and right thinking Sikhs he is clearly showing us how there is a difference between the genders when it comes to procreation and relationships. Sikh Men are like rocks in the ground they will usually stick to their reili
  5. Guest

    Are my actions justified ?

    Me: 3Khalistan. Love Punjabis regardless of caste, See a Singh solute a Singh, Shere Punjab till I die Situation: This guy wants to marry a girl from another culture (irrelevant of which one) and wishes to take part in Anand Karaj as typical Sikh weddings occur, and of course with the clarification that a non Sikhs cannot take part in Anand Karaj we spoke to him politely several times and then even tried to bring about reasonable solutions but he and his family just didn't care. The guys really not that religious and he's only doing this as this is the normality for a Sikh wedding so
  6. I really need help right now. A cousin of mine who is older than me is planning on marrying a hindu guy in a mandir this year. This really angers me because I've grown up with her and she has been like an older sister to me. She used to be very far from Sikhi and I thought I was bringing her closer to it but I guess I was wrong. What makes me even more sad is that her mother n father support this marriage and are baisicaly throwing their roots out the window for worldly gains. I have told my parents straight up I refuse to attend the wedding and I know this will hurt her but I really don't car
  7. https://www.facebook.com/s1.hundal/posts/10154795741705503 Sunny hundal is a real life brother of jugraj singh (basics of sikhi), hard to comprehend i know. Sunny is such an embarrassment to Sikhs he defended every action against Sikh civilians and faith in the past only recently he showed some potential and humanity when he talked against British / thatcher involvement in collusion in 1984 anti sikh genocide but he has reverted back to type again bashing Sikhs it seems. On 31st oct 2014 he writes an article that attacks Sikhs that stands up for Sikh values and Sikh marriage as Guru ji would
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