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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Punishment methods for kids

    Any guidance in Sikhi about parenting and punishing kids for bad behaviour? How did your parents punish you as child for being bad? Or how do you punish your kids? With strict Punjabi parents, my brother and I always got proper punishments. Normally 5 mins of spanking with a karachi (wooden spoon). Looking back it did hurt but I’m glad my parents did it because it stopped me behaving bad. And I used to behave really bad! My kids are 8 and 11. I know other options available like grounding or banning TV, but sometimes it’s not enough?
  2. Fateh, It's that time again where I bang on about how to treat your kids! Why? Me and my sis have been brought up in children / mother toxic relationship. My sis n ma have extreme little communication with one another. When my sis is in trouble she may tell dad but NEVER to Ma. If your kids are aged 5-16 you should show them encouragement and support in wha they're doing. If they did something great express it. If they're wrong or feel like failures encourage them, give em hope. YES u can be strict. YES u can be stern. But if u fail to show support to your kids and make them feel w
  3. Guest

    Help with son

    WGJKK WGJKF I am father to a 20 year old lad in the midlands. Myself and his mum have tried to educate, love and protect him. We have instilled Sikhi into his life (is there any other way ?!) and he is generally good. We bought a dhol which he loves playing and proudly joined the Nagar Kirtan. Found him an interim job at a bank whilst he tries to find his vocation. Learning to drive at the same and we talked about his future career, future marriage, home etc. Family is tight knit and his cousins on both sides he leans on. Everything going ok or so we thought.... As parents we a
  4. It is possible you bring your kids up in Sikhi but they turn 18, become mone and marry Gora or another Religious / atheist being. But this is not about that!!! Kids require YOUR attention as toddlers. By the time they're 13 they think about YOU as a parent. By the time they're 18+ they will do two things. Point the finger at YOU! or turn to YOU! (you want YOUR kid(s) to do the latter)!!! Now, poor people's kids turn n look up to their parents. In some rich families, kids may have resentment and hatd feelings towards their parents... So, poor or rich is NOT an excuse here. Do YOU
  5. Some important points made by a counsellor about parenting in the modern age and how to deal better with the insidious destruction of childhood by porn . Put lajja to one side and educate your kids before the kids get taught by school and porn.
  6. Rich parents. Do you take your young kids out for weekends away, fairs n cruise ships? Do you show them the world whilst learning about them/ their progress? If not, what are you doing? Middle Class parents - ever take your kids to local parks, picnics, museums whilst teaching them about the world n encouraging them in their choices? If not, what are you doing? Poor parents - ever take your kids library, parks and town whilst showing, teaching, encouraging and learning about them? If not... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I'll tell you what yer doing... Wasting time, not expressing an inte
  7. Jun 1, 2018: Is there really a way to turn ordinary children into great children? YES! In Baani, Guru Amar Daas Ji states: baabaaneeaa kahaaneeaa put saput karen || The stories of one’s ancestors make children, good children. j satigur bhaavai su ma(n)n lain seiee karam karen || They accept what is pleasing to the Will of the True Guru, and act accordingly. (Raag Ramkalee, Mehla 3, Ang 951) That is, Sakhis (true, historical stories typically with a moral or religious lesson) show what Sikhi is in practice. They are examples of Sikhi lived by Gursikhs. By examining the live
  8. Here's the full video. I strongly recommend that all sangat in the UK watch this, especially the bibian and those of our brothers and sisters who lead quite sheltered lives, even if the content may be somewhat disturbing. Arm yourselves with knowledge about this insidious problem around us.
  9. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Why is there such a bad gender ratio of fewer female Amritdharis than that of male Amritdharis? Do the parents teach the daughter about the need for Amrit or what? (Also I seem to notice that some of them seem to be told off that if they want to take Amrit to wait till marriage; which only hurts this ratio more.) Is there a way to get both males and females interested, in the olden days people begged to take Amrit, now pracharks are begging for others to take Amrit. (Also if someone falls in Prem with Guru Sahib; what stalls them from taking Amrit.)
  10. Sadh Sangat Ji, We took a Hukam from Maharaj last week. The name will start with either Gur or Har. Boys and Girls names please. So please, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you, Preeti
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