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  1. These are persian words that have spread throughout india during the times of the moghals.
  2. I've never heard that. Ever. Most likely because most of the earlier emigrants from Panjab were from Doaba. Lol You've spoiled it now...
  3. In Doaba majority of Dalits return themselves as hindus. Doaba has a very high Dalit population.
  4. No, from what you have described, this is the maryada introduced by the SIngh Sabha Lehar, now formulated by the SGPC and Its the current maryada at SachKhand Sri HariMandir Sahib.
  5. It's best to follow whatever the tradition is of the place its happening at. Simple. The Panth has got bigger issues to deal with.
  6. Not Muslims in Government offices. NGO's do but the government officials are always careful about what they say. However in India government officials don't hold back. On 11th Novermber 1963, Sushial Nayyar then Union Health Minister in a public meeting in Delhi ridiculed the Sikhs and their Gurus by calling them "just unshaven Hindus distinguished by their unshorn appearance, blindly following imitatting their ancestors who lacked the leisure and facilities for proper shave..." 60 years later these people are still of the same mindset.
  7. Raja Harnam Singh was not the Maharaja of Kapurthala but one of his sons. Such a shame as this lineage goes back to Sultan Ul Quam Jassa Singh Ahluwalia. These pictures are from a report by the SGPC, on the "Rape of Rawalpindi" in March 1947. The Muslim League killed over 7000 Sikhs and made over 100,000 homeless in the space of some 6 or 7 days. This village pictured was a Sikh village which were forced to become Muslims or face the men being killed and their daughters and wives taken. The men capitulated in order to save their women in reality. This vil
  8. @S1 NGH Come on bro, this maggot posted this lie in april and its still here. It must be his 15th alias on this forum.
  9. Admin, that cockroach is back on the forum spreading his venom. check your messages.
  10. Communist with an intense dislike of religion and religious fervour.
  11. It's just a front. Ravi is hand in glove with the anti- Dasam Granth maggots.
  12. Because they know there is a market for making money and so they want to move away from their actual image in the world - that of a failing, violence ridden state, which cannot feed it's own people. They have an ambition to entice Sikhs to their side, by claiming that they "love" and "respect" us as much as Hindus/India does. They want Sikhs to gush over the hospitality offered to them by Pakistan. These pilgrims who go there are kind of roped into interviews. These Sikhs should be asking two very vital questions: 1. Why have Sikhs paid for the pas
  13. This video says that a descendent of Guru Nanak converted to Islam. Some woman is named as converting. She wouldn't have been the one to initially convert. Women is those days did whatever their husbands did, and most likely it was the hisband who converted and she had no choice but to follow. Sad as it is if it's true, but those days were like that. I've seen this before in a family of Bedi's in Malaysia where the man converted and his wife had no choice but to convert with him.
  14. Am I also correct that you are the latest reincarnation of MrSheikyourbooty/mehtabsingh/ukguptsingh/khalsa1699 etc?
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