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Discussions on various aspects of Sikh History, Culture & Religion. Here we can talk about most recent issues of our community. Newcomers to Sikhi are most welcome to post any question they may have.


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    • they got punished and still walk around throwing out blame on others of killing cows demanding death penalties .
    • Ha Ha we don't have any problem going into a pub or a club or a betting shop,  but WHAT go into  place of worship? God forbid! It's is a place of worship. what you think they do there?  Go by all means, listen and observe and be respectful,  just don't participate in any of the worshipping of the statues.
    • yep the above rules are Christian/abrahamic  they believe women are inferior in intellect and spirit as they are daughters of Eve i.e. doorways to evil. (muc h like all the other faiths excluding sikhi) . I mean they are advised to chastise their woman if she speaks in congregation (meaning teaching sermons)  or if she speaks up for herself , that they can do so with a stick no thicker than their thumb - barbaric really. People need to grow up and realise that so many sikh BIbian did panthic services without being considered worth writing down even in history books including Guru di Matavan , Guru di Mahalan, Guru di betian , because of male historians' male prejudices coming out of their upbringing. However the sikhs of those times must have known about them and respected them . Our 'history' books have omissions which become apparent when you go to ground level and see the actual places of our history . The people remember .
    • People just do not understand anymore, I'm a Male with a female Avatar and they think of me as female just because of ot it, really strange, I was brought up as as everyone is equal.

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