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  1. chatanga1

    Dasam Granth in Eng/Punjabi

    The style of writing of Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib is very different from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is written in Raag, which are to be used in Kirtan, whereas Dasam Bani is all written in Chhands, apart from a very very small part in raags. Chhands are poetic ways of recital along a drumming rhythm. Writings in Chhands are to be recited, not sung. This is imho, one of the main reasons why Guru Sahib didn't add it. Also importantly the themes of both Granths are quite different. SS Kapoor in his book about Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib has detailed the different styles of chhands. This is a video about Chhands if anyoen is interested: or look at page 21 in the book (pg 25 of the pdf) for more info: http://sikhbookclub.com/Book/Dasam-Granth
  2. chatanga1

    Dasam Granth in Eng/Punjabi

    Guru Arjan Dev ji accepted the oppressors deeds without resorting to the sword, but Guru HarGobind Sahib resorted to the sword to fight oppressors. The Jyot was one but the actions weren't. The answer has nothing to do with humility. Baba Deep Singh compiled one of his own as well. Banswalinama by Kesar Singh Chibber.
  3. What is your honest answer to the above claims? What is a pseudo mahapurkh? And do you have anyone who fits your definition of it?
  4. chatanga1

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    I will try and find the article which tells of which year purewal used. I was sure it was the tricentary of something.
  5. chatanga1

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Purewal based his new dates on one calendar. I thought it was on Khalsa tricentary but if not, then SGGS tricentary on 2008. It was on one of these occasions that he based it on.
  6. chatanga1

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    Both Guru Sahib and Purewal cannot be right.
  7. chatanga1

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    "Maybe" purewal got them wrong? Or Guru Sahib got them wrong? It's one or the other. If purewal could have gotten his dates wrong, why such a fuss to change something in the Panth? Surely it would be better to proceed on sound footing? Maybe it would have been better for purewal to give up his attempt to change the calendar?
  8. chatanga1

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    What Gurbani basis?
  9. chatanga1

    Back to Nanakshahi calendar?

    A discussion I saw from Purewal's conversion of dates concerned the samvats written in Sri Dasme Patshahs Granth Sahib. Purewal concluded that the dates never matched in the actual days according to his calculations. He wrote the the days written were wrong. By his calculations Purewal gave the missionaries so much (false) ammunition to use against Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib. Anurag Singh showed that his calculations were wrong. Do you think there may be a chance that Purewal has got some of his other dates wrong? Nanakshahi samvat was the same calendar just starting from birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Many religions have done this. It has no bearing on the details/accuracy of the calendar. The replacement has to be better. If you replace something with something that is inferior or even the same value, no advance has been made. Now concerning the current divisions in the Panth, I would say that the Purewal has filled a petrol engine with diesel. The calendar was the result of a phobia of everything related to "Hinduism." Throwing the label "Brahman/bahman/bipper" at others is just a way to denigrate them in the Panth. It is ploy used by missionaries. Anything that the missionaries support should be regarded as a lame duck by the Panth and not be worthy of supporting. The rush was from Prof Manjit Singh jathedar of Sri Kesgarh Sahib. He was of the missionary thought and had close access to Tohra. It was Manjit Singh who arranged these meetings for the initial discussions of the Nanakshahi calendar. It's kind of like removing the wheels of a car. Even after filling it with the wrong fuel. Purewal did eaxctly so. This was one of the things where he fall flat. He used the Bikrami date in 1999 on Khalsa Tricentary year, which gave it Jan 5th. If he had used it in the actual year of Guru Sahib's birth then it would not have been Jan 5th.
  10. Circumcision is only compulsory upto a certain age. After that a man does not need to be circumised. I think it is 14 or something.

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