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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’m not sure if anyone else has mental illnesses or issues but I’m diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. I think I have BPD too to an extent but never got that tested. Anyway does anyone else have any mental health problems. Don’t you feel that the Sikh community literally does not care at all if you’re struggling mentally and instead hide it or look down on you or pretend you don’t exist? For example a lot of Punjabi parents will straight up deny the existence of depression. I think this isn’t good because it octracises like 5% of our population…
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh I am an amritdhari singh and I got married to an amritdhari dumala tying girl just 6 months ago. I consider myself a beginner in terms of sikhism and I got baptised just a year ago and still trying to adapt. However, I am always trying to be better sikh. Anyways, coming back to my marriage, first couple of months were great. However, after that, I got to know about my wife's previous relationship which ended few years ago as she said the guy was abusive and did not trust her. At that time, she was not baptised and the guy was a hindu. But the fact that she did not talked about this before our marriage has really left an impact on me. Even after she getting baptised, she used to talk <banned word filter activated> with some guys, although she says she was never with anyone physically after that relationship. This whole incident has affected me badly and now I am going through anxiety and depression. Every few days, I find a reason or go back in past and have arguments. It gets so bad that I keep thinking about ending my life. The fact that I married an amritdhari girl and then I learn about all this really makes me wonder what god has planned for me and what should I believe in anymore. Just yesterday, she was listening to some punjabi song that had alcohol reference and I told her to not listen to such songs but she said she can't change herself because of me and that if I wanted to control, I should have married someone else. Having said that, we both love each other very much, at least when I am not having anxiety attacks. But I don't know what to do now. It seems like we have different ideologies when it comes to sikhism even though we are both amritdhari. I can't get out of depression and keep going back in past and this is ruining my life and my marriage. No matter how much I try to live in present, somehow I end up in same painful spot. I don't want to be bad sikh, but I am really struggling and don't know what to do. I don't want to disclose her past to anyone in the family, so can't even talk to anyone. That's why I am here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
  3. Has anyone seen these debates on youtube? There's quite a few weird and crazy islamic/christian characters but also a few crazy so called Sikhs who seem to have some kinda mental instability like "Raj" and "Tarlochan" both are not practicing or baptised Sikhs. Raj absolutely hates Islam's grooming gangs and dawah kids and Tarlochan who is married to a muslim woman always tries to defend muslim's especially when Raj's around.
  4. I would love to know your thoughts, on why homosexuality is deemed not normal in Sikhi (are they allowed to take amrit?) **Is it just a mental illness? And can people be turn heterosexual via paat and naam simran, or is it allowed via God or I dont know how to phrase this question properly?
  5. Here's this criminal UK paki muslim guy admitting he got mental problems and he taking medication for it and probably falsely accusing this prisoner probation officer of trying to punch him when he probably didnt and his mental disillusion made him think that he did. Here he preaching against muslim girls working in sikh owned shops (probably in southall) and against Sikhism. Here's he saying hindu and sikh girls should be given dawah and converted to islam So as you can see Islam and other abrahmic faiths like Christianity make people mentally ill by feeding their already low intelligence vulnerable or damaged minds with extremist thoughts and uncivilized nonsense.
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