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    They preach wrong version of sikhism in order to build a multimillion dollar empire wherever they can find or found, easily duped unsophisticated dimwits, insecure enough to believe just about anything for the sake of attention . Simply put, they are the Original Attention Seekers, OAS, who are desperately seeking some form of attention! They thrive on it, there is no doubt about it. We have been told by many gurdwaras not to follow these individuals namely; Chandra Mohan Jain also translated the Japji, Harbajan Puri, NKVJ, Jagraj Singh, Sakander Singh, RSBD, RRGS, Baba Tajwant ji of Malawi and many more, can’t think of their names. They are all MMMMs or money making machines or missionaries if you like, for personal glorification if not gratification lol. They are not spiritually advance souls at all. All they had or still have is few minutes of fame and that’s it! I have to say this, that some of these covid -19 parasites also tried their best to create their own ATS in the west, so to break all ties with Amritsar! I also heard Bibi Jasal K Attu is a missionary too here in NZ Basically, they are all power hungary mad cowards. Best ignored. Q. What did the sikh missionaries do? A. They built multi-million dollar empires in a very short space of time and left all their followers lost and confused or to burn in hell, I mean, 84 lakh Junes
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    Learn to write English correctly, what does' 'gonna' mean? If anyone has a single desire to see pendu fudhu punjabis please visit Uk, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and wherever else the punjabis have migrated to, from India. Shockingly, their present generations are dense enough to ape the trashy indigenous natives of these societies. Instead of rising above them through good education, they have decided to stay where they belong, in the lower rungs of societies. They have simply failed to acquire any decent language skills acceptable or permissible in the more educated and elevated echelons or hierarchical sections of these societies. They are, de facto, the worst off than their trashy indigenous working classes counterparts or punjabis living in Punjab. What the heck does 'gonna' stand for. Your language is enough to tell everyone which drainpipe you spring forth from. Stop using it if your knowledge of its vocabulary and its usage is inadequate. You will not get anywhere or gain anything by deliberately misusing it. It is not your language to start with, so, show some respect. Learn to write properly, starting with your ancestral mother tongue. Bloody illiterate lot with illiterate offsprings, can't even be bothered to correct these idiots when they open their spouts to utter some meaningless rubbish at home. Can't blame them, they don't know any better themselves. With your sub-standard language skills, we are not surprised you have a problem with understanding anything 'word-for-word' forget about sikhi. Did your parents ever teach you to show some respect to your ancestral mother tongue? Stop behaving so unscrupulously. All languages are sacred, use them with respect.
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    Because they are not sikhs. They prefer to be ruled rather than ruling. Come to think of it, ruling is exceedingly challenging as it involves good deal of competent thinking with immense amounts of responsibility. It is easier to be ruled, because you don't have to think very hard to administer any sort of government through its judicial/executive/legislature components . In order to rule effectively and harmoniously, governments need their think tanks to assist them with policy making and so on. The rulers need smart individuals to effect a successful brainwashing propoganda upon its ruled masses, in order to lead or mislead them whichever way they want to. Most ruled masses don't ask any questions because they are quite or too happy to ask any questions, they are content with their lives as long as they get enough to eat and a roof on their heads. Why scratch your heads or pick your brains, when others can do it for you instead.
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    Looks like a sign outside a strip club.
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    These are the tactics Christian's use. Its gd they helped the sikh families this is where our daswandh should go. I really hope the rss and shiv sena go berserk and drive these pastors and their bs out. That's the only way these Christians are gnna go because sikhs aren't gnna do anything. Sikh SJWs will try to block the shiva sena and protect the christians when the shiv sena will drive the Christian's out though.
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    That h.aram.i ( sorry some people might find that word offensive but what else can you call someone who refuses to help his own people and takes money off Sikhs solely to spend on non-Sikhs) Ravi Singh has collected £5 Million and he is sitting on it and now asking Sikhs to make KA a £100 million charity. When you see how much our people have suffered and how many families have been destroyed then you get angry when you see him posting pictures of his charity running around setting up tents and feeding those for whom the other charities have collected millions for. Each post he puts up is like putting salt on the wounds of these Sikhs in need.
