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Found 11 results

  1. for @Redoptics quoting your post I'm not as clever or articulate as some of the posters here are. But, a question: Why, as Sikhs are we reincarnated here in the West? Why are so many here in the UK, and Canada for example. Is it because we had some close link in past life to Brits when they were in India ? Did we think in past life 'I want to go live in England' ? Were we Brits who lived in India in past life and admired Sikhs ? Another thread which I would like your opinion on please Interested to know @shastarSingh ji's opinion
  2. Why is Baba shri Chand ji blue in pictures?
  3. I dont like it. Why was it made? Why would god do this? Why cant it just be nothingness?
  4. Who is it important to get married? What is it about About a grhisti jeevan?
  5. I feel really sad, although no matter what happens i will never leave Guru jis doorstep and forever believe him him, but i feel ever so sad and let down sometimes. There are one or two small things ive prayed for from time to time (nothing big) and equally worked hard for but i dont know why waheguru ji doesnt make that effort to just make things go right... i mean i know im not perfect but i still make the effort to pray and accept his will even when its so hard so why cant mahraj ji make that little bit of effort and help me out and it'll be so easy for him Today i just feel so low, im sorry to waheguru ji im thinking this way but i need to let it out :'(
  6. Why do we do parkarma clockwise and why is it considered taboo to go anti clockwise even at Darbar sahib if you go past a certain point you have to back all the way around.
  7. A real philosphical question. You are born to your mother and father? If it was possible to build a time machine to stop your mother and dad being together but individually they both went on to be with other partners and have children - whose child would you be a) mother, b) father and the reasons for your answer?
  8. India winning its freedom should of bin easy heck their were only 30 to 70 000 englishmen in india depending on the period 96 percent of the soldiers of the british east india company were indians British used indians to conquere indians World war one and two saw large indian armies fight for the british rather then freedom Why did the martial races especially like sikhs show so much loyalty rather then demanding and fighting for independence Basicully the british used indians to do the tax collecting used indians for enforcing laws used indians as administrators to govern india Why didn't indians just come together n tell britain to f off For india to gain its freedom was as easy as stepping on an ant if all indians had decided at once to kick out british India was wealtheir then europe pre industrial revolution heck the europeans were always trying to find ways to trade with india which led to the discovery of america Mughals only had bengal thanks to sikhs an marathas 1857 again mostly indian soldiers used to crush the mutiny of having natives rule india India pakistan bangledesh always had larger populations then all of europe So how did they allow a lil country like to england come All the massacores done on british orders were carried out by indians Reading bhagat singhs writtings he even grew angry with fact how easy it was to over throw the british but how hard it was to get indians together n do this If 1 percent of the population rebelled an the other 99 percent decided to stay nutral the british would of bin crushed in under 24 hours
  9. So... I have recently been alot depressed. Everyday when I ask my friends to come out with me they are with their girlfriends etc, even my childhood friends dumbs me for a girl company. I feel so alone. For a some reason none of girls around me never get interested on me. Somereason they always give their look on guys who are "egoists" and get drunk every friday, speaks dirty etc.... In my own opinion I dont look bad from the outside, I could consider myself to be pretty "handsome". but still girls never give me a look. Is there something wrong with me? how to find love? where to find love? how to maintain the loving mood? I have also hard times trusting on girls, I got dumbed when I was teen and I took it pretty roughly. How to trust people?
  10. Guest

    Feeling A Bit Down

    why do Sikh families look down on the turban/beard so much? My cousins from India phoned me today after seeing a picture of me, for the following reason "trim your beard down, it looks gross" I was shocked. I politely told them to leave me alone and that it didn't bother me. A few weeks ago we were at my cousins wedding. My brother is a mona who was convinced to tie a turban that day. Everyone kept coming up and telling my brother how great he looked, then came up to me and told me to learn how to "clean up" based on how my brother looks. My parents also always comment on my brothers appearance, while never saying anything positive about mine. Ever. These little things are starting to bother me even though I know they shouldn't. I feel like my confidence is slowly being picked away at, part by part. Being told these things mess with you subconsciously and I just need some help. When your own family does these types of things it just feels so weird.. Thanks
  11. their our 25 million sikhs out of 7 billion people meaning less then 1 percent of the human race has come to learn or understand what sikhism is and add in the history of humans why has god chosen so few people to know about this knowledge now can't say all religions are the same cause they conterdict eachother christians muslims and jews believe in heaven or hell sikhs jains bhuddist hindus believe in re incarnation christians believe jesus was son of god muslims believe jesus was a prophet jews believe jesus didn't exsist or was a very holy man and the list goes on theirs over a thousand ways all majer religions conterdict eachother why were aboriginals of north america for thousands of years denied knowledge of sikhism
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