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  1. Thanks. You're right. i didn't take Sikh gender imbalance into account when I wrote the post but it certainly would make things worse at this current time. The gender imbalance in Panjab is tainted more by urban Hindus than rural Sikhs. And we are kind of fighting for our survival at this time. Being 1.8% of a country's population is not working in our favour. Panjab's Sikh percentage has gone from around 73% in 1966 to 59% in 2015. There are some things you don't need rules for. Like I don't really care if I put my left trouser leg o
  2. No, this is just simple a crime against humanity.
  3. I don't think that any Sikh believes that any of the Gurus took opium. Guru Arjan Dev Ji sat on a red-hot plate and said "tera bhana meetha lage." But Guru Sahiban were above pain/pleasure whereas only rare Sikhs are. Most Sikhs (inc me) are not. So whether the Guru's did or not, is not for us. The Taksal is not a sub division of Nirmal Panth, neither is it a samprdai. It is a taksal, which is different. Good point. If parchaar were to end and the onus would be on people to learn gurmat for themselves, our 20 odd million Sikhs worldwide wouldn't even be 1 mi
  4. Yes that's true that there are more males than females in Panjab, although I'm not sure of the statistics for Sikhs. These situations would only happen between brothers, not men of different households. What would be practical now?
  5. Bit harsh isn't it Dal lol? I listen to katha a lot. I make it a routine to listen to one sakhi from Panth Parkash every time I workout, or doing some gardening etc. But I like to read the granths myself at other times. There are sometimes passages that need a little more explanation than the straight textual translation and katha is where it helps. There are some passages from Guru Granth Sahib which are at odds with each other and Gurmat as we know it today. For instance Kes is one of the 5 ks and primary nishani of a Sikh yet Bhagat Kabir writes: ਕਬੀਰ
  6. The modern view is very different from pre-British days, where is was fine for men to take more than one wife. Many Sikhs did, and it came to a stutter, when the British took over and tried to force their one man-one woman rule on their colonies. In India, the Hindus and Sikhs bought their colonial masters views wholesale, but the Muslims didn't, and resisted any changes to their religion. After 1947, Congress introduced the family law, where it was illegal to marry under 18 and a man could only have one living wife. But they made special provisions for Muslims. Quite ironic seeing as nehru sa
  7. The truth is sadly, that young Sikhs are not into kirtan in a major way. Very few Young Sikhs understand the language or the raag etc especially in the west. It's one of the aspects that I have been thinking about recently. How the Gurdwaras should do a year of nothing but english talks in Gurdwaras in get younger Sikhs more engaged. Kirtan, Dhadi waran, Kavishri and Katha in Panjabi, rare young Sikhs are interested in these. Maybe it's time to focus on something different that will actually make a difference.
  8. Sikhunit have them on their youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/wagwanblad/videos
  9. Rape laws in india are quite peculiar. If a man and woman get jiggy before marriage and then the man refuses to marry her for any reason she can lay a claim of rape on him even if she wanted it at the time. And the police will prosecute it exactly as a rape. It was designed to stop men proposing marriage and then abandoning the women after they got what they wanted. On the other hand, if a woman were to get caught with a man pre-marriage it is very common for her to claim she was raped/forced. The laws are not like they are in the UK etc. Quick edit: Asking the perpetrat
  10. Don't need to watch the whole video to realise this daktar karminder phd boston is a stain on Gurmat. There are many mentions of sakhis in it. Not with a beginning, middle or end in the conventional sense but there are many sakhis which have some mention in Guru Granth Sahib. If you had read my post (lengthy as it is) then you would have seen for yourself that Bhai Sunder, writes the last days of Guru Sahib as if it were a sakhi. Then why would Guru Sahibuse the names of the Siddhs asking him questions and then responding to them, when Guru Sahib could just have w
  11. Dal, where did you get those scans from? I can't find anything on the net.
  12. Pooran ka Khooh (The well of Bhagat Puran) still exists in Sialkot today. The visitors there are more or less muslims who go there to pray for Bhagat Poorans benevolence in getting a son. I think Qawwalli is sung there daily, if memory serves correct.
  13. Sakhis help visually drive a message home.
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