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  1. *bump I firmly believe that one quote in regards to cannabis is not written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (O'lord the fear of thee). B/c nasha is nasha. But cannabis is a bit a different since it was used for medicinal purposes in India also.
  2. You have to have some self will too. Praying doesn't simply solve your problems. Our Guru's gifted us with Naam for support. Now it's up to us on how we are going to use it as support. In my opinion I don't think any ordinary person can conquer their minds. We try to be perfect but at the same time we tend to forget we are human. And of course letting go of the past in not easy. But remember this is the challenge-to remain in the present. So do your thing. No pressure.
  3. Being true to yourself and who you are will always be difficult. We have our Guru to lead us the way. Your correct every soul is dukhi but we tend forget we are blessed.
  4. This is quite sad and my condolences to his family. What I'm trying to say is the woman tend to overlook/judge very easily when it comes to the males, especially the Singh's. Holding it down in the world is not easy. The females don't seem to appreciate it and are probably confused as to why would someone still want to represent himself as a Singh when he is struggling in life. That's all I'm going to tell you.
  5. Being a proper gentlemen is not an easy task in today's society especially when have females that are acting up/out of hand these days.
  6. The small-minded ones are the chamche. Most of the rest living outside of India are living with crushed hope and dreams...frankly.
  7. Don't think twice that everyone is mentally sound in today's day and age. We are a little crazy. Psychosis is just a word to describe a person's mental well being. Some are fortunate than others while others will have to struggle. Its Waheguru Ji's hukam you can say. Be thankful you found someone to settle down with. Learn from that person and you will probably be surprised.
  8. There's controversy surrounding this subject. Some say he was warning the world when it came to some Jews which ended up in him getting the 'blame' in killing Jews. While majority of us say he was responsible for the holocaust. Both Britain and Germany were involved in Indian affairs when it came WW2. But history is history. I just hate the fact that some European countries cover <banned word filter activated> up. Guess its true the winners always have the last say.
  9. I head this from someone (cant remember) but they said Punjab will slowly be taken away by the deras belonging to nirankaris, radhaoswamis and etc. it was also said that it will be reclaimed but dont the exact details.
  10. I agree. I believe it was Bhai Jagraj Singh from Basics of Sikhs explaining we don't need Khalistan we need India. We probably have India since Sikhism is pretty influential amongst a lot of the Indian regions. Now going beyond this context only time will tell. The Indo-Russia joint venture is a good start you can say.
  11. Trust it, apnay are not that quick to pick up a gun unless it's drug related. The honor stuff is a different story but other than that we usually stay out of each other's way. I do think about Sikh rule but it's not going to happen through Khalistan. It will take time to adopt to diplomatic thinking and rule. It seems like a lot of these political players are clever folks which hate to say but we have to adopt to this mindset? But very interesting stuff you wrote there.
  12. I don't know how you look at this but that last one is one of us if Indian news agencies are all up on this. We just got to be the biggers ones you can say.
  13. These guys are reporting events in our community before our Punjabi News agencies itself. 1. Ripudaman Singh Malik (shot) 2. Hardeep Singh Nijjar (shot) 3. Avtar Singh Khanda (dead-natural circumstances but theres speculation he was poisoned) 4. Amanpreet Singh Samra (shot) Just stay safe out there.
  14. You can't really blame them. I agree, we Sikhs deserve our own country but we have to work on ourselves individually. We have to aim for the status of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh but still keep our Guru in our minds. This is no easy task.
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