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  1. This alone shows you have done zero research into this time period yourself but are just either making up this rubbish yourself or repeating someone else's rubbish.
  2. Do you ever engage that brain of yours before posting? Master Tara Singh? Unforceful? That can only come from someone who knows nothing about his life. You post a lot here. That worries me. I have read some of your other posts here which are just outright lies on Master Tara Singh. Curb your lies. Try researching something before you start shooting your loose mouth off.
  3. I have read it. Its trash. Written by foolish khalistanis who need to pass the blame onto soft targets. I would advise avoiding groups like Dal Khalsa for information /evidence. Ram singh wouldn't have even achieved 5% of what Master Tara Singh achieved. Post some of this trash that you feel is right about Master Tara Singh and we can discuss it. That is very good of Master Tara Singh to have refused the beef if that story is correct. Personally i think its a false story. No sikh would ever encourage the eating of beef to anyone let alone another Sikh. The fact that Master Tara Singhs own father tried so hard to get him to leave the Khalsa Panth but even at the young age of 14 Tara Singh refused his father should tell you something.
  4. Not 8 but meaning powerful, chariot warrior. Someone who is an accomplished chariot warrior.
  5. Mater Tara Singh never said no either. The fact is that he had no decision in the demand for Khalistan. It was Baldev Singh who was asked and Baldev Singh who threw away the opportunity in Dec 1946. The demand for Khalistan was made in 1944. At the time the British thought it was just a ploy to counter the Pakistan agenda and dismissed it as such. After Baldev's decision in Dec 1946, the question was never raised by the british or the Sikhs again.
  6. No it's not true. Master Tara Singh did his best to guide the Sikh community. The problem was that it was the frying pan or the fire. Stooge? of who? The british, congress party and Muslims hated him. If he was a plant, why would Master Tara Singh be the first indian to be arrested and jailed for treason shortly after partition, for asking Nehru to fulfil his "autonomous state" promise? Well so were the Gurus. If you read the life of Master Tara Singh, not only he but another 3 of his brothers ended up taking Pahul. His father was dead against Master Ji's actions. Master Tara Singh was 14 when he took pahul. Before that he and his family were nanak-panthis. Master Tara Singh wasn't corrupt. His problem was that he was too honest. His weakness was that he had no Plan B, which is always necessary in politics. Master Tara Singh tried so hard to get the Panthic Sikhs and Congress Sikh together on one party and one platform to contest elections, but to no avail. I would do some more reading if I were to you to learn more about Master Tara Singh, who has been very unfairly maligned for partition.
  7. This Lord is not one to talk about prejudice and intolerance. He smacks of pride and arrogance. He once posted some nonsense article about Dasme Patshah's Granth on the net. I contacted him by phone and asked if I could discuss some of the points via email. He said yes, but then after the first point I made about Kavi Sainapats "Sri Gur Sobha" NOT being a source of prrof of gurgaddi of SGGS, AND sending him the text, he wouldn't reply and told me not to contact him again. Even in his magazine the arrogant lord has used Sri Gur Sobha as a source of proof. Whatever the bbc is, it is no loss for them, or for the Sikh Panth for this arrogant uneducated lord not being there.
  8. The first mention of this is in 1741 in Gurblias Patshahi Daswin. I don't think that this granth mentions it. Written in 1791, although the saakhi has been mentioned a few times earlier on older texts.
  9. Sri Dasme Patshah Ju ka Granth Sahib is the name given by the Guru after the first binding of the granth in 1698. It has never been known as "Sri Bachittar Natak Granth." Nor did any Sikh name it as such. Bachittar Natak is one granth that makes up part of the whole Granth. Also in the times of the Guru, SGGS was known as "Pothi Sahib." It was the Sikhs who prepared further recensions of it as Sri Guru Granth Sahib,
  10. If you don't mind me asking, why are you going to rome?
  11. No problem. I am pleased by your response that you show you are willing to learn and not have a closed mind like some other akali on this forum.
  12. Ok well you're accusing Baba Thakur Singh of lying then. Great. if you have the heart watch this video: and this: and this where Ram Singh is grovelling for claiming to be the next mukhi: Are you really a nihang? Nihangs don't spread false rumours, tell lies, or destroy other people's livelihoods as far as I know. Or have I been given wrong info about what Nihangs are really like? If Nihangs are brothers of the Taksal why are one set of brothers causing deliberate damage to the other set of brothers repeatedly? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't.
  13. http://www.sikhawareness.com/topic/17474-sri-charitropakhyan-sahib-jee-series-charitar-3/?page=4 Read a more accurate translation in the link above. About halfway down page. I had already posted this link for your learning.
  14. Sure. If you agree to the same. Well lets come to something more simple like the "Singh" in your name, Gavin Singh. Why didn't Guru Sahib write a clear rahit about this? Or is it written in SGGS to keep "Singh" in your name Gavin Singh? Kaam for your info, is the most powerful of the 5 chors and has brought mighty men to their knees. In Kalyug, kaam is the most powerful obstacle in the path of humans. If Guru Sahib wrote about it in a volume that reflected it's seriousness, why is that wrong? Ok, but what about the lines in SGGS that contain the words "<banned word filter activated>/semen/breasts..." Would you be able to talk about these to your parents/siblings/children? If not, why not? Or should we think that Guru Sahib has made a mistake and we must correct those mistakes? Well statistically all the Gurus, Bhagats and authors of SGGS were men. Does that mean that Guru Arjan Sahib didn't trust women were worthy enough to make any contribution to SGGS? Statistically men are more likely to die in wars, in workplace accidents, in road accidents etc. What does it mean?.
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