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    Your average sikh in punjab probably has hardly had much contact with a muslim tbh muslims make only around 1% of punjabs population. The Sikhs that witnessed the partition are now really old or dead. So sikhs in pubjab have no ide what it is like living with muslims when their population is large. Your average sikh in punjab has probably just spoken to kashmiri carpet sellers and gujjars and that's it. Hindus on the other hand in places like UP know what it's like living with a sizable muslim population, the hindus in Bengal know, delhi, etc same with the Buddhist in Myanmar and us sikhs in the west, basically anyone anywhere in the world where there is a large muslim population knows what it's like! Whenever sikhs in punjab see acts of violence against muslims in other states they get all defensive of the muslims because they have no idea what it is like living with a large muslim population. That's why sikhs in Malerkotla were protesting against the caa Once the population of muslims is a big minority in punjab only then will they know what it's like. Until then there really is not much you can do Other than wait for them to experience it themselves.
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    I would say forget what others are doing, do what you can do that's in your own power. If you can bring back those Sikhs fallen for the tricks of christian or muslim missionaries then go ahead go convenience the fallen sheep to come back to the Guru but i would advise those who can betray the guru once can betray the guru and his sikhi again so lets not worry about those who have chosen their path they will do what they want when they want. It is better if you can expose the evil sly tricks of the missionaries then do that it is better to bring to attention of other sikhs to beware of these people. Instead of getting frustrated about situations you can take pratical steps by exposing those people trying to fool sikhs on social media. It takes work it takes sacrifice of time and patience if you ready to sacrifice if you ready to do your duty for Sikhi go for it. As for spreading Sikhi to non-believers only after fixing our own people first then again your welcome to do that. But to me thats like chasing bubbles in your mind you will have reduced Sikhi to an ethnicity to a nationality. Whereas Sikhi is about uplifting the humanity from the social ills of society and meditating and connecting with their lord waheguru. Why did guru nanak sahib ji speak to muslims? why did he speak to buddhists? why to christians? why to hindus?why travel all around the different lands? why not stay in punjab and preach there? Questions you might wonna ponder on
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    thats great! now they just need to learn some of this
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    Glad to see there's still sikhs with ankh. It's true what you say brother, we need a serious reality check and snap out of this delusional state of mind. The more vocal we make ourselves, the better for the panth. The sooner we start handing out shittars to our deluded bunch, the sooner they'll snap out.
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    honestly, the sheer stupidity and nearsightedness is baffling. Cleaning an aurangzeb-built mosque (any mosque, even) right around the corner from Sis-Ganj Sahib!!!?? having namaz reading eid parties....lord taketh mercy on us !! look at what leaving malerkotla alone has resulted for us. there was no reciprocal gesture on the part of our west punjab cousins. they didn't find it necessary to leave a city...say NANKANA SAHIB !!!.... for us to continue inhabiting( most if not all the current sikhs there are peshawar migrants). the likes of azhar alam butcher our youth, use funds from god knows where to fund HUNDREDS of mosques in punjab for the explicit intent of recolonization, and have the audacity to convert our folks right under our noses. If you look at punjab demographic stats, it's shocking that the whole district of sangrur is now 10% muslim, starting off from around 4% at partition. It's not just their domination in the city of malerkotla, but also in dozens of surrounding villages. the number of mosques that show up on just a google search into that area is shocking to say the least.
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    I’m new to this forum, but I just looked through your posting history. All you do is argue and bicker with people in a very aggressive manner. How about trying to make a positive contribution to the world and sharing love? That’s what Giani Ji did recording so much katha and sharing their experiences of being with mahapurkhs.
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    Constantly. Know thy "enemy."
