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    Hey Ajeet! I personally like reading your lifestory...its quite entertaining. Although most of the time its you getting mad at your wife. Dont you know you are supposed to treat her extra nicely? So that if she finds out about your orientation, she wont hold it against you nor leave you. Also, now your goi g to be a father. So please dont make a household where the parents are always angry with each other or putti g each other down. Its sad for the kid. Also my mom used to be one of those ppl who blames people for any kind of tragedy. Like the tire got flat, it was because you drove it over some thorns, weeks ago. And if you get sick, its because you had icecream 5 weeks ago. And if you had an accident, because you ate at the aunts house that does bad magic. Its really annoying. My dad is the opposite. He wont blame you but try to find solutions to the problem. Like i get in a car accident, my mom panics, yells how could it happen, can you run away from there? I was like No my car is smoking and someone probably called the police. And she goes, oh why r u so stupid, couldnt you have driven off before? My dad calls says, ok u had an accident. Dont leave. Stay. Police will come, tell them what happened. Use a tow truck to get home. Ofc when i get home, he will grill me about what happened and how i can drive better. Basically, I am saying when your a parent, dont be one who always blames and panics and yells at the kid. Instead be calm, offer solutions, and later on find ou what happened and where the kid went wrong. I feel like you have the panicking personality, which is terrible and makes a horrible home atmosphere. Work on it. Also, why dont you go take a hukamnama everytime you have a crisis? Lots of people I know do that here.
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    Visit the Victoria and Albert museum. They have the golden throne of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, you cant miss that They have a small Sikh collection including a Dastar Bunga from the Sikh empire, some old paintings etc they also have some ancient murtis of devi devte and other things from India which were basically stolen lol Thye have Tipu Sultans tiger as well. the Victoria and Albert also have a really cool collection of samurai warrior weapons and Armour. They have a lot of things from all around the world Very close to the Victoria and Albert museum is the Natural History museum they have dinosaur fossils and skeletons there. Once you get of the tube station theres a tunnel which leads to the natural history museum and further down the tunnel is the victoria and albert British history museum is another one, they have a lot ancient things from around the world. They have a big collections of India stuff but they don't have any Sikh objects. They have a lot of murtis of Buddha and devi devte etc If you wanna see the Kohinoor diamond then that is at the tower of London, its in the crown jewels. Tower of London is also where many Kings and Queens got executed including Anne Boleyn the 2nd wife of king Henry the 8th. If you wanna see how Punjabis live and what multi cultural towns in the UK are like then go Southall lol you can see how gurdware are ran in Southall. Lots of food places there.
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    Im sure jagsaw would defend his muslim jat brothers for doing what their faith teaches them.
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    we indians don't live off govt paychecks unlike u lazy slob westerners.
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    One of the major problems in the Sikh mindset (whether abroad or back in India) is the perception behind the meaning of being "close" to God. In our people the primary concern for being a loyal follower of religion is the potential for material reward and physical advancement on Earth; the long-term spiritual aspect of it is only really appreciated by a small faction, and even then the propensity for that understanding to strike at the true heart of those many mysteries of existence is barely discovered by anyone but the blessed few.
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    Best to let the dead go. Remembrance, shrines, whatever, it's not good for those left behind and the departed. It's a form of attachment. There's nothing wrong with looking back on happier times with affection for a loved one who's passed, but anything more is not recommended. I think the Dharmic cultures have it correct on this one.
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    Is it really possible for a goat to impregnate a female lion?
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    How can a positive contributor such as yourself post nothing but negative crap, can you explain?
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    the cherry on top was calling herself n othas like her 'more greater and respectable' than someone whos no sant himself but at least has had the self-respect n courage to preserve the dignity of this body. but for some reason having honour like this is 'backwards' unless u dnt join in wiv the fun thts takin society not only really n truly backwards but downwards into a spiral leading to hell. apnia kuria in 2019 mate.
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    I really am speechless and don't even know how to react to that jihadi with the sign. I'm trying to figure out if he actually doesn't see the irony, and is actually earnest? In any case, they'll be "moderate" up until the point where you even so very slightly criticize Islam.
