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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.tiktok.com/@ranbir_vs_manoj?source=h5_m https://www.tiktok.com/@ranbir_vs_manoj/video/6941376521235877125?source=h5_m&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v3
  2. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. I tried doing my own research but didnt manage to find my answer. my question is when was Satyug (what centry or age) and all the other ages? As we are in kalyug now and the next age will be sat yug again. Also, do we have the same view on the 4 ages as Hindus do. they believe that each age lasts 1250 years long. do we agree with this? thanks
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8454551/Woman-disguised-length-Muslim-dress-steal-50-000-laser-hair-removal-machine.html What a state of affairs........
  4. There's a massive problem with the American/Canada Punjabi community, esp with their drinking abuse,drugs, and now child sex offenders!! We are in Kaljug! <banned word filter activated> is wrong with them, how do they look themselves in the mirror, im sure they grew up going to the Gurudwara
  5. I kno you heard of Mahakaljug and too many theories "Apocalypse, Kalki, no religion at all..." But according to theories ""People's goal will be to fill their bellies, people will fight over small pennies, famine, severe depression, fake Kings who will start their own religion every other day..." Look around you it is beginning. However, on a very very small scale. Siblings fighting n killing over land, depressed folks, obese problems, Jedism (can Jedism reach God with Sharda? Who's to say)??? Reason this is on a very, very small scale it is law of nature usually. Start slow then things evolve rapidly. So this Jug is actually best to reach God. We have principles of Religion, texts, saintly folks n you see them around every corner. But, about, say, over 400,000 years from now? Disaster, apocalypse etc.
  6. VjkkVjkf Guru Pyareo, soo over the past few weeks i feel kaljug is taking over my Mann Tann Dhan,every night i go to sleep wanting to wake up at Amritvela knowing that will fix everything but then laziness kicks in ,then the 5 mins after the alarm goes( 5 mins more to sleep) end up in missing amritvela, then i spend all day playing catch up, prior to going pesh kaam was my biggest problem and now its coming back and truely right now i am dying everyday and the worst part is now stupid doubts are coming to my mind against guru sahib and vaheguru, pls pls sangat jee help me i love sikhi but now kaljug is taking me over to throw me off and i need help.
  7. Signs of Qiyamah (Doomsday) Hazart Abu Musa Al Ashari narrates that The Holy Prophet Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam (May Allah send peace and blessings upon him) said: "Qiyamah will come.... * When it will be regarded as a shame to act upon Quranic injunctions. * When untrustworthy people will be regarded as trustworthy and the trustworthy will be regarded as untrustworthy. * When the liars will be regarded as truthful and the truthful will be regarded as liars. * When women with children become displeased (on account of them bearing off-spring) and barren women remain happy (on account of having no responsibility of off-spring). * When decisions will be given on mere conjecture (wild guesses). * When legislation in matters pertaining to my right (religion) is handed over to the worst elements in my Ummah, and if people accept them and are satisfied with their findings, then such persons will not smell the fragrance of Jannah. * When the off-spring become a cause of grief and anger (for their parents). * When Islam will become a stranger (unwanted religion). * When Malice and Hate will become common among people. * When Islamic Knowledge (Ilm) is lifted. * When people will boast upon their palatial mansions. * When oppression, jealousy and greed become the order of the day. * When lies prevail over the truth. * When people dispute over petty issues. * When people blatantly follow their passions and whims. * When immorality overtakes shamelessness and is perpetrated publicly. (Al Hadith) Al Hadith is the Book that contains the sayings, life and prophecies of Hazrat Mohammed Sahib, the founder of Islam http://www.inter-islam.org/faith/Signs-Of-Qiyaamah.htm
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