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Found 15 results

  1. I am confused, this is a underrated event in history where Jathedar Baba Sahib Singh ji Kaladhari was kicked out of Sri Akal Thakt by SGPC, there are so many accounts of it.He is said to have been ousted with Kartar Singh Chibbar and SGPC using bibian to abuse him and he is said to have been hurt badly. The SGPC have a totally different account of them being intoxicated and taking over Akal Thakt even other Nihang jathedbanian joining in. Who were the baddies? And is it true Baba Sahib Singh Ji support shastar puja and that's why there were differences between him and SGPC? What contributions
  2. https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/archive/amritsar/10-hurt-as-damdami-taksal-dera-pala-singh-men-clash-812204 Taksalis and nihangs fought and taksalis opened fire just because some cows entered the fields of taksal. Taksal is vegetarian. Nihangs are non vegetarian. But it seems nihangs hv much more love for the cows and horses than taksalis.
  3. Can the nihang way of life be practiced in extremely cold conditions like Alaska or Siberia where the temperature could go very low like minus 50 degrees or so?
  4. Watch for yourself. jkv, you should watch as well and learn something. Stop making an ignoramus of yourself. Look at all these cows in their hundreds in other peoples fields. Would you like your house ransacked like this ? Listen to their excuses here:
  5. Oh Guru Ji, look at the Nihangs of today. Even Nawab Kapur Singh will shed tears of blood when he sees the Nangta of Santa Singh's acolytes: Note : Link edited. Let’s remember gurpurab and shaheedi dihara going on this month.
  6. In the past few years, owing to a boom in the field of Sikh Studies, we have witnessed a number of impressionable Sikh youth fall under the sway of Nihang Dals in Europe. Whereas the Dals of the past were famed for their martial prowess and political pull, their modern-day counterparts are nothing more than hollowed out shades. Budha-Dal UK, for all it's seva, has ultimately been backed in the corner owing to several factors: 1.) It was initially adamant that Nidar Singh was not connected, in any form, to the RSS. The man's own admission, and controversial actions at Nanded, flew in the f
  7. Many people suspect the chand torra on the dumalla of Nihangs as a hindu symbol as the chand(moon) is linked to hindu demigod Shiva. But there is a Chand Shastar of Guru Gobind Singh Jee. It is kept at the Historical Gurdwara of Laxmipur, Bihar. This is a sher panja shaster of Guru Sahib. This was worn around the knuckles as a knuckle buster, Laxmipur is a small village which has a lot of sikhs living in and around the village.
  8. Are there any good Shastar makers out there who produce high quality products, at a reasonable rate, and also deliver overseas? If so, please post their details here. Thank you very much.
  9. To quote a portion: 'The seven years, from 1708-1716, which chart the meteoric rise and execution of Banda Singh Bahadur are a testament to the rugged individualism and grit of the Sikhs. They reflect a prominent pattern of Sikh history viz. the ascent, descent and the re-ascent of the Khalsa over it’s foes. As memories of June 1984 loom ever closer, it would be prudent for Sikhs worldwide to reflect upon the revolutions of both Banda and the Sikhs of ’84 and attempt to identify the similarities in both. It is a given that no two movements can ever be fully compared or even contrasted, but a
  10. Can anyone explain what Chand Di Vaar is about? I tried looking at the meanings but it was still hard. (I appreciate anyone's assistance).
  11. I am not contending against the positive, and negative, factions here regarding the manifestation of the Devi by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. What I would like to offer is a fresh perspective on this event and analyse it's plausible evolution. Please read my article before commenting. Thank you! I am colouring in all the quotes and important bits. Kalika at the Anandpur Court. The dual forms of Kalika, as a puritanical mother and pristine warrior, amalgamated in a sixteenth century India to birth a third more socio-political form, that of Goddess granting sovereignty. The latter perception emerg
  12. I recently came across this article, its worth a read and surprisingly brilliant. http://prints.iiap.res.in/bitstream/2248/5294/1/On%20the%20historical%20significance%20of%20the%20total%20solar%20eclipse
  13. Amritsar: Clashes erupt between Nihang Sikhs, three injured Sikhs of our own are the Sikhs worst enemy. :ohno:
  14. Does anyone know which of these sampardas would accept students, to learn Gurmat from there Sampardas. 1. Which Deras accepts new students, any contact information would be great. 2. What qualification you need and what kind of course is it and how long. 3. What kind of granths they teach and what do they emphasize. any information would be great. im asking because there seems to be very little information on this.
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