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Found 13 results

  1. Hate to bring this up but it seems we are living a world where the white skin is placed on a pedestal. It likes we have reached a point where these folks are oblivious to whats around them. They are so use to their ways that any little disturbance can bring out the worst from them. Look at Saddam or Gadaffi. Saddam was a bit stupid for taking on powerhouse like the US but Gadaffi had a real point. He was much wiser and his intentions were not all bad. Infact his goal to was unite the middle easte and East Africa under one currency but eventually was labeled as the bad guy was taken down.
  2. What are the best type of white people/races/cultures? From my experience of the English white people. I would say they must be the most uncultured and bland. I dont mean this is a derogative way. But the experience I have had of let say of Italian, Spanish or even Scottish. Is that they seem to be more cultured and nicer people. Wheras the english seem to be so dull and many can be a bit racist and ignorant. Other issues I have found with white English is they lack a good sence of humour, are quite dull and lack respect for other races. Just look at the Euro 2021. All other european nati
  3. Below is a story of a white woman who was recently radicalised by extremist Muslims and converted to Islam. It's an interesting eye opening article. As it shows a picture of how people are converted to Islam in the first place. Many people think that Muslims convert by force and other extremist methods. They do this however it's not the most common method. What many people don't know is that many are converted by befriending. Ie being friendly and showing kindness. This is a method whereby the Muslim will act all and nice and helpful. So that the person in question thinks Muslims are go
  4. Guest

    Is this a white sikh

    So a few days ago i saw this man. He had a pagg, a beard and a jooda. When i looked at him i was suppisred as he looked white, im not sure if he took amrit or not but he looked white. His beard was blondish/brown. There was a child near him and he looked like a punjabi (he had a patka). But they talked together...... so now im confused was he white or??? I was gonna ask him but he left before i could, he looked like he was in his fifties almost sixties and he also had a kara. So was he white.... he didnt look punjabi......... do you know/have seen a punjabi and a blondish/brown beard if not th
  5. I was coming out of school today, and then I saw this man. He was wearing fully white and he looked like he was namdhari because of his turban (no covered ears and last lahr sticks out at the back) My question is, is it write to judge someone like that as namdhari?
  6. Guest


    Wjkk wjkf is it ok to wear a colored kachera when you're not doing seva of maharaj or do you only have to wear white ty
  7. I need some help. I am a catholic, British female and my partner is a British sikh male. We want to get married this year and what to do the ceremony in a temple in India. Legally we won't be 'married' as I'm aware we have to be in the country for at least 30 days before they can pass everything and so we just want to do the ceremony in India then when we come home, legalise it here. My question however to you all is.... Will a temple allow me to have the ceremony seeing as I'm not sikh? ?
  8. Guest

    Non-Punjabi Sikhs

    I have a question, how are white Sikh converts received in Sikh community at large?
  9. Hello everyone, so let me explain what is going on. I am a keshdari Sikh guy in University. I work out, have friends from every race/religion, I consider myself to be a social and fit guy who also holds Guru Jis teachings very strongly in his heart and I absolutely love Sikhi. Now, I've always had a bunch of female friends, talking to girls has never been a problem for me. Throughout High School, and at the beginning of Uni, I always wanted to start a relationship with a Punjabi girl. Most were friendly with me, but wouldn't go out with me. The few that did always ended it after a few dates,
  10. A JURY has found 34-year-old Lee Shaw guilty of murder. Shaw, of Community Drive, Smallthorne, stabbed Dalbagh Singh Malhi to death in Bentilee in the early hours of May 13 last year. ​JAILED Lee Shaw. GUILTY: Lee Shaw. Twenty-nine-year-old Mr Malhi, who was known as Bugsy, suffered multiple stab wounds and died from a 13cm wound to the chest. Shaw denied murder, claiming he was acting in self defence. But following a two-week trial at Stafford Crown Court, a jury took just three hours to find him guilty. Read more: http://www.thisisstaffordshire.co.uk/Lee-Shaw-guilty-Bentilee-street-m
  11. Guest


    I am a white girl. I am very open, accepting, and curious about the Sikh religion. I have many Sikh friends who I ask questions of. I live in Surrey BC, and are surrounded by them. A little less than a year ago I started dating a very "Canadianized" Sikh man...I'm just going to refer to him as M for now. He flirted with me for many months actually before I finally said ok I'll go out with you...he had kind of won me over. We started dating and I fell in love WAYYYY too fast, but he kept me thinking he was feeling similar things. After a month and a half or so...I will admit to losing my
  12. Guest

    Parents Saying No

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sangat Ji, I am posting in the Gupt section because I have a very big concern I need help with. Before I divulge into the details of my problem, let me introduce you to myself and my background. I live in Canada, I am a university student, and am kesdhari. I'm in my early 20's and believe to have a good head on my shoulders. I come from a religious family who are amritdhari (I am not at the moment). Alright, now onto my query. For quite some time, my parents have been asking me to find myself a girl for marriage. At first, I never gave it much though
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