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    I think the sangat forum has overwhelmingly spoken of its disapproval lol
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    I have noticed a new trend amoung muslims using full on al-taqiyaa (Deception). They create fake social media accounts of beautiful women taking pics of stunning sexy women and once they amass a large following they start to giving out islamic preaching posts every now and then or go fully all out changing their account 180 by turning it into an islamic account removing all pictures of the woman and just putting up pro islamic grooming posts up. This tactic could be what we are seeing on twitter with those so called fake singhs. The muslim pakistani's are using fake sikh names on youtube to promote khalistan and on twitter they doing that too whereas the anti-khalistan muslims are making fake sikh accounts to first talk about sikhi to gather a sikh following and then slowly start to bring islam into it a slow grooming process so that not to spoke the sikh following or alert them early on to whats really going on. The sikh sangat needs to be aware.
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    The Singh getting his leg inspected has naturally got a 6 pack and strong arms despite there being no gyms and stuff like that back then. most people back then had slim and well toned bodies. its because they ate healthy as well none of that processed stuff. In fact even today a lot of the guys in their 20s in the pinds naturally have toned bodies, 6 pack but after 30 the pot belly starts growing! most guys in punjab in their 30s have a belly! crisp, chocolate, fizzy drinks, sweets, takeaways etc should be avoided!
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    ^^^ I've never understood the sakhiyan of Muslims getting their prayers answered by attending Sikh Gurdwaras or visiting Sikh saints and mahapursh, yet not once has any Sikh told them to convert now that they've got their heart's desire; the very thing their "beloved" Islam failed to provide for them, that they had to enter the kaffir's domain to receive true spiritual blessings. No, our lot just send them happily on their way back into Islam's stifling embrace. Bunch of cucks we are.
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    Are you even Sikh? Do you not want Sikhi spread to non-sikhs? you do know its gurmat to spread Sikhi parchar to non-sikhs dont you? And never mind what other Sikhs do....... if they want to be fooled by abrahmic missionaries thats their choice we cant force them to convert back they will when they want to. What is in our power is to convert others to Sikhi. The missionaries will never stop trying to target punjab's Sikhs for conversion they been doing that since day dot when Sikhs were only confined mostly to punjab during Sikh empire days. So if you think if we stop trying to convert others the missionaries will stop you will be sadly mistaken
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    There is alot of interesting history between Sikhs and the latin hispanic american continents. In the 1930s the anti-british imperalist gadar party rebels were based in south america. Ecuador was the first country in 1986 to formally recognise the government in exile of khalistan and invited 20 million Sikhs to settle there if they wanted to away from indian state persecution. Belize had many khalistani based supporters. Brazil has a small but growing Sikh population Argentina has a small Punjabi Sikh community which has mixed with the locals and still keeping Sikhi alive there Chile has a small growing Sikh popuation Mexico has interesting history of 19th century punjabi immigrants who married local women and had kids many of them are now scattered and forgotten their roots and linage but there is now a growing native mexican latino Sikhs who are growing steadily.
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    Well well well, will you look at that. Yet another example. This is honestly disgusting, but that's how these guys get their converts. Say a sentence, boom you're in. Not like it matters within this case, Babaji always will remain a Sikh. Where are those snowflake chamchas at though? Aren't these supposed to be your fellow brothers? Honestly, I really hope these snowflakes within our panth start waking up. Seriously a bunch of sheep. This has been evident throughout our history. The Sikh Kaum has no friends nor any allies. We have to focus on our panth. Those who need our help can come to us! Why are people chasing after others to do their seva? Do seva of the panth! Seva of the homeless and dishonored, the outcasts of society. The fact that the vast majority of the panth is filled with delusional people is insane. Those with a logical thinking brain are labeled as extremists.
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    On the one hand you have great men like Mohan Singh from the Sikh Awareness Society speaking out against muslim grooming gangs and how they are attacking our girls. Then you have effeminate fools allowing muslims to pray in our gurdwaras. These people have no common sense whatsoever. We need more of the former not latter. Muslims are aggressors and aggressors always overpower the passive unless they grow a pair and fight back.
