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  1. I guess easier ways of learning have taken precedence. There are so many Youtube channels and podcasts available that people are more ready to listen for knowledge at their own leisure. There are so many great kathas available online that take months to listen, so that people may not really get the time to come here and write.
  2. SGPC does have schools and colleges, and it also runs some hospitals in Panjab. Not all Christian schools are free either. Christians have been running free schools for many many years. Why are they still amongst the poorest part of Panjab/Indian society? It seems more like an irate person complaining without knowing the true picture.
  3. Search for "Tahmasp Khan" on the internet and you may find his autobiography. He was a Persian General in Nader Shah's army.
  4. Guru Sahib was still guiding his sidki Sikhs - Bhai Makhan Shah. This 26 years is leela of Guru Sahib that we cannot explain. Why did Guru Arjan Dev not take up arms against Chandu or the Moghals? Why leave it to his 11 year old son? 10 jame of Guru Sahib but we Sikhs were and still are a minority in Panjab, never mind the despotic state of India or the world. The question you ask, can only be asked to the Guru really.
  5. These are persian words that have spread throughout india during the times of the moghals.
  6. I've never heard that. Ever. Most likely because most of the earlier emigrants from Panjab were from Doaba. Lol ? You've spoiled it now...
  7. In Doaba majority of Dalits return themselves as hindus. Doaba has a very high Dalit population.
  8. No, from what you have described, this is the maryada introduced by the SIngh Sabha Lehar, now formulated by the SGPC and Its the current maryada at SachKhand Sri HariMandir Sahib.
  9. It's best to follow whatever the tradition is of the place its happening at. Simple. The Panth has got bigger issues to deal with.
  10. Not Muslims in Government offices. NGO's do but the government officials are always careful about what they say. However in India government officials don't hold back. On 11th Novermber 1963, Sushial Nayyar then Union Health Minister in a public meeting in Delhi ridiculed the Sikhs and their Gurus by calling them "just unshaven Hindus distinguished by their unshorn appearance, blindly following imitatting their ancestors who lacked the leisure and facilities for proper shave..." 60 years later these people are still of the same mindset.
  11. Raja Harnam Singh was not the Maharaja of Kapurthala but one of his sons. Such a shame as this lineage goes back to Sultan Ul Quam Jassa Singh Ahluwalia. These pictures are from a report by the SGPC, on the "Rape of Rawalpindi" in March 1947. The Muslim League killed over 7000 Sikhs and made over 100,000 homeless in the space of some 6 or 7 days. This village pictured was a Sikh village which were forced to become Muslims or face the men being killed and their daughters and wives taken. The men capitulated in order to save their women in reality. This village was where the men were all circumcised forcibly and had their heads shaved even though in islam for any male passing the age of 7 (I think) circumcision is not obligatory. It was a very vicious campaign killing twice as many Sikhs as in November 1984, yet majority of Sikhs I've interacted with don't even know this. Furthermore, it was the Sikhs who escaped Rawalpindi in March, who caused most bloodshed of the Muslims in Patiala, where the Sikhs were given refuge by Maharaja Yadvinder Singh. Maharaja Yadvinder Singh wrote in his memoirs about the Sikhs seeking refuge in his state, and it was most appalling what had happened to them.
  12. @S1 NGH Come on bro, this maggot posted this lie in april and its still here. It must be his 15th alias on this forum.
  13. Admin, that cockroach is back on the forum spreading his venom. check your messages.
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