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    • You see loads of guys like that in Uni. I feel like people don't realize that there are easier and quick dastars to tie on. Personally, the Misl era one only takes one piece of material and like 4-5 larhs max. 
    • I think the flat over the forehead looks a thousand times better than the v over the forehead myself.    I think this one could even take a gandasa to the head. Notice the detail of the bagh nakh. You could head butt someone with that and disorientate them enough to finish off.    
    • Would you believe it! There’s a growing fashion trend in UK since last 10 years where teenage boys and young guys with kesh tie their hair back and wear a patka or african ‘durag’. They feel ashamed even to be seen with a joora on their heads.  Meanwhile in Punjab (from what I see via social media) it’s rare to see an older teenager wearing patka. By age 14 onwards boys are tying really beautiful dastar or dumala. 
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