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    Small list i've made from top of my head so far 1980s - UK: grooming of Sikh girls and sexual exploitation and conversion by mostly pakistani muslim gangs 1990s - UK: Violence on the streets attacking of sikh gurdwara's and sikh youths by hibz-ut-tahir and al-mahajaroun salafi muslim gangs in southall leading to clashes in slough and southall and birmingham. Violence probably inspired by the hinduvta attack on babri masjid so them lumped sikhs in with hindus for attack. 2000 - Kashmir India: 37 Kashmiri Sikhs massacred shot dead lined up next to wall of gurdwara sahib and pumped full of bullets by jihadis. 2003 - Kashmir India: 6 Kashmiri Sikhs were murdered some of them women attack was attributed to jihadi's. 2007 - UK: Sikh girl in Leicester was groomed and gang raped and abused in moghul darbar restaurant. Sikh youths retaliate by storming the restaurant and beat up the accused muslim rapists and get sent to jail along with the rapists. 2010 - UK: Muslim groomer and rapist attacked a Sikh girl leading her to request help from Sikhs when police failed to charge the muslim guy with rape the Sikhs descended on luton roads and blocked them in peaceful protest. EDL founder tommy robinson also came down to lend support to the inaction of the police. Eventually muslim guy was charged with rape. 2013 - UK: Bow gurdwara was fire bombed and it burnt down. Maharajah's beadhi was done and sroop was martyred in a previous attack. Attacker was described as a black male (religion unknown). The attacker has never been caught. 2017 - Germany: Gurdwara in essen germany was bombed by ISIS salafi turkish german teens. some Sikhs were injured by luckily no one was killed. 2019 - UK: Slough gurdwara was invaded by a black muslim guy shouting allah hu akbar accusing Sikhs of idol worshipping before attacking the sewadaars and being forcebile ejected. 2019 - Afghanistan: 20+ Sikhs and hindu afghan poliiticans were massacared by isisi salafi jihadi attack on their car convey 2020 - Afghanistan: 27 Afghan Sikh men, women and children were massacared by isis salafi Jihadi in attack on 500year old kabul guru hari rai gurdwara. ISIS jihadi claimed in his video testimony it was on behalf of whats happening in kashmir. 2020 - UK: Armed Muslim attacker attacks derby guru hargobind gurdwara looking to send political message about india and kashmir.
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    Our Ithiaas has witnessed many assassins with amazing stories of faith, courage and revenge. Here are a few of them Bhai Mehtab Singh and Bhai Sukha Singh. After years persecution many Sikhs had left the cities and villages and started living in the forests and deserts. Governor of Lahore Zakhariya Khan appointed Massa Ranghar as head of Amritsar. Massa Ranghar made Harmandir Sahib into his palace and drank alcohol, used hukkah and had dancing girls. A band of Sikhs had left Punjab for Rajasthan and once the news of Massa Ranghars behavior reached them, two brave warriors Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh set themselves the task of assassinating Ranghar. Disguising themselves as tax payers they entered Harmandir Sahib and cut his head off with a sword. They then put his head in a bag and traveled from Amritsar to Bikaner where they stuck his head on the end of a spear and presented it to the sangat. Shaheed Udham Singh. After Udham Singhs father passed away he was raised in a Sikh orphanage in Amritsar. At a young age he witnessed the Jallianwala Bagh massacre under General Dyer. Udham Singh traveled to England and assassinated Michael O'Dwyer who was the Governor of Punjab at the time of the massacre. Udham Singh was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Udham singh explained his motivation: I did it because I had a grudge against him. He deserved it. He was the real culprit. He wanted to crush the spirit of my people, so I have crushed him. For full 21 years, I have been trying to seek vengeance. I am happy that I have done the job. I am not scared of death. I am dying for my country. I have seen my people starving in India under the British rule. I have protested against this, it was my duty. What greater honour could be bestowed on me than death for the sake of my motherland? Udham Singhs speech at his trial: He started the speech with a denunciation of British Imperialism: "I say down with British Imperialism. You say India do not have peace. We have only slavery Generations of so called civilisation has brought us everything filthy and degenerating. known to the human race. All you have to do is read your own history. If you have any human decency about you, you should die with shame. The brutality and blood thirsty way in which the so called intellectuals who call themselves rulers of civilisation in the world are <banned word filter activated> blood . . ." At this point he was interrupted by the judge, but after some discussion he continued: "I do not care about sentence of death. It means nothing at all. I do not care about dying or anything. I do not worry about it at all. I am dying for a purpose.’ Thumping the rail of the dock, he exclaimed, ‘We are suffering from the British Empire.’ Udham Singh continued more quietly. ‘I am not afraid to die. I am proud to die, to have to free my native land and I hope that when I am gone, I hope that in my place will come thousands of my countrymen to drive you dirty dogs out; to free my country. "I am standing before an English jury. I am in an English court. You people go to India and when you come back you are given a prize and put in the House of Commons. We come to England and we are sentenced to death.’ "I never meant anything; but I will take it. I do not care anything about it, but when you dirty dogs come to India there comes a time when you will be cleaned out of India. All your British Imperialism will be smashed.’ "Machine guns on the streets of India mow down thousands of poor women and children wherever your so-called flag of democracy and Christianity flies.’ "Your conduct, your conduct – I am talking about the British government. I have nothing against the English people at all. I have more English friends living in England than I have in India. I have great sympathy with the workers of England. I am against the Imperialist Government.’ "You people are suffering – workers. Everyone are suffering through these dirty dogs; these mad beasts. India is only slavery. Killing, mutilating and destroying – British Imperialism. People do not read about it in the papers. We know what is going on in India." At this point the judge refused to hear any more, but Singh continued: "You ask me what I have to say. I am saying it. Because you people are dirty. You do not want to hear from us what you are doing in India. He then thrust his glasses back into his pocket, and exclaimed three words in Hindustani and then shouted: 'Down with British Imperialism! Down with British dirty dogs!" He turned to leave the dock, spitting across the solicitor’s table. Shaheed Satwant Singh and Shaheed Beant Singh assassinated Indira Gandhi for her attack on Harmandir Sahib, both Singhs were her bodyguards. Beant Singh fired at Indira with his 38.revolver three times and she fell to the ground, Satwant Singh then fired at her thirty times with his Sten. Indira had thirty three bullets in her abdomen. Both Singh surrendered at the scene. Beant Singh was shot while in custody while Satwant Singh was sentenced to death in 1989. In trial Satwant Singh said: "Let any part of my body, after my shaheedi ["martyrdom"], removed and used by anyone who may need. However, if you need my eyes, let the authorities tell my parents. I have no hatred for any Hindu, Muslim, Christian, neither hatred for any religion. After my Shaheedi, let no Sikh throw any rock at any Hindu. I am not in favour of any retaliation or bloodshed over my Shaheedi. If we do create bloodshed, then there is no difference between us and Rajiv Gandhi. I am Proud of the task that I did! I do ardas [prayer] in front of Waheguru ! If I am blessed with a human life, then give me a death of the Brave when I am hanged. Forget one life, if I could I would give up a thousand lives to kill dushts [thugs] like Indira Gandhi, and laugh as I become Shaheed [a martyr] by hanging…." Kehar Singh the uncle of Satwant Singh was also hanged with his nephew in 1989 for plotting the assassination Shaheed Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Shaheed Bhai Sukhjinder Singh Sukha were involved in 3 high profile assassinations. Assassination of Lalit Makkan. Lalit was a congress politician and was involved in the killing of innocent Sikhs in 1984. Both Singhs along with Ranjit Singh Gill gunned down Lalit in Delhi on July 31st 1985. Lalit started running towards his house for cover as the Singhs continued firing towards him. Lalits wife Geeta anjali and visitor Bal Kishan were also caught in the firing. The Singhs then escaped on their motorbike. Assassination of General Vaidya. General Arun Vaidya was the the chief of the Indian army who ordered the attack on Harmandir Sahib. Arun was shot dead on the August 10, 1989 while he was driving home from a market. Arun was in his car when he was shot dead by the two Singh who fired at him from their motorbike. Aruns wife who was in the car with him survived. Arun died on the spot with wounds to the head and neck. Assassination of Arjan Das. Arjan Das was a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi and had involvement in the Delhi 1984 riots. Arjan was assassinated by both Singhs on September 5, 1985. Sukhjinder Singh was arrested on 7th September 1986, while Harjinder Singh was arrested on March 1987. Both Singh were hanged on 9th October 1992. Shaheed Dilawar Singh Babbar assassinated Punjab Chief minister Beant Singh in Chandighar. Beant's regime was responsible for the death of thousands of innocent young Singhs in fake encounters. Dilawar Singh worked in Punjab police when he decided to join Babbar Khalsa. Beant was assassinated with a bomb blast in Chandigarh on the 31st of August 1995, he was blown up in his car. Dilawar Singh Babbar acted as a suicide bomber in the attack. The Backup Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana was later convicted for the killing.
