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  1. Satyug Person born in Kalyug World.......W T F Just be thankful we have GGS Ji. Enough said.
  2. Jaswant Singh Khalra: "Equal rights Punjab will challenge the darkness and I pray to the true Guru to keep this light shining."
  3. I agree in regards to comforts. But there's more ignorance out there that we probably don't want to know about. Let's all go with the flow and not question system.
  4. Believe it or not but I'm pretty certain that it was Sant Isher Singh Ji (Rara Sahib) that said peeps back in the days were much stronger and had bigger brains. This is ironic with the times were living in with all the technological advancements and more and more kids excelling in school.
  5. What What about monopoly? They did rule these lands.
  6. India is still around b/c of influential Sikhs-the so called 'British India Sikhs'. i don't know was Bhupinder Singh pro-British India? Did he even give a sh**; what category the Punjabi Sikh soldiers fell into? Divide and rule worked out well for the British? Look at 1984.
  7. Well kind of realized it may not be a 'white world' per se. Since the Jews acquired their own country, they're probably running the show right now-very powerful people if you want to believe that. Either way we Sikhs have to represent ourselves accordingly if you want to keep Guru Ji in our minds.
  8. I'm just cheesed to fact its difficult for us to have multiple wives these days (jks :P) Seriously though not having our own country is our biggest weakness.
  9. Hate to bring this up but it seems we are living a world where the white skin is placed on a pedestal. It likes we have reached a point where these folks are oblivious to whats around them. They are so use to their ways that any little disturbance can bring out the worst from them. Look at Saddam or Gadaffi. Saddam was a bit stupid for taking on powerhouse like the US but Gadaffi had a real point. He was much wiser and his intentions were not all bad. Infact his goal to was unite the middle easte and East Africa under one currency but eventually was labeled as the bad guy was taken down.
  10. The West Coast is mostly involved with gangs. Here in Toronto, alot of girls give up on Sikhi. But there a quite that go through the grind. But then again its a dog eat dog world out here. If your a Singh and doing well then you should have no problem finding a woman. Its tough balancing Sikh values and maintaining a proper lifestyle. Its doable bit tough. Sometimes you just want to pick up a gun but have to quickly come to realization this a grind and its not easy. My father being mona is also going through the struggle. Probably knows more about Sikhi than me. Alot fudus try
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