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  1. WJKK WJKF My grandparents are coming from India in a few months and they are amritdhari. My grandfather has had a leg injury and cannot walk as much as he used to. I assume when I have to sleep on the floor in my basement so they can use my bed, they will be Reading gurbani on it. I have an issue with this though. I have had nocturnal emissions on my bed, and when I was younger, I wet the bed. The smells of the urine are completely gone as it has been over a decade since this occurrence, but it is still there. I also have a layer of plastic in between my bed and my bedsheets so in case I get a nocturnal emission, it won’t get onto the bed. Will it be beadbi if my grandparents read Gurbani from a Pothi on my bed?
  2. Just wondering if anyone does Naam Simran, if so how long? Do you mediate and say it in the mind, or do you speak out loud. Do you also listen to audio and sing along?
  3. so many errors in this pdf. You should always cross check what you read source : https://www.sikhnet.com/files/ereader/3_Jaap_Sahib_[Roman&Gurmukhi].pdf It should be "Ki haazar hazoor hai ", not "Ki haazar jazoor hai". Mistakes are littered across the length and breadth of this pdf unfortunately , which makes me harder to trust online gurbani sources.
  4. Guest


    From last one month I been doing moolmantar path most f the tym this helped me to control my thoughts a lil now I m trying hard to do Simran but I can't sit for more than 10 mins inspite of less thoughts n all I don understand y I have to get up in such lil tym
  5. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sangat ji I was thinking of staying a chaupai sahib jaap until jaggi gets freed if the sangat is ok with it. The way I was thinking was that we post how many paaths we do each day and again only for jaggis chardikala and liberation from jail. (Also please do full paath not just 25 paurian). What does the sangat think of this? Bhul chuck maaf waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  6. Waheguru Here is a great book on japping nam and different methods. Also has many helpful tips on your journey to waheguru Beginner's Nam Jap Recitational Meditation
  7. There are several ways to do Naam Jaap. Saint and Bhagats connect with the almighty by remembering Akal Purakh Wahe Guru. There is no best way to connect with God but useful tips come in handy when a person is just starting out. Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh in his book Gurmukh Sikhiya provides some ways to make it easier to do Naam Jaap. Bhai Vir Singhs helpful advice comes from puratan Singhs whove reached the ultimate stage of Naam Jaap and felt Wahe Guru. 1) Rest is important Bhai Vir Singh recommends getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. He says if the body is rested only then you can spiritually be healthy enough to connect with Wahe Guru. 2) Healthy Diet Its important to have a simple and healthy diet. He states its important to not eat heavy foods and important to maintain a healthy diet. He recommends preventing constipation with a balanced diet. 3) Kesh Ishnaan twice a week. Bhai Vir Singh states that its very important to wash your hair at least once a week and recommends twice. 4) Satsang One must do Satsang with Sadh Sangat as Guru is always found among the Sangat. 5) Do Naam Jaap with Rasna, positive thoughts Naam simran will automatically start to happen once it gets absorbed in the mind and body. Rhythm and concentration will take it time but continuous sessions of naam jaap will cause it to be consistent and automatic. This is when Naam Maala will become day and night and you will be doing Naam Simran 24/7. 6) Stay away from bad influences Its important to stay away from negative influences and people. 7) Reaching higher stage A person will realize when he/she has reached an out of body stage. Once this stage is reached, its important to be careful when taking a leap into the next stage. To avoid feelings of hunger, its important to eat a good diet. 8) Prevent Imagination from running wild A person must not ponder and stay away from creating unnecessary imagination that can steer person away from Naam Simran. Love of Wahe Guru must always increase and desire to do more Naam has to continue. Once a person has achieved higher levels of Naam Jaap, its important to help others connect and obtain a higher lever of spirituality. Those who do Seva and help others connect with Wahe Guru are the ideal GurSikhs. These are the people who are blessed and bless others. Gurmukh Sikhia 06 - Bhai Vir Singh - Simran Baare: http://dailysikhupdates.com/5-secrets-to-naam-jaap-by-bhai-vir-singh/
  8. Over 8 hour katha on liberation in Sikhi. this is in-depth knowledge of the spiritual path from a Gurmat perspective anyone who is doing simran or needs to know how should listen to these katha Lecture 108 - What is Liberation - Part 1: Lecture 109 - What is Liberation - Part 2: Lecture 110 - What is Liberation - Part 3: Lecture 111 - What is Liberation - Part 4: Lecture 112 - What is Liberation - Part 5:
  9. sangat ji waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh dass wanted to ask 2 questions regarding jaaping naam 1. when one says do 32 mala of mool mantar , what ones means ? daas means how to bdo it? are all malas contains same no. of beads if yes how much? 2. how one exactly uses mala to keep count of jaap thanks in advance
  10. To celebrate the first parkash divas of Maharaj, an 11 day simran jaap has been organised for 22 Aug - 01 Sept 2013. Time: 07.15 - 08.15pm Where: Guru Nanak Gurdwara, High street, SMETHWICK Sangat tv will be recording. New Jatha everyday. MAHAAN SMAGAM LAST DAY ON 01 Sept Time: 2 - 6 pm Jathe: Head Granthi Sri Akaal Takht Sahib Sant Bhagwan Singh Ji Rara Sahib Vale Bhai Hari Singh Ji DDT Giani Ranjt Singh Ji DDT Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Ji (Smethwick) and more
  11. In loving memory of our mother Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, an International Smagam has been organised with sangat from 5 countries and in 8 cities. Taking part in a 12 Hour Sukhmani Sahib Jaap on 26th Novemeber and then a Sehaj Paat bhog at the Mata Sahib Kaur Academy in the UK on 27th November. Please see event poster or individual city posters for further details or for more info contact info@kaurageous.com
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