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  1. Why did Allah SWT create Iblis then, if Allah SWT, the best of planners, wasn't to know that Iblis would refuse to bow before Adam ?
  2. Not foot. Feet. Mecca moved to wherever the Qazi moved Guru Sahib's feet. Haven't heard that one. Will look into it. My dear neighbour, who would need a counter argument when the best scholars of Islam never had an argument in the first place? That is MY fault. It is the fault of EVERY Sikh on this forum, in the street you live in, in the cities they inhabit and the countries they reside in. Guru Nanak gave us (and you) the message, yet because of our (sikh) weaknesses we have not be able to take them to a level or audience they deserve. Yes for many reasons. One is that the sword is never to attack to but to defend. This mentality had to be drummed into Sikhs first. But you didn't get your degree with your nursery teacher when you were 3 or 4 years old did you? You went to different schools, had many teachers for 18 odd years before you were rewarded with your degree. That is the same with Gurmat. The birth and strengthening of Gurmat could not be confined to one man's lifetime. But I could aslo ask you, why the best of planners, Allah needed to send 124,999 prophets before he send the best one. Before he, the best of planners after thousands of years sent the "perfect example of man" to guide others. Why not just have this perfect example as the first and only ? Surely that would have been the best of planning yes?
  3. That's correct. Just like the 125,000 prophets of Allah SWT were all male. But I will ask you again, since you brought it up: Women can do kirtan, katha, dhadi waran, paath and ardas in sangat. Just like men. Women are allowed to become members of the Gurdwara Management System. In your mosque women have to pray behind a screen. Are women allowed to read prayers for the muslim sangat in the mosque? Are women allowed to run Mosques? I've never seen or heard of 1 female Qazi, Mullah, Mufti or Imam. Why? Maybe this time you will have the decency to answer? This just shows how little you know of Panjabi culture. If a woman was in such a marriage, her brothers and father would just bring her back home and then get her remarried to a better match. Simply by taking her out of the married home, the marriage would be annulled. But I have never heard of any such occurences. Women doted on their husbands and Guru Sahib has aslo instructed Sikh men never to neglect their spouses, and always take their counsel. Divorce was only recommended by Allah, the best of planners, because he knew how much Prophet Mohammad PBUH pined to bone Zaid's wife. His daughter-in-law. So then the surah was revealed and there was one happy Prophet. The prime example of man. I am. Ask me anything, but be prepared to field some questions yourself. Well me dear neighbour, I have to say the same about you. You have made several posts yet failed to answer the question on the sophia mosque topic for around 10 days.
  4. Show me the logic in beleiving in "God". Only to those who start with no knowledge at all. Guru Nanak showed you lot at Mecca the path to truth after he performed that miracle. Why couldn't your best scholars then convince Guru Nanak that Islam was the truth?
  5. Prophets don't have to be made. Anyone can prophesize. Fun fact : The Simpsons have made many prophesies in their cartoons from many years ago which have turned out to happen in reality. It's not a cop out... No, Waheguru selected a man, who turned out not to be competent. This doesn't mean that there are any deficiences with Waheguru. Gurbani states that only Waheguru and Guru are perfect. All others have faults. The "others" include the Prohets of Islam. Why would Allah SWT create man, and then tell him he needs to be circumcised in order to to be accepted? Surely Allah, the best of planners could have created man without a foreskin, if this form was more pleasing to him? ...now this IS a cop out. You asked bold as brass about the capability of Sikhs in terms of strength in the world today. I gave you an answer for it. And asked you the same question. Now you are whining "that you have better things to do..." Forums are not here for people to receive answers only. They are also to give answers. But I suppose thats typical of our circumcised neighbours. They are told to do, not to think for themselves.
  6. Up until the 1950s Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib was open. There were many walkways and bunge around it. In the 1950s SGPC decided to wall off Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib and enclose it. This most likely was what ended that particular walkway from Kaulsar to Amrit Sarovar. PS I went for darshan of Sri Atal Rai Gurdwara when we went to Darbar Sahib 2 years ago. It was only then I "discovered" where Kaulsar was, and then went there. It is really tucked away. Even my mom wasn't aware of it. For most people, its ishnaan, darshan of Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib, Sri Akal Takht SAhib and then home.
  7. Howdy neighbour! A prophet is one who prophesies, thats all. A Guru is different. Waheguru is not error-prone, but Dasam Granth tells us that the erroneous one was the Prophet. Sikhs do not beleive in Satan the way you do, ie living in your left hand, ready to jump on your prayer mat unless you fold the prayer mat after your prayer type of Satan. We beleieve that no-one has the power to stand upto Waheguru, not you, your Satan or anyone else. Well you would be in company then my neighbour. I asked you a question many days ago on the sophia mosque topic and you haven't been able to muster a response. You have been made a fool by us half-competents. Now how does that make you feel?