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    Im sure we can convince the Japanese we are are similar to them in some ways. ie our views and cultural dress sence. Ie This guy could be mistaken for a japanese samarai warrior if you did not take a double look.
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    According to the akal takt eating or not eating meat does not make you any less or more Sikh. So get your facts right. Eating meat. Is our right! To make us strong and feed our hunger. Carry on eating your cabbage stew. While I tuck into my Pork joint like a real man. You sissy veggie luvin softee.
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    op ur jus an attention seeker cuz this aint the first tym uve sed n dun this before. if ur gna go then leave for gd otherwise take a break from this forum, sort ur problems out then cum bk wen things r better.
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    Then expects not to be criticised, if you can't be honest with yourself what do you expect from others.
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    Not in this day and age. It's either pay top dollar for tuition or receive subpar instruction that's reflected in the lower price. The so-called premier ustaads aren't interested in pro-bono or discount prices. The arts have become the plaything of a wealthy elite and well-connected minority even in our community. If you manage to find an old-school teacher who isn't eyeing you up for how much cash he can wring out of you, you'll be very lucky.
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    The only way to get out of ghulami soch is living on our terms: not working for others who are anti-gurmat and to never sacrifice our values for a buck/pound Reintroducing our people to the deeds of our greatest warriors and the words and teachings of our sants Investing our daswand in direct action for our poorer bretheren e.g. Farmer widows, sikhligars, maazhabi sikhs including those in distant places like bihar, shillong, rajasthan Teaching and funding sikh gyms and martial arts training for all kids and women as a priority after seeing this its necessary: http://www.punjabspectrum.com/?p=12271&fbclid=IwAR3gmJZJvKC_MPkINfpReephiSlQxtRrdmM-tTL_dtMfmUshWvGcNzitwds Highlighting the lifestyle and thinking that the gurus gave us
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    Any Video with David Icke immediately sends alarm bells ringing with me, he has made an absolute fortune spreading some absurd stories (have a read of his "The Reptilian Elite" theory). Ignoring the debate about the health risks around 5G mentioned in the first video, for me, there's a simple solution, switch off from social media, it's like a disease with no cure, I see people walking around in the morning on the way to work with their eyes transfixed on their phones blissfully unaware of what's going on in the real world.
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    Haven't watched all the video but I must say I did like the way they put advanced Gurmukhi words up with english translations throughout the presentation. Even though it seemed to be happening at (arguably) too frequent a rate (in terms of allowing someone to absorb that many new words in one go) - I think it is a brilliant way to help people increase vocabulary.
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    If you watch any 'debates' closely there you can see a pattern of accusation, flurry of arguments mostly memorised and then shouting over each other . When Bhai Jagraj Singh ji went down there he came across the badtameezi of many Abrahamics ... SIkhi does need parchaar , and education of the masses about us is necessary but it is much more efficient and less headache inducing if it's done on a local sangat /local sewa basis within the local community , building links with local schools , inviting them to join in on programs , visiting classes and showing what's under the turban , talking about our beliefs and culture , being chilled out and friendly as is our norm instead of overly aggressive/defensive .
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    VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA, VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH You could, but reading Nitnem yourself has many benefits. Listening may "free you up" to do other things, which means you may end up focusing less on the Nitnem itself. There is always the risk of sleep if you are listening, tired and still. Reading aloud bestows the additional benefit of assisting in memorizing Nitnem as well. To learn better pronunciation: Sure, but the ideal state would be to go back to doing Nitnem youself after this learning is complete. Perhaps assign a time duration within which you would learn the pronunciation and then go back to doing the Nitnem yourself.
