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Found 8 results

  1. Came across this a few years back. Some believe that the really famous painting of Guru Nanak Dev ji, painted by Sobha Singh was actually a based on Sobha Singhs own face! or was at least the inspiration behind it. If you look at it then there definitely are some similarities between Sobha Singhs self portrait and the portrait of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Especially the nose, moustache and lips area, the shape of the beard and how he painted Guru jis beard white but did his eyebrows black, just like his own! Made me think twice about the Sobha Singh Guru Nanak portrait hanging in my living room! I know it's just an artists imagination but it could really just be Sobha Singh staring back at us! I've personally never liked Sobha Singhs work, though his painting of SonhiMahiwal is quite beautiful.
  2. WJKK WKJF I am interested in drawing / illutrating Gurbani but im a bit worried about what to do with it after. For example if i create some art with Gurbani on it how can I dispose of it, i dont want to throw it in the rubbish.
  3. WJKK WJKF I was interested in painting Gurbani and wanted to know if this is ok? if i were to paint some Gurbani but it wasnt right etc I cannot just throw the paper away right? thanks
  4. I would like to share this website if you don't already know about it. This websites depict accurate & heart-warming images of Sikh History. Please do visit & check this masterpiece. http://www.sikhiart.com/sikh-history/
  5. Painting commissioned by Glasgow's Central Gurdwara goes viral as Sikhs all over the world ask the artist for a copy http://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/painting-commissioned-glasgows-central-gurdwara-11710289
  6. Does anyone know which painting I'm talking about? I've been trying to find it for some reason. Would appreciate if anyone could post it here.
  7. The title is possibly a little misleading, I'm not advertising an ebay auction (if the mods and sangat dont mind i may do shortly). Just wanted an opinion from veer n pehn ji's. I have a relative in punjab in who is a pretty brilliant artist (in my view), he sells some of his sikhi related artwork in the local town for pittance and this is generally his way of feeding the family. I was thinking of listing some of oil paintings and sketches on ebay as I'm sure if there are plenty of people like me out there that would like high quality work such his for very reasonable prices - at the same time he'll make a more comfortable living. Before I go ahead and list some of his images on ebay I wanted to know if I'm likely to face any kind of a backlash or if theres even a market for artwork? His artwork is generally of gurdware or modified reproductions of the images of guru's in the mainstream.
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