  8. Hell? Hmmm, not sure how to answer that as Sikhs don't believe in hell or heaven as permanent constructs. We see them more as trying to scare people into beleiving. You know, like detention in school if you were naughty? Doesn't work neighbour. You SHOULD know that. After all didn't the "best amongst men" the rasool of Allah, Prophet of Islam, Mohammad PBUH divide his time equally amongst his wives and then break that? Didn't the Prophet of Islam, the "best amongst men" aslo direct his wife to her father's house so he could then give one-to-one revelations to her slave girl? Please note neighbour, I never said anything about an even split. Just quoting your own scriptures and sunnah to you. Women can do kirtan, katha, dhadi waran, paath and ardas in sangat. Just like men. Women are allowed to become members of the Gurdwara Management System. In your mosque women have to pray behind a screen. Are women allowed to read prayers for the muslim sangat in the mosque? Are women allowed to run Mosques? I've never seen or heard of 1 female Qazi, Mullah, Mufti or Imam. Why? No we don't. In all of Sikhi, this is the only place where women don't take part. Need some more women in the Panj Pyare I say Neither does circumcision. So what? The concept of family is very important in Gurmat. Family life/houselholder is the highest form of living. Why would we want divorce thrown in there, when we can see how destructive divorce is? Divorce ruins families, causes suicides, causes depression. Sikh laws? Our basic laws are Naam Japna, Kirt karni and Wand shakna. We don't need laws to connect us with our Creator, the way you need to be told to out your right foot into a trouser leg first, or else astaghfirullah! Allah will consign you to the lowest hell. Make sure you get that right foot in first neighbour. Or else you may end up in the wrong part of the 50. Well the "most perfect example of mankind" the holy prophet of islam Mohammad PBUH did get his son to divorce his wife, so he could marry her himself. Mohammad PBUH was ahead of the curve there wasn't he. Hopefully you will also divorce your wife, so your father can marry her. And then your son can divorce his wife, so you can marry her. Be proud of Allah's rasool PBUH.
  9. Of course they aren't!!!! In Abrahamic religions woman was created from Adam's rib for the sole purpose of providing Adam pleasure, solace and comfort. If Allah SWT, the best of planners made a man from Adam's rib, then Allah SWT, the best of planners would have created two homosexuals and then stoned them himself.
  10. If only your Prophet PBUH could. " Why will there be more women in hell than men? Answer Praise be to Allah. It was narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that women will form the majority of the people of Hell. It was narrated from ‘Imran ibn Husayn that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I looked into Paradise and I saw that the majority of its people were the poor. And I looked into Hell and I saw that the majority of its people are women.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 3241; Muslim, 2737) " Read more at https://islamqa.info/en/answers/21457/more-women-in-hell-than-men
  11. No, the number of muslim jats far exceeds Sikh jats and has always done. That's not cool bro. This girl Qandeel Baloch unfortunately was murdered by her brother for this video. This muslim man was kind of set up in this interview by Qandeel and she acted inappropriately throughout whilst him, the silly sausage (no offence) was trying to teach her about the Quran. She was famous in Pakistan but this Mufti or whatever wanted to talk to her about her image. She set up the meeting and made him look like a fool.
  12. Howdy Neighbour! Sikhs did voice their concerns very vocally in support of Babri Masjid and condemned the hindus for this act. And do you know what your co-religionists did to several gurdwaras in Pakistan and Afghanistan? I'll let you guess. The issue for me and probably most Sikhs is the history of building in its original construction. Sophia Cathedral was the centre of orthodoxy. It is like the Kaaba for Muslims and Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib for Sikhs. It is no ordinary church. It is the heart and soul of orthodoxy. Now coming onto mosques, those mosques in spain are not religiously significant. Just like hundreds of Gurdwaras in Pakistani villages. The religiously significant gurdwaras in Pakistan ie Nankana Sahib Panja Sahib, Kirtan Garh Sahib etc..., are very precious to us Sikhs. The other gurdwaras in villages, you are welcome to them. See the difference? Guru Sahib built a mosque for his muslim soldiers in Gurdaspur called "Guru ki maseet". After 1947 all the muslims left for Pakistan and then the Sikhs started to use it as a Gurdwara. Since the last 10 years there has been an increase of Muslims in that area and the Sikhs there vacated the mosque for the muslims to re-use as a mosque after 60 or 70 years. That place is precious to Sikhs as our Guru built it yet we laid no claim over the muslims for it. See the difference? We have alcohol problems in east Panjab. The Sikhs can't seem to get enough. You have alcohol problems in west Panjab. You have to get the christians to buy it for you. Also, you have heroin problems in Pakistan. We do as well on our side but nowhere near the scale as yours. Well even under moghal rule, we were still called hindus. No. Exactly. India and Pakistan are both sides of the same coin. I am not a Indian. But surely the best of planners, Allah SWT created these people like this, so to destroy Allah's plans means that either Allah is not the best of planners, or that Allah is not perfect in himself? Eid mubarak as well neighbour!
  13. @MuslimNeighbour ok so you must have watched it by now. I am interested to know why 1.2 billion muslims have not been able to take back israel with a population of 9 million, in an area land mass that is smaller than East Panjab. You wanted to know why 20 million Sikhs don't take back West Panjab with a population of some 200 million, and I gave you an honest answer. Let's hear yours.
  14. @MuslimNeighbour Howdy Neighbour, you're awfully quiet these days.
  15. Does anybody recognise this man. I think he is from London or South England. He was in a video being assaulted.
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