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    Gianni Sant Singh Ji Maskeen basically said all of that is false we believe in the four yugs but not in that way. Maskeen Ji said that the yugs dont come in a linear fashion one after another but rather theyre all here at the same time depending on the state of mind of the humans that live in them for example although the majority of the world is in kalyug when your in the company of true sants that is satyug. Maskeen ji also said that at one time one yug is predominant over all others right now kalyug is dominant over all others and the time it takes for the dominant yug to change is roughly 2500 years not lakhs of years like hindus claim, now I dont remember the details(its been a while since I've heard the katha) but maskeen ji uses bhai gurdass jis varaan to prove this. They also said that the four yugs can be used to to represent the stages of a human life: Satyug is the gestation period when the baby is in the womb and connected with god and desires nothing else, Tretyug is childhood when although the innocent child feels no lust it has a desire for power i.e greed for other childrens toys and a stubborn refusal to share with others, Dvaparyug is youth when a young works to earn a living and gives in to lust to create future generations and finally kalyug is old age when the fires of all the unfulfilled desires burn the mind and render him incapable of remembering god. Again its been a while since I've heard the katha so I paraphrased alot of whats been said and left alot of things out
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    from giani sher singh ji in this game of duality, amazing things are happening. Creation questions the existence of Creator and there are others who dwell in peace and bliss despite fire of kalyug burning around. Why this happens? Learned gurmukh piare say – When people try to find truth, the basic reason for there quest is that they are surrounded by Falsehood. If they start on path of truth, they need to understand that supreme truth resides within their own self, but instead of looking inside, instead of undertaking Inner Journey, where inner self would be cleaned of filth and purified with nectar of Waheguru’s naam, where Divine Light would glow and Supreme Truth, Waheguru Akaal Purakh will be Realized, these people look for answers outside, from those who are themselves confused, themselves living in darkness, themselves entangled in shackles of Maaya. How can someone bonded liberate someone else? This is the reason for all the confusion. People try to find Dharam outside, indulge in debates, meaningless discussions, questions which don’t matter, in game of up-man ship, all in name of Dharam and lose the game. They start to find Truth but continue to suffer in falsehood. These type of people, without divine knowledge, Rass , divine virtues or spiritual flow, start seeing falsehood everywhere. Even TRUTH appears false to them, life looks just a animalistic endeavour to them, and spiritual life, inner life, life beyond death, inner meanings of Guru’s words, the purity, humility, divine reason of Guru’s words is lost to them. And this leads to a struggle, between Dharam and Adharam, Faithful and Faithless, devotion and mistrust. So, best option is to stand on side of Dharam, Faith and devotion, to believe in Spirituality, to think beyond physical limits, to let the mind fly high into faraway and vast mystical realms. Everything what we see, what we feel, what we hear, even what we think as Truth is not what it is, it has deeper meanings, bigger motives and greater value. Same has happened to Baani of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. Confused Minds set out to find truth, but instead of looking for truth started looking for falsehood and impurity in Ocean of Truth and drowned. Baani of Satguru Dasmesh Pita ji, from Jaap Sahib to Zafarnaama is divinely powerful Shabad. It has Bhagti and Shakti, Raaj and Jog, Bir-ras and Prem-Ras. To understand Baani of Dasam Patshah, one needs to be close to him, be worthy of Dasam Pita’s Kirpa so that the power held in those words can be felt. Out of entire composition of Maharaj, Charitropakhyaan is targeted the most by Faithless Nindaks and Shanka-wadis. But Charitropakhyaan Baani is a great Baani of Satguru ji, with deep inner meanings and a divine and holy purpose, else there was no need for Satguru ji to write it. How much power, divinity, purity, Gyaan and Kirpa it contains can be made out from this Katha. When Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj was writing Charitrokhayaan, sitting on banks of Satluj, the weak-minded Masands went to Mata Gujri ji and complained to Mataji about Satguruji’s new rachna, Charitropakhyaan, saying that Maharaj was going against bachans of Guru Nanak Dev ji and was indulging in