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Found 7 results

  1. There is an old bazurg Singh in Ludhiana who is very well known for his Abhiyaas of mool mantar. He basically japps mool mantar 24 hours. He told me a true story. He used to be a granthi in a Gurdwara Sahib in Delhi. A Hindu couple who were childless came to him. They had gone to various religious places for help but remained childless. The Granthi Singh told them to start doing mool mantar and make a promise to Guru Ghar that they would raise their child as a Sikh and Guru Sahib will bless them with a child. They promised and after some time were blessed with a child.
  2. Guest

    Mool Mantar

    Hello, I have a question about reciting paath. I am going to start reciting the mool mantar. Is it OK to whisper out loud paath rather than speak it out. Will it have the same effect? Thanks in advance.
  3. Guest

    Mool Mantar Help

    Wjkk Wfkf Can someone please do me a favor and write the aarth/meaning of the mool mantar in Punjabi? For example: Ek Onkar - Raab Ek Hai Thank you in advance
  4. Second Video of Deep meditation Mool Maha Mantar with ambient music is out!!!.. Videos with ambient, mantra, and delta brain waves- provides meditative relaxing experience for all....Enjoy..!! ~~~~ IK Oankar Satnaam Kartapurkh Nirbhauo Nirvair Akaal Murat Ajoni Sahibhang Gurparsad ~~~ Ik Oankar - One universal Eternal unchanged Awareness Being-Light-Knowledge- God- all in one, one in all- expressing itself in its movement - creating, preserving and changing creation spontaneously. Satnaam- which is Eternal Absolute Eternal existence truth, Kartapurkh- creative Conscious
  5. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI Fateh sadhsangat ji with kirpa of maharaj daas was yestarday trying to jaap of mool mantar and while doing so at a point while daas was reciting mool mantar sahib ji it happened like for 20 secs or so it like daas was saying aad sach and he just forgot that he has to say juugad sach ... like the thought just dis sapped from mind for 20 secs or say... has anybody experienced this?
  6. The Power of Naam Simran (Medidation) Inspiring True Story of a Singhni as narrated by Nirvair Khalsa Jatha December 2012. There’s a sister that lives in Birmingham, I won’t tell you her name as she wants to keep it gupt (she is still alive but doesn’t people constantly calling her). However, I will tell her story as it might adjoin someone to Sikhi. Shaheed Singhs and Singhnia are always with us- don’t ever forget that. This sister went to college and got her GCSE results back, she did really well. To celebrate, the sister and her friends went to Pizza Hut and the cinema to watch a movie. It
  7. sangat ji waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh dass wanted to ask 2 questions regarding jaaping naam 1. when one says do 32 mala of mool mantar , what ones means ? daas means how to bdo it? are all malas contains same no. of beads if yes how much? 2. how one exactly uses mala to keep count of jaap thanks in advance
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