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    My nani ji had darshan before she was even amritdhari! She fell really ill when she was in her teens and her parents took her to some baba who was a fake, then they ended up at the gurdwara where she had darshan of guru Nanak maharaj. Then she had darshan again at amrit sanchar! She said she drank amrit then when the panj Singh put their hands on her head, she fell unconscious and had darshan of dasam paatshah. Nani ji has been amritdhari for around 60 years and awakes at 12 every night even at her age! She’s also kept sarbloh bibek from the day the panj Singhs gave her hukam up until this age, never even complained about it. Even though her own children are not amritdhari, when I was born and my mum took me to India, the first thing she said was that i will be gifted amrit! My mum told me that she got a batta and put water in it and started to stir it with a kirpan and recite japji sahib in maharaj hazuri. She then did an ardaas in bairaag for me to be blessed with amrit. Her ardaas was fulfilled 17 years later when I went back to India and she took me to a rainsbhai. I was thinking of taking amrit but I was in a bit dubidha but when I sat there and I saw my nani ji in sangat with so much anand on her face, japping naam, the thirst arose inside. mignt be biased but she’s the best gursikh I know!
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/in.pinterest.com/amp/satinder0073/sant-jarnail-singh-ji-khalsa/ Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Sangat ji I found this page full of pictures of Sant ji so just wanted to share it. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    She's saying it's OK for a woman to cheat on her husband if her needs are not being met. But if it is the other way around then it is not OK.
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    I'm fortunate enough to have darshan every morning when I wake up.
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    Gotta be careful, bro. If someone like Mr. T spots your lady, it's curtains.
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    Let the brother stick around and clear his name. Regardless of personal stances, you can tell he is very much pro-Sikhi. Putting us in the same boat.
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    5 paragraphs were written explaining how God is behind everything. You are all Guru’s sangat, if you get something inspirational to read, the Guru is showering his blessings himself. The story is way deeper than x user writing something. I honestly learn things myself reading back after writing. When the mind focuses on the Guru, words can come from within. My comments were intended just like a giani finishes katha by saying anything said is the Guru’s words, for I am not worthy. 4 minutes later this troll had drawn his conclusions and replied to say I am claiming to be the Guru. 4 minutes! He is so target locked on attack mode. Maybe he could try sleeping on things and looking at it with fresh eyes in the morning! Original post was written in our mouj, a tribute to my Satguru, how much he does to help his Sikhs, to encourage you all to make Mool Mantar part of your life so you reap the benefits. Yes my Guru showed me how his pyare leave this world, they also showed how jamdoots unforgivingly beat the life out of people to drag them to hell. I have no reason for sharing such types of posts other than trying to help you, motivate you to jaap naam. I asked a Saint once, doing simran you get feeling of sarbat da bhalla, you want whole world to be liberated. They replied people haven’t got same feeling for you, they’d stab you in the back given the chance. Some people here insult me, judge me, are more interested in trying to guess who I am, speculating things. I don’t judge any of you at all, to me you are just souls I thought let’s encourage. If I do judge you the result is why do I bother, they throw everything back in my face. How often do you think such posts come along? In dhiyan we remembered all of you, let’s write a motivating post for them. 1 person insulting someone in dhiyan is enough for God to take everything away.
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    What impurity are we talking about? The menstrual periods are something natural and cyclical in women. It is deep ignorance if they are blamed for it. Gurbani says that if a cloth is tainted with urine or mal mootar it can be washed with water and soap, but if it is the paaps/sins, mental impurities, vikaars, this can be only washed with the water of devotion and the soap of Nam, and it is here where women and men are equal in this aspect, but then it is men by large who are mentally sick in comparison with women, for the 5 vikaars are more active and dominant in men. It is this sick mental state, what is seen as impure in the eyes of the Lord/God. Let's stop criticising and blaming women just for the sake of ignorance. Of course women have their minus points as being human beings which they can not avoid, but in general we men are worse than them