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Discussions on various aspects of Sikh History, Culture & Religion. Here we can talk about most recent issues of our community.

Real stories from our Gurus times; what they ate, what they talked, what they believed and what was happening around them. 

Share resources related to Sikh History, Rehat, Literature, Essays, Articles, Poems and Artwork.

Multipurpose forum where you can talk about social issues, news articles, fitness, diet etc. Forum Support.

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    • why is this in 'books/Sakhian' ?
    • Benjamin Franklin, and it turns out like it usually does, he wasn't first.  Extinctions before, yes life recovered, but it doesn't mean we couldn't bring upon the planet great calamity that would greatly reduce the life. 
    • I understand extinction, but is there really an extinction of bees? Are rare birds really dying? Is plastic really UK can no longer use because of the atrocious disposable methods? Must we preserve anything made from wood?  Before we fall into rarity and the no longer existence business, just know Guru Sahib states "Aasn loi loi Bandaar, jo kich paia so ika vaar." Akaal Purkh has put forth his immeasurable treasure once on Earth. So what is immeasurable telling us? It means Bees, trees and rare birds will ALWAYS be in numerous numbers.  We humans have a duty to preserve, recycle and look after nature. But just know this, there will ALWAYS be immeasurable amounts of Akaal Purkh's created treasures.  Let's see an example. Seen that expensive car lately? Cost in thousands? Or millions? And what are the three functions for the car to run? Fuel, air and water. How long have these three been around on the planet? Electric items too were being used. Thunderstorms brought electricity in the very first place (thanks Einstein).  So we have a duty to preserve, protect and look after but just know human race will run out BEFORE resources run out. 
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