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  1. This may seem controversial but having studied the JFK assassination there are a lot of striking similarities . If you are not aware of this, there is a lot of compelling information that the JFK assassination was staged psyop. http://mileswmathis.com/barindex2.pdf https://www.youtube.com/user/dallasgoldbug/videos Like other staged events, there are many conflicting reports and not one individual actually saw the assassination. Witness accounts are all directly before and directly after the event which is a red flag in itself. One of the most compelling points is how Peter Ustinov the MI6 operative was with Indira in days before her death and was scheduled to interview her on the day of her 'death'. There is a case that her alleged assassination was planned and pre-meditated and was necessary in the grand plan that they had devised. Please listen to her last speech and how strange it is that she is talking as if she already knows what will happen to her. Also look at the TIME magazine front cover in Nov 1984. It all makes perfect sense. We all know what followed the event and how the anti-sikh-riots were orchestrated from the top. So why should Indira's death be any different? Surely the assassination had to be planned from within for them to organize, mobilize and execute the genocide that followed and make it look spontaneous. I hope there are people out there who can relate to what i am getting at and i'd like to hear from you. For everyone else who isn't familiar with this please look up the strategies of Intelligence and psychological operations.
  2. Guest

    HELP With BOOK

    WGJDK WGJDF Khalsa ji, i will be writing a book which has my views , question and answers , details ,resources and activity about sikhi .So, i request you to give me some questions about sikhi which i can answer in the book (you can also give answers ),topics i should give my views on in the book(you can give ur views too) ( i dont want people to fight because of different opinions so please dont do that )( even controversial topics) ,resources , activities,saakhis ,sikh stories (any good story with sikhs in it)that i can write about in my book . I wont write your names in the book though (not even usernames) ( privacy 100 %).Please help your brother in this mission. Also you can give me suggestions for the title of the book.if you have any doubts you can post below and ask me i will surely reply.I will see your suggestions and select from them . I hopee you will like this thanks, love, bhul chuk maaf peace Regards Daas Guest Singh WGJDK WGJDF KHUSIAAN DE JAIKARE GAJAVE NIHAAL HO JAAAVE, NIHAAL HO JAVE ,NIHAAL HO JAVE ,NIHAAL HO JAAVE ,BAIRI NU BHAJNA PAVE , KALGIDHAR SWAMI SAHIB SRII GURU GOBIND SINGH JI DE MAAN NU BHAAVE ,SHAHIDAAN SINGHAAN SINGHNIAAN DE MAN NU BHAAVE NANAK GURU GOBIND SINGH DE MANAN NU BHAAVE NIHAAL HO JAAAAAAAAVE SAT SRII AKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL
  3. Hello I am new on here. I am not sure if people here mind if a Christian joins? I am interested in the Sikh religion. I have heard there are many similarities and i have certain questions. Is it ok to ask? I hasten to say i believe in respecting everyone and that dialogue is healthy. People should communicate with each other.
  4. What questions do you get asked often and are they often steretypes? Do you face stereotypes I often get asked how long my hair is, mostly by girls, and their response is normally "omg wow really" or "no way" Which I don't mind lol A few times iv been asked if I carry a sword. One stereotype that annoys me the most is alcohol. Just today two women that I work with were shocked to find out I don't drink alcohol. One was Pakistani and other surprisingly a sikh. When she found out i dont drink the Pakistani lady in Urdu said "how is that possible, your people drink a lot" that really annoyed me. Later on the topic of alcohol came back again and when I said I don't drink this sikh lady was shocked and kept on saying why not ? why not ? why not? Not even sometimes? Not even bear? But why not? Are you amritdhari? No, so why don't you drink? But at the end she was like no that's really good This isn't the first time that I nearly gave someone a heart attack by saying I don't drink. So yeah I often get asked how long my hair is and often people persume I drink alcohol because I'm sikh What about your experiences of questions, stereotypes, any misconceptions?
