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    • Even in quran its mentioned , sacrifices of goat's don't reach god , ,except only your pious actions. Circumcision is also not mentioned in any places in quran. It was muhammad who continued with the jewish traditions ... whoops ! lol 
    • The word "thug" is found in gurbani too. And is interpreted commonly to refer to thief . "Banaras ke thug" for instance in kabir bani 
    • Its not abt who is greater . Sometimes people are genuinely interested in knowing the nuances between two similar philosophies. Sometimes Sikhi can get very close to Advaita vedantic hinduism.  Gurbani with themes like "Nothing else exists except god" or that "he's both sargun and nirgun" is a common , core theme of advaita vedanta . Hence it is natural some people might out of sheer curiosity ask the subtle difference between the philosophy in gurbani vs that found in the vedant .  And besides seeking the answers to such questions helps us understand our own religion better and enable us to participate in inter-religious debate.  Ok, from whatever cursory knowledge I have of going though vedantic scriptures or shows , I might say , In Hinduism , Parbrahm is the ultimate , non-personal , feeling-less , "can't give a dammn" void in which everything merges back. It doesn't look after anyone, its more like the terminal state.And its not even considered worship-worthy by most. "Grace" factor of Parbrahm is almost absent. Aspirants strong will only helps them reach that state. Whereas in Sikhi , Parbrahm is the only thing worthy of worship , and loves all his creation like a parent and especially his devotees. Sikhi believes in "grace" and divine will of parbrahm to reach itself . 
    • Premarital sex, irrespective of whether you intend to get married or not, is still premarital sex. This is not condoned in Sikhi.  There have been countless threads on here about people who have been in relationships, had sex, and then not ending up getting married for whatever reason. Maybe the parents didn’t agree. Maybe it just didn’t work out.  How would you feel about it all if it turned out you two didn’t get married?

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