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Found 15 results

  1. This may seem controversial but having studied the JFK assassination there are a lot of striking similarities . If you are not aware of this, there is a lot of compelling information that the JFK assassination was staged psyop. http://mileswmathis.com/barindex2.pdf https://www.youtube.com/user/dallasgoldbug/videos Like other staged events, there are many conflicting reports and not one individual actually saw the assassination. Witness accounts are all directly before and directly after the event which is a red flag in itself. One of the most compelling points is how Peter Ust
  2. Guest

    HELP With BOOK

    WGJDK WGJDF Khalsa ji, i will be writing a book which has my views , question and answers , details ,resources and activity about sikhi .So, i request you to give me some questions about sikhi which i can answer in the book (you can also give answers ),topics i should give my views on in the book(you can give ur views too) ( i dont want people to fight because of different opinions so please dont do that )( even controversial topics) ,resources , activities,saakhis ,sikh stories (any good story with sikhs in it)that i can write about in my book . I wont write your names in the book
  3. Hello I am new on here. I am not sure if people here mind if a Christian joins? I am interested in the Sikh religion. I have heard there are many similarities and i have certain questions. Is it ok to ask? I hasten to say i believe in respecting everyone and that dialogue is healthy. People should communicate with each other.
  4. What questions do you get asked often and are they often steretypes? Do you face stereotypes I often get asked how long my hair is, mostly by girls, and their response is normally "omg wow really" or "no way" Which I don't mind lol A few times iv been asked if I carry a sword. One stereotype that annoys me the most is alcohol. Just today two women that I work with were shocked to find out I don't drink alcohol. One was Pakistani and other surprisingly a sikh. When she found out i dont drink the Pakistani lady in Urdu said "how is that possible, your people drink a lot"
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Here is a question i I received from a Christian who is studying Sikhi: “If waheguru is eternal and encompasses the universe (but not limited to just the universe itself) and has existed always and will always continue to exist, how did ego enter into at least part of the world? if waheguru is inside all things including humans, at what point did parts of waheguru (by parts I mean humans, animals etc) get "infected" with ego? It would stand to reason that something pure like waheguru could never succumb to ego. for example the gur
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I am young Sikh Male in his early 20's and still trying to learn about our religion. I work in a place with people from different backgrounds who enjoy learning about each others faith. This is a good thing as it means that I want to learn more about Sikhi and why we believe in the things we do. I have gathered a few questions that I can't seem to find a clear cut answer for and I am wondering if anyone can help. 1. How many wives did Guru Gobind Singh Ji have? 2. When Guru Hargobind Ji was jailed by Jahangir, why did not of
  7. I got a few questions and am interested in the opinons of ppl more knowledgable than me in these subjects.Please note that im not doubting sikhi in any way as sikhi to me is by far the most logical and sensible religion(by leaps and bounds actually) but these are concepts that I've never really quite got my head around. 1.How did god create himself I dont grasp the concept of "Saibhang" how is it that god was always here.Athiests make no sense when they say the universe was created out of nothing randomly but who created god or as i said before how did god create himself? 2.If the pu
  8. Guest

    Multiple questions

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Sath Sangat Jiyo I have multiple questions involving a back story so please near with me. Question number one: So I'm going to Canada with my dad and sisters soon. My mom won't be coming because she has work. Anyways I'm not a gursikh but I've recently started doing paath for a month now and I don't want some silly old plane ride to make me miss a day of paath. To do paath we have to take off our shoes take a shower if we haven't already and brush our teeth and all. Thing is our flight leaves very early in the morning. I can get up that ea
  9. Hello everyone, As the title of the thread suggests, I am currently exploring Sikhi as well as other religious beliefs (including Buddhism and Radha Soami, though I have issues with following a human master). I come from a Christian background, but I would not describe my beliefs as being particularly Christian, as I believe in an all-pervading God who is impersonal, and I believe in systems such as reincarnation and karma. So, I have many questions about Sikhi as I am on my search, and I was hoping that you all might be able to answer some questions for me. None of these questions are mea
  10. Guest

    Simple Questions

    WJKK WJKF This might be some silly questions but i need some advice please. If I read paath do i need to clean my mouth out first? i have been told to do this before doing paath to have a "succha" mouth. But what if im on my phone and on this forum for example and someone posts a Shabad? Do i need to find the near tap and was my mouth out? I have ocd and need to clear my head up. I dont know if what i do is right or wrong. I want to read paath, but it takes my sometimes 25-30 mins to do Jap Ji Sahib as i keep repeating myself thinknig ive done it wrong? Shall i ignore these thoughts and car
  11. People want science about heaven and hell and souls. But we can't, but is heaven and hell still real, and souls as well.
  12. VJKK VJKF Sangat ji, I took amrit when I was 15 and have since done kurehits - sexual relationship, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes a few years ago. Got my Sikhi back in line and connected with the Guru 4/5 years ago and the time has come for me to retake amrit as I am so much stronger now and in my early 30s to do so and keep rehit (I was in a weak and low point in life at uni when this all started) What do I say to the Panj Payre at the Amrit Sanchar? I tie a dhumalla - they put Amrit in Kesh so open top parna without boongah on the day? Need help especially by people that have gone pesh.
  13. Here are profound questions / riddles / self enquiry asked by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to his Sikhs: These questions below are meant to be explored, inquired, contemplated in Meditation..they may look very simple to our egoic mindset but it cannot be conceptually answered by conceptual mind but deeply inquired within during meditation- answer you will quickly get verbally like in form of thought or scholarly knowledge by conceptual mind/thoughts needs to be abandoned as mind will try to trick you by providing its own pre conditioned/ pre conceived notion/ conditioned response (it may be right
  14. Can somebody only shak Amrit, if they do nitnem, or get up at amritvela, or tie a dastaar, (being female)? If one is unable to do nitnem, or get up at amritvela or tie the dastaar, can one still shak Amrit? sorry i dont know much, but i know some elders shak Amrit and not doin nitnem as such, because of reading problems, but what if somebody is physically unable to do what is required by rehat maryada would they not be able to shak Amrit?
  15. Can anyone please provide me with a list of questions which Christians might ask Sikhs and their answers. This is for a website I am making. Please help. I also asked a similar question a few days ago and got an excerpt from Sikh spectrum in which a reverend was answered about the points he raised on Sikhi. I am hoping for something more similar in a question-answer type thing.
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