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Here is a question i I received from a Christian who is studying Sikhi: “If waheguru is eternal and encompasses the universe (but not limited to just the universe itself) and has existed always and will always continue to exist, how did ego enter into at least part of the world? if waheguru is inside all things including humans, at what point did parts of waheguru (by parts I mean humans, animals etc) get "infected" with ego? It would stand to reason that something pure like waheguru could never succumb to ego. for example the gurus or fully realized people will never succumb to ego again, correct? so if waheguru existed eternally, how did ego enter? has ego also existed eternally with waheguru? (I don't think this is the Sikhi standpoint). Is it possible for waheguru to cease existing permanently, or for waheguru to tell lies? I would assume that it would not be, since it goes against waheguru's nature, correct? Why would waheguru create confusion/ego/illusion and cause part of itself to be deluded? How do Sikh's know then that the Gurus never made a mistake, if as you say it's possible for a fully realized person to become deluded? Based on this, is it even possible that waheguru spoke some falsehoods or lies, even in the SGGS or part of the Sikh teachings?” How would you answere this question?
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I am young Sikh Male in his early 20's and still trying to learn about our religion. I work in a place with people from different backgrounds who enjoy learning about each others faith. This is a good thing as it means that I want to learn more about Sikhi and why we believe in the things we do. I have gathered a few questions that I can't seem to find a clear cut answer for and I am wondering if anyone can help. 1. How many wives did Guru Gobind Singh Ji have? 2. When Guru Hargobind Ji was jailed by Jahangir, why did not of the Gursikhs fight for his freedom? Why didn't Guru Ji simply leave the prison? 3. Why did Waheguru Ji wait so long before sending Guru Nanak Dev Ji to start sending the message of Sikhi? This is a point I can't seem to get my head around, where does this leave other religions which exist. 4. What is our view point on contraception (in marriage of course) Could anyone who answers my questions please give their answers in layman's terms for an ease of understanding! Hope any other young Sikhs can benefit from having these questions answered, thanks! Please forgive me if I had said anything wrong!
  7. I got a few questions and am interested in the opinons of ppl more knowledgable than me in these subjects.Please note that im not doubting sikhi in any way as sikhi to me is by far the most logical and sensible religion(by leaps and bounds actually) but these are concepts that I've never really quite got my head around. 1.How did god create himself I dont grasp the concept of "Saibhang" how is it that god was always here.Athiests make no sense when they say the universe was created out of nothing randomly but who created god or as i said before how did god create himself? 2.If the purpose of this game is to merge back with god and thats what god wants us to do than why did he seperate us from him in the first place and throw us into this cruel and long game of millions of lives and deaths.Why are we even playing this game in the first place? and lastly this question really isnt as important as the first 2 but gurbani says that even some minerals and crystals have souls(correct me if im wrong) than if thats the case do celestial bodies like the moon the sun and the earth also have souls?
  8. Guest

    Multiple questions

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sath Sangat Jiyo I have multiple questions involving a back story so please near with me. Question number one: So I'm going to Canada with my dad and sisters soon. My mom won't be coming because she has work. Anyways I'm not a gursikh but I've recently started doing paath for a month now and I don't want some silly old plane ride to make me miss a day of paath. To do paath we have to take off our shoes take a shower if we haven't already and brush our teeth and all. Thing is our flight leaves very early in the morning. I can get up that early and shower at home before getting on the plane thing is I want to do paath on the plane so I don't miss it for the day. There's no place to sit other than the plane seat and I can't take my shoes off on the plane either. What does the sangat think about this issue? Question two: So I have a friend he's my best friend actually I've known him for almost seven years. He and his cousin were hanging out one day and they got in a car crash. Long story short my friend's cousin's parents tried getting a lawsuit on my friend. My friend's cousin still talks to me but my friend doesn't want his cousin knowing anything about him so he tells me to lie. I feel guilt about not telling the truth Sath Sangat Ji ): I feel guilt for not telling the truth about the most inncoent things, whether it be to stsy out of trouble or because someone tells me to lie whatever the situation is. idk what to do Sangat Ji.I feel extremely guilty and just as much at fault as my friend for not telling the truth. Question number three: So I know it's bad to "play games with God". What exactly is considered playing games with God? Me and my best friend have a plan to get him a sports car and make it even faster and take it around a track. Would that be considered playing games with God? I just don't want waheguru ji to be upset at me about something like that. I would never play games with God. Thanks for taking the time to read my silly questions Seth Sangat Ji (: have a good day/night/or afternoon wherever it is you may be. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  9. Hello everyone, As the title of the thread suggests, I am currently exploring Sikhi as well as other religious beliefs (including Buddhism and Radha Soami, though I have issues with following a human master). I come from a Christian background, but I would not describe my beliefs as being particularly Christian, as I believe in an all-pervading God who is impersonal, and I believe in systems such as reincarnation and karma. So, I have many questions about Sikhi as I am on my search, and I was hoping that you all might be able to answer some questions for me. None of these questions are meant to challenge your beliefs at all, but merely to express my own doubts and challenges that I face in my search. 1. Buddhism and Sikhism I think are largely similar, but they have a major difference that I find hard to reconcile. Buddhism (at least Theravadan and Zen) teaches that the existence of God can't be answered for sure, and the same can be said for the soul. Instead the Buddha says that we should forget such questions, and instead focus on achieving Nirvana, as these questions impede our spiritual growth. Sikhi (as far as I am aware) states that our ultimate purpose is to merge with God, and reach Sach Khand. The problem is, I can see and understand the reasoning behind both of these positions, and I have a really hard time figuring out what to believe on this issue. How can I resolve this conflict? 2. Scriptures are obviously very important to Sikhs, as the SGGSJ forms the foundation for Sikhi. My question regarding this is, why is reading the Bani repeatedly so important? Is kirtan more beneficial than to practice simran and meditation on the atman inside? I can understand reading it for understanding, and of course reading scriptures at different times in our lives, we will receive different lessons. But is inward meditation not more valuable, provided it is done with a proper spiritual understanding? 3. As I am young and come from the West (I am only 18), I have certain Western values which I find hard to reconcile with both Sikhism and Buddhism, even though I may find the religion very appealing. Specifically, I feel very strongly about gender equality, and that differences between men and women are almost entirely (if not entirely) cultural rather than biological or spiritual in nature. This means that I am a strong advocate of homosexual rights, gay marriage, and transgender rights. I realize that Sikhi has done a lot to stand up for many of these things, but at the same time, I see that homosexuals are not allowed to be married with the Anand Karaj. As a Westerner, this seems to be the same religious dogmatism that I tried to escape when I left Christianity, but maybe I am misunderstanding it. 4. Marriages. As far as I understand, Sikhs do not condone love marriages, and instead practice arranged marriages. What is the harm in a love marriage, or in dating? Again I realize I come from a Western perspective, but I fail to see how these things are harmful to your spirituality. If all of your energy is focused on finding a partner, or on sexual promiscuity, or the like, I can definitely understand it. Also, why can an inter-faith marriage not be done with the Anand Karaj? If a Sikh wants to marry a non-Sikh, isn't that their choice? And if they want to do the marriage the Sikh way, is that not displaying the proper respect to Sikhi? For a long time, I dated a Muslim girl and we planned to be married. Sadly that didn't happen, but I can't imagine missing out on someone who may be the love of my life, because I am limited to only marrying someone of my religion. 5. Again as far as I understand, Guru Nanak Ji shunned religious labels. He stated "There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim." So therefore, why have his teachings started a religion? This is something I haven't been able to find much discussion about, and I am quite curious about it. Has Sikhism fallen prey to the same dogmatism that he taught against? 6. The SGGSJ was named as the last Guru for the Sikhs. Does this mean there will never be another Guru? What about when we move out of Kal Yug and into the next age, will there be another succession of Gurus? I'm sorry for the long list of questions. I look forward to hearing your responses. Thank you.
  10. Guest

    Simple Questions

    WJKK WJKF This might be some silly questions but i need some advice please. If I read paath do i need to clean my mouth out first? i have been told to do this before doing paath to have a "succha" mouth. But what if im on my phone and on this forum for example and someone posts a Shabad? Do i need to find the near tap and was my mouth out? I have ocd and need to clear my head up. I dont know if what i do is right or wrong. I want to read paath, but it takes my sometimes 25-30 mins to do Jap Ji Sahib as i keep repeating myself thinknig ive done it wrong? Shall i ignore these thoughts and carry on or do i stop and repeat myself as i think its wrong? I want to start Jap Sahib but its the same issue i cant seem to start it. I try doing the first 50 pauris but it takes me 25-30 mins repeating myself. I know its my bad karam that i cant recite Guruji's sweet bani properly. Thanks for reading
  11. People want science about heaven and hell and souls. But we can't, but is heaven and hell still real, and souls as well.