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    Someones got to say it! its always the quite ones that act with force when pushed.
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    The poster of that message is assuming this based on our circumstances today. But if you ask a Sikh from year 1900 what the situation of the Sikhs will be by year 2000 he would never have imagined the Akali movement, Nankana Sahib massacre, 1947 partition, Punjabi Suba movement, 1984 Ghallukara and the Kharku movment that followed. By 2100 we can't imagine what will happen. For all we know there might be Khalsa Raaj established through out the world.
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    This kind of opportunistic crime is quite prevalent in India and is a part of the Hindu/Hindi/ Hindustan culture.
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    You probably didn't post this picture with good intentions. Problem is when you see these things through the lense of Hindu depictions and scriptures. Maharaj has given us our own scripture to reference from which gives her physical description. To begin with she doesn't look anything like this. She has her hair tied on the top of her head in a ਜੂੜਾ and to cover this joora she probably also wore a dastar as I have been told by Nihangs. She dresses as a warrior full of Shastars.
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    yeah take hukammnama first to decide name thats very important
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    Forget Giani Ji. My issue was clicking onto your profile and seeing how aggressive you’ve been towards people. Everyone has shortcomings we can expose. But finding even the tiniest bit of good in someone to focus on instead - that’s the mindset Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us. This isn’t just a forum, it’s Guru Ji’s sangat on a digital platform. Arguing isn’t a good habit to build. Because one day you’ll get into an argument with someone in a very high avastha - if they so much as get a bad thought in their mind about you - you’re stuffed. Some people with high avastha use this site. You’ll find things on gupt section about naam simran which is way beyond the thinking of average people. If you want to correct someone do it by touching their feet, not slapping their face. May Guru Ji give us all nimrtha and pyar for each other
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    During first 5 Guru's time, Sikhs would have worn very simple turban styles. The sole purpose was to keep our uncut hair covered and clean. By time of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji things changed. It was time for Sikhs to fight against injustice and protect the innocent. The Sikh bana (chola, big kachera, dumala, kamarkassa, gatra with kirpan) was created as our warrior uniform. It was designed to be practical for fighting, horse riding etc. Certain colours became favored like blue, orange and yellow. Suddenly Sikhs had a strong identity, and they were tyar bar tyar. Dumala is the best turban style for battle. It won't fall off easy, it acts as protection for your head, and could be used to hold shastar like chakar. Guru Gobind Singh Ji made our identity even more stand out, "there's a Sikh", by giving hukam of keeping 5Ks Dumala carried on from that time. After battles were over slowly the dumala shastar became less frequently seen, dumala sizes became smaller. Today each group has their own interpretation of it. Nihang Singh's are very tyar bar tyar - their dumalas reflect this normally having chakars or shastar on. I used to tie taksali dumala - because taksal is what I was looking at growing up. I admired people like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji (still do) Relevance of bana and dumala today I realized bana is our 'jang di paishak' (battle uniform). I have serious respect for bana but think there's a time and place for it. For my office job I tie patiala shahi style pagh and it looks incredibly smart with a suit and tie under which I wear 3 inch kirpan. But for playing gatka I tie dumala, wear chola, big kachera and a 9 inch kirpan in gatra which I proudly wear over, not under, clothing
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    He just wanted to shave his beard and wanted an excuse. He got one.
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    Have a cold shower straight after, you saucy sod!
