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Found 8 results

  1. Thought I would compile videos about the Udaasi Samparda established by Sahibzaada Baba Sri Chand Ji, son of the King of Kings, Sache Patshah, Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji Maharaj. Three puratan sampardas present in the video below:
  2. https://www.mid-day.com/sunday-mid-day//article/walking-the-route-nanak-did-23196934 Walking the route Nanak did Updated on: 17 October,2021 09:27 AM IST | Mumbai Jane Borges | jane.borges@mid-day.com Top A Sikh couple from Singapore retrace the 22-year-long arduous journey that Guru Nanak undertook over five centuries ago, across nine countries for a 24-part docuseries Amardeep Singh (director, host) and Vininder Kaur (co-director) with Khalida Begum, a Muslim resident of village Khost along the
  3. What is gurmat - if we want to find the essence of this great philosophy , we should understand the message that guru nanak set out to preach in his udasis. He did not call for a certain look (hair ) or any rituals (like akhand path , chavar) , instead his message was simple - to merge with God we must develop the qualities of god i.e one must become nirbhao, nirvair, niralam (detached) Vin gun keete bhagat na hoi. Also he did not start a 'religion' and never advised anyone to convert from one organized religion to another. His message was universal and simple -to jogis, hind
  4. Guest


    Wjkk wjkf when ever i try to do more path n try spending more tym on simran n gurbani i start feeling weird udasi in me .... boht jyada udass slow i think i should feel happy after haurs on gurbani y is it happening to me i want to increase my tym on gurbani plz help
  5. For those who don't know, Matra Sahib is the scripture of the Udasi sect. They attribute it to Baba Shri Chand. They often do parkash of it, like we parkash Guru Granth Sahib. Most of their prayers, like their Aarti, come from this scripture. I am posting some shabads sung by Bhai Davinder Singh Nirman from this granth.
  6. Guru Nanak Dev Ji's visit to Mecca. Despite rejecting the prevalent sub-continental philosophies surrounding him, Guru Nanak Dev undertook extensive travels in visiting the sites of pilgrimage often associated with his neighboring traditions. He visited Rome to view and dissect the Christian faith, he visited many an eminent Hindu site to dispel prevalent superstitions accepted as spirituality whilst he visited Mecca to dispel the myth of a singular supreme faith. It is his visit to Mecca which has become a matter of extensive debate between Islamic and Sikh scholars. The queries raised by th
  7. Waheguru The Bramah Buta Akhara is housed inside Darbar Sahib. It use to be a Akhara of the Udasi Sikhs. Does anyone know what it is used for today. Also, where did the Udasi from this Akhara relocate too. Any information would help. Waheguru
  8. Does anyone know which of these sampardas would accept students, to learn Gurmat from there Sampardas. 1. Which Deras accepts new students, any contact information would be great. 2. What qualification you need and what kind of course is it and how long. 3. What kind of granths they teach and what do they emphasize. any information would be great. im asking because there seems to be very little information on this.
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