Ninda of women. Jagat Mata Gujri ji knew her son very well, so she said to Masands that she’ll go and talk to Guruji on this issue. Next day, Mataji went to the place where Maharaj had camped and Charitropakhyaan were being written. Seeing Mata ji, Maharaj got up and bowed his head to Mataji, asking the reason Mataji had come this far. Mataji smiled, looked and Masands, then turned to Maharaj and said ‘'Laal ji ( Mataji never in her life took Maharaj's name), I Heard you are writing Charittars, I dont think human mind is still capable of hearing the Truth, of being able to see the filth it is filled with in mirror of Guru's Shabad''. Mata ji returned to Anandpur Sahib saying these words, and Guru Gobind Singh ji went into Samadhi for some time. Guru ji has just finished 324th Charittar. Suddenly Maharaj opened his eyes and asked Likhari Singh to be Saavdhaan. Suddenly Maharaj stopped, and asked Likhari Singh to Jump to Charittar 326. Maharaj finished remaining Charittars and after writing 404 Charittar, in the end counted 405 charittars. Likhari Singh, Bhai Darbari asked,’’ Maharaj,We have written just 404 Charittasr, why have you counted 405 Charittars in the End? And where is 325th Charittar?’’ Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj smiled and said Sikha, ‘’ When Mataji left, I decided to write charittar of Maha Maaya, Sri Maya Lachmi ji, the creative power of Waheguru which creates, preserves and destroys the universe. But Maharaj Akaal purakh stopped me from doing so, as when the Charittar would have been written, Maha-Maaya would have been overcome and finished. Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, this Universe would have collapsed and there would have been Parlay (doomsday). No one has been able to imagine or explain the vastness of Maya, but I wished to write this Charittar of Maya, which has taken Human beings away from their real-Self, Sri Waheguru ji. Once the Charittar was finished, Maaya would have been rendered weak and helpless, all pure souls would have gone to Sachkhand and world would have ended.’’ Sikhs said, ‘’ Maharaj, Will this charittar be ever written and When’? ‘’Maharaj Said ‘Yes, when we come next time on this world, after finishing evil from this world, Akaal purakh Waheguru ji will complete ‘Sri Kaal ji ki Ustat’ Himself as I don’t have the power to comprehend limit of Waheguru Akaal’s Ustat, and after Akaal Ustat is completed, I will write this 325th Charittar of Maaya, after which, Maya will merge in Waheguru, there will be Maha-Parlay and whole Universe will be destroyed. We will take both Granths (Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji) with us to Sachkhand and parkash them there, and we shall all dwell in peace with our beloved gursikhs and when Hukam comes, take the Baani to next creation.’’ Sikhs asked ‘’Maharaj, Why did you wish to write Charittar of MayaLachmi’’? Maharaj replied, ‘’ Singho, Maaya didn’t wish its game to be revealed, and I was doing it, warning the people of world how it twists human minds to do sin, to walk on path of evil, to go away from Nij-Saroop, Waheguru, to fall in pit of hell, there fore it took Masands to Mataji. But Mataji is beyond the shackles of Maaya, still at the benti of Masands, Mataji had to come. Mataji returned after blessing me, but I was looking at Maaya’s game, how it had entered Our darbar, how the people who were supposed to be Parcharaks of Guru, The Masands, had been corrupted and weakened by Maaya, and if the Maaya had grown so powerful, it was better to finish it, for this reason I wanted to write the charittar. ‘’ So Khalsa ji, Dasmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh ji Sahib Sache Patshah will come again, to remove Paap from this world, to bless the holy souls and guide them to sachkhand. That day, Akaal Ustat and Maya Charittar will be completed by Waheguru ji and Satguru ji themselves. It’s a matter of faith and belief, those who have believed in Satguru ji’s presence have always remained in Charhdi kala. Have Faith in power of Baani, in Satguru Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji and you all shall be blessed. Khalsa ji, there are many more gupt bachans and traditions in Khalsa Panth, which Puratan Sikhs believed in and stayed in Charhdi kala, but will be mocked to day by nindaks if revealed. These bachans are also just for the faithful, those who believe, and not for those who don’t believe. If you believe, keep them or its your wish to leave them. Again, We all need to look within our selves, and light the lamp of knowledge in our hearts, which will enlighten our life and remove darkness from world, only then we will be blessed by Satguru ji as his Beloved Khalsa Sons/Daughters.
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    No, I'm from sunny Slough!

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