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    At the gurdwara the Singh doing katha started telling a story about a family that he personally knows. He said they were not religious at all and were proper party animals and absolutely everything that Sikhi tells you not to do, the men and the women. There was nothing Sikh about them, the entire family. Apart from one lady from the family who used to go to the gurdwara most days. She was the only one that went gurdwara and did some paat pooja etc anyway, she used to do sewa at the langar hall. But when she used to do sew she used to be like those grumpy old buriyan that you see in the langar halls who behave like their dad owns the langar hall. She always used to be rude to the sangat, whenever anyone used to ask her for something she used to to do it but never with sweetness, she always used to be rude to the sangat despite doing sewa. Anyway, she got really ill one day and "died" when she was "dead" she was taken to Dharamraj's darbar, she saw people being tortured and screaming by the jamdhoots. She even saw her own family, husband, kids, relatives there with ropes around their necks hanging! physically they were alive and on earth but their souls were already up there with ropes around their necks hanging! she saw all her relatives! Then her turn came to get judged by Dharamraj. The Singh doing katha said she described Dharmaraj as a being with a white dastar and a long flowing white dhari, looking like a saint. He said to her that it was her time to go to Narak, but Dhan Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji has told me not to send you to Narak and that he want to give you another chance. Dharamraj told this lady that Guru Arjan Dev Ji has said continue doing sewa at the gurdwara but do it with love and sweetness. The lady then woke up from her "death" the Singh doing katha said that he personally knows the family and that the entire khandhaan is now Amrtidhari. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj stepped in and saved the woman from being sent to Narak and gave her a second chance. Guru Arjan Dev Ji gave Dharamraj orders and told him not to send her Narak. Guru Sahib saves his Sikhs from falling into Narak. I had goosebumps sat there listening to this story. I narrated this story to my black Christian friend and she stuck her arm out and said she has goosebumps listening to the story. How blessed and lucky that woman was to have Guru Arjan Dev ji Maharaj save her from falling into Narak.
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    some cheap fish&chips or kebab places have similar looking signs hanging inside the window with flashing lights lol
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    Whenever I meet a decent Muslim out in the real world (which, to be fair to them, is most of them despite what the popular perception is), my brain is saying, "I wonder what karams you're working through that you had to incarnate in a religion such as Islam." I can only surmise that Islam is the fruit of Kaliyuga; that such a faith actually managed to catch-on and become so pervasive is due to the drastic fall of righteousness in this age. Make no mistake, per the Quran, Islam is as adharmic as one can possibly get without succumbing to literal Satanism. Yet, it manages to hoodwink people that it's worthy of being considered a just and valid religion. That's not on merit or quality of the doctrine; it's through the sheer force of numbers! To further prove the degradation of our current age, the fact that the ruling classes of the earth and other faiths pretend Islam is an equal path worthy of respect and veneration because it exists, just goes to prove how the rulers and leaders of earth have succumbed to adharma themselves. They're cowards and have no morals.
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    A while back i saw video of hinduvasta making a christian pastor who was converting masses low caste hindus ride a donkey with his clothes off in public... We should use rss like they use us against muslims.....Sikhs are now spinless kaum...
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    Gobind gita is present in puratan dasam granth saroop at Patna Sahib. It is also present in some other old dasam granth birs. kahn Singh nabha says it's written by court poet Krishanlal. nihangs believe it to Guru Gobind Singh jee's rachna. According to Gurwinder Singh nangli, there is a tukk in sarbloh granth ji "teekakar hu mahima bhagtan, khalse prat hai bhakhee" which is a mention of Gobind Gita. Nangli ji will explain about it in detail in his katha soon.
