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  1. oh twadi ! don't read too much into this vile individual. She is truly one despicable person.
  2. Because no-one can force you to use or overuse the water on your own land. If that knowledge was known beforehand then the farmers would not have implemented any changes to a system they knew worked for them. Another example, the wheat grown today in Panjab is from a hybrid seed that was a result of research in Mexico. Before that Panjabi farmers used their own seeds, but when this new seed was taken to Panjab and trialled and the farmers there saw how it was better, they adopted the new seeds over their own. This happened in the early 70s. Slowly it replaced the original seed. Can we sa
  3. I am not discounting their wisdom, and can't see anyone else tring to either but the point here is that we are trying to increase their wisdom. There was a time, when all farming was hard manual labour. When people needed bullock-carts to pull ploughs but now they use tractors. Nowadays, there is so much done by machine, even seriuosly hard mundane work like the planting of rice etc. Another point where farmers of Panjab seriously need to expand their wisdom is the conservation of water. Water is a key issue in Panjab at the moment. Farming the way our elders did 30 or 40 years ago
  4. The reason is generational education. The older generation are set in their ways and fearful of new innovations, prefering to do things the way they have for the last 40 odd years, while a younger generation are not that interested in farming any more so don't hold an interest in learning new techniques or technologies, even though they can see it works. I have seen a similiar video and wanted to try and do it in my own garden but haven't managed to do it yet.
  5. Let's look at WHY the SIngh Sabha wanted to take over Sri Akal Bunga first. IN the 1920s when 2nd Singh Sabha Lehar started, low caste people, esp Churre and Chamars, were NOT allowed to enter the Parikarma of Darbar Sahib because of their caste. The management (pre SGPC) were enforcing this. Low castes had to do namishkar from the steps and go back. What kind of nonsense is this in the holiest place in the world? The Singh Sabha wanted to end this as they did an enormous amount of parchar amongst low castes and brought thousands into Sikhi. However the Brit
  6. Really great information. But it only takes one drop of poison in a dish of food to kill you... Niddar says that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was "taught" shastar vidya by some kapil naths or something like that. That meant that Guru Nanak Dev Ji had a Guru other than Sri Akal Purkh, which is absolute nonsense. Guru Nanak Dev Ji already had these qualities and knowledge. No-one could teach the Guru anything. If they could they were HIS Guru. Beware of what you take from this video as niddar is well known for his intellectual dishonesty. And I say that from personal experience
  7. So we are in agreement about the Hindus and Muslims being the traitors of Panjab. Many Hindus turned out to fight against Baba Banda Bahadur. The same ones who attacked the Guru. The same ones who claim to be Hindus. 1857 was not any war of independence. It was a mutiny against the British, based on religious sensibilities. Only in the last few years have some misguided people started calling it a war of independence. And "for a few bucks," the poorbias sided with the British and helped them win Calcutta and then the same poorbia hindus and muslims helped
  8. This shabad has nothing to do with reincarnation. It points out the poignant fact that a human body has no value in death, not like an animal body which still goes on to serve a purpose. It's telling humans not to be proud of their bodies or egotistic if they are beautiful or strong etc. Why? Because one day that body will be dust and worthless. Worth LESS than an animal whose body gives assisitance after death. Brother, you need to stop listening to missionary parasites like dhunda panthpreet and dhadrianwala. They only study a select few shabads and even twist the meaning of thos
  9. Reincarnation does not happen in the mind. This is a new tactic being spread by the missionary parasites that are plaguing Gurmat. Why? Bevcause it's too close to Hindu religion. Any similarities between Hindusim and Gurmat must be Bahmanwaad and nothing else, and any similarities must be explained away even if they go against gurmat and are complete nonsense. So when someone acts good do they become liberated ? Do they fall into a joon where they are now one with Sri Akal Purkh? and then when they act bad they fall into another incarnation? Look at this shaba
  10. I understand your postition on this, but in Sri Gur Panth Parkash, the Dal Khalsa saw the need to align with those who threatened our very existence at times, like Zakariya Khan and Mir Mannu. Although it's not exactly the same situation but where these people's needs can be strengthened with our own and/or vice versa, then its somthing that should be considered. Panjab belongs to the people of it's soil. Panjab is our motherland. That can include HIndus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. But who would strike a dagger into their own mother's heart? The Muslims showed their d
  11. Can you translate that hindi for us ? Suraj Parkash Granth also says that on Guru Sahib's return home, Baba Sri Chand asked Guru Sahib for a gift, and Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked what does he want? Baba Sri Chand asked for the Udasi garments of Guru Sahib. The garments that Guru Nanak Dev Ji wore when Guru Ji went on their udasis. The original Udasi was Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and he gave and blessed Baba Sri Chand to continue this form of parchar.
  12. If all the teachings of the Guru's are in SGGS, then please tell me which ang I may find the teaching to have "Singh" in my name. If you can't find it, then can you please remove "Singh" from you name? Suraj Parkash Granth says that Guru Ji kept afeem (opioids) in a small box, which he gave to severely wounded Sikhs in battle, to alleviate their pain. What is wrong and shameful about that?
  13. The Udasis are severely split as a Samprdai. There are some groups that see themselves as a panth within the wider Guru Nanak Naam Leva Panth, and there are some that are quite antagonistic towards the Panth, seeing themselves as Hindus, and Baba Sri Chand as the reincarnation of Bhagwaan Shiv Ji. The Udasi dera in Jalandhar of Baba Ishar Das, have Sri Guru Granth Sahib parkash and do gurbani kirtan, whereas the Sangalwara Udasi dera in Amritsar do not have Guru Granth Sahib there, and neither do they call themselves Sikhs. This dera is right opposite Sri Darbar Sahib.
  14. Thanks. You're right. i didn't take Sikh gender imbalance into account when I wrote the post but it certainly would make things worse at this current time. The gender imbalance in Panjab is tainted more by urban Hindus than rural Sikhs. And we are kind of fighting for our survival at this time. Being 1.8% of a country's population is not working in our favour. Panjab's Sikh percentage has gone from around 73% in 1966 to 59% in 2015. There are some things you don't need rules for. Like I don't really care if I put my left trouser leg o
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