  12. VJKK VJKF Sangat ji, I took amrit when I was 15 and have since done kurehits - sexual relationship, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes a few years ago. Got my Sikhi back in line and connected with the Guru 4/5 years ago and the time has come for me to retake amrit as I am so much stronger now and in my early 30s to do so and keep rehit (I was in a weak and low point in life at uni when this all started) What do I say to the Panj Payre at the Amrit Sanchar? I tie a dhumalla - they put Amrit in Kesh so open top parna without boongah on the day? Need help especially by people that have gone pesh. Thank you all. VJKK VJKF.
  13. Here are profound questions / riddles / self enquiry asked by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to his Sikhs: These questions below are meant to be explored, inquired, contemplated in Meditation..they may look very simple to our egoic mindset but it cannot be conceptually answered by conceptual mind but deeply inquired within during meditation- answer you will quickly get verbally like in form of thought or scholarly knowledge by conceptual mind/thoughts needs to be abandoned as mind will try to trick you by providing its own pre conditioned/ pre conceived notion/ conditioned response (it may be right answer but this isn't point..this is not mind exercise, point is answer needs to be felt by intuition out of our egoic conditioned mindset ). Any answer you will receive in meditation via spiritual divine insight is right way to start and from there you will notice growth in your bibek- clear understanding, pure perception which helps significantly in spiritual growth, deep spiritual inquiry and transcendence. In fact so much so if its meant to be this spiritual riddles (especially- What is form of atma) asked by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji can provide great spiritual awakening, slowing dawning of grace- Know Thy Self - Apana Mul Pachan || source: http://www.sridasam.org/dasam?Action=Page&p=76&english=t&id=65956 Questions- (1) What is the form of 'Atma' (True self)? (2) What is the thought behind creation? (3) What is 'Dharma'? (4) What is 'Karma'? (5) What is creation? (6) What is life? (7) What is Death? (8) What is heaven? (9) What is hell? (10) What is cleverness? (11) What is stupidity? (12) What is 'Tark' (Reasoning)? (13) What is not 'Tark'? (14) What is slander? (15) What is praise? (17) What is Sin? (18) What is 'Dharma'? Some of the questions are asked twice by the Guru. Here, the Guru desires a different answer to previous answer. Each question and its answers are inter-linked to each other to produce a whole picture of Sat Guru, meaning the ideology and philosophy of Sat Guru which should appear at the end of answering all the questions. (19) What is Yoga? (20) What is enjoyment of worldly pleasures? (21) What is action? (22) What is inaction? (23) What is hard work ? (24) What is controlling the senses? (25) Who is a warrior? (26) Who is giver of charity? (27) What is 'Tantra'? (28) What is 'Mantra'? (29) Who is poor? (30) Who is a King? (31) What is happiness? (32) What is Sadness? (33) Who is ill? (35) Who is affectionate? (36) What is essence of affection? (37) Who is satiated? (38) Who is healthy? (39) What is thought behind creation? (40) What is creation? (41) Who is defiled? (42) What is creation? (43) Where is action superstition? (45) Where is superstition destroyed? (46) Where is happiness of consciousness? (47) Where is knowledge of that which we can not grasp with our minds? (48) What is Naam? (50) What is self control? (51) What is knowledge and ignorance? (52) Who is ill? (53) Who is a worrier? (54) Where is Dharma lost? (55) Who is a warrior? (56) Who is beautiful? (57) What is secret of being at one with Sat Guru? (58) Who is the charitable one? (59) Who is wise? (60) What is knowledge? (61) What is ignorance?
  14. Can somebody only shak Amrit, if they do nitnem, or get up at amritvela, or tie a dastaar, (being female)? If one is unable to do nitnem, or get up at amritvela or tie the dastaar, can one still shak Amrit? sorry i dont know much, but i know some elders shak Amrit and not doin nitnem as such, because of reading problems, but what if somebody is physically unable to do what is required by rehat maryada would they not be able to shak Amrit?
  15. Can anyone please provide me with a list of questions which Christians might ask Sikhs and their answers. This is for a website I am making. Please help. I also asked a similar question a few days ago and got an excerpt from Sikh spectrum in which a reverend was answered about the points he raised on Sikhi. I am hoping for something more similar in a question-answer type thing.
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