  42. 3 points
    Its very true, you read hindu scriptures and you look at their practice today and its nothing alike. Hinduism has become a culture or tradition now rather than an actual faith. The whole cow vigilante thing is just an excuse to attack muslims, hindus don't give a monkeys about cows, you go india and see the state of the cows there they are starving and you can see their bones. The yogi guy from UP opened a cow ashram yet the living condition of the cows in the ashram is not too different to the cows on the streets. india makes a lot of profit from cow meat, leather etc so thats why in some states you cans still slaughter cows. The whole cow thing is just a political thing. The marathas never were a hindu empire it was like any other predatory empire with the aim to gather wealth not protect hindu dharam. The bhamans that used to work for the mughals themselves used to assist the mughals in demolishing and raiding mandirs. sikhi and hindu culture is very blurred in punjab, the line is very thin, its quite complex, its not black and white. your average hindu in punjab goes gurdwara as well and really is no different to your average sikh in punjab. hindus also do akand paaths in their houses. you will see many hindu houses especially the aroras with OM as well as khandas outside their kotis. We have a poor arora lady working for us and she told me she reads japji sahib everyday and her son recently went to hazur sahib, but at the same time b4 her husband passed away she also used to keep karva chauth wear sindoor etc. the line is very blurred. Even people that come from a sikh bloodline don't practice sikhi and do their own thing, like the jatts where i am from build tombs and worship their ancestor, same with the sainis, this is their main belief, same with my family. the khatri sikhs keep kesh but go mandir, their wives keep karva chauth and they where sindoor and they do pooja at home and have photos of devte in their shops etc Sikhi is like the blanket religion in Punjab that everyone has some link with or some involvement with regardless of caste or religious background. Like the hindus do their own thing yet still go gurdwara, the khatris do their hindu stuff and go gurdwara, jatts/sainis worship their tombs and go gurdware, ravidassias guru is ravidass yet many still believe in guru nanak and do gurpurb though they seem to not like the khalsa concept the only real sikhs iv seen are the ones from gursikh families every pind has a few of these families, everyone else just practices whatever their practice was b4 their ancestors came into sikhi.
  43. 3 points
    I've donated to them and I hope other Sikhs who are in a position to donate will also do so. If you are in the UK then under gift aid, the government with add 25% to your donation so it goes all further in helping our fellow Sikhs.
  44. 3 points
    Good to see we helping our own for once. It's these kinda charities and organisations that deserve our donations and daswaand contributions to keep the faith and faithful looked after.
  45. 3 points
    LMAO these are hilarious see these are my type of people sikhs who see the stupidity in other "sikhs" i hope they get more vocal on social media
  46. 3 points
    lets correct ourselves rather than correcting other ppl. We wash harmandar sahib marble floor every morning with buckets of milk. If our guru sahibs saw that, they wouldn't like it !
  47. 3 points
    Reminds me of a muslim troll twitter account who used to post stuff about sikhi then once he had enough sikh girls following him and he following them he would start to mock sikhi and then slowly promote islam and dm sikh girls trying to get to big up islam. Once he got found out and exposed he deleted his twitter or was reported and account removed. https://twitter.com/Amiiidonalon https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=nDuzXuH5I6-65OUPrpWWaA&q=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FAmiiidonalon&btnK=Google+Search Alot of this behaviour and these kinda anti-sikh trolls been exposed on this page time ago looks like their back to their old tricks https://www.facebook.com/Awareness-of-fake-sikh-fb-accounts-and-anti-sikh-propaganda-202251613316587
  48. 3 points
    These replies are hilarious lol big up to the real sikhs on twitter who are mocking and cussing out the fake sikhs
  49. 3 points
    This is one of the most shameful things I have ever seen. Sikhs celebrating ramzaan? <banned word filter activated>? Did our ancestors gave shaheedi to see their future generations celebrate non sikh festivals? Thanks for sharing this @Kau89r8 . Didn't knew that some sikhs including keshdharis were so mentally retarded to follow islam. Islam is cancer and mohummad is its tumor. Quoran is literally a book of evil whoever reads it, becomes a terrorist zombie. Any sikh who follows islam or goes to masjid is a TRAITOR and must be exposed. And those sikhs who worship hindu demi gods, do murti pooja or fast for karwachauth are TRAITORS as well. Waheguruji eho je loka nu sumat bakshan!
  50. 3 points
    Gay is not natural *edited*. If gay attraction is normal then what about pedophile attraction? What if a 13 yr old gay boy and 58 yr old gay man turn up at the gurdwara saying they want Anand karaj? What if a gay turns up with a tranny half woman/man saying they want anand karaj? Where you gnna draw the line. There are blokes out there with female genitals, and females with male genitals and breast at the same time. what if something like that turns up asking for anand karaj. None of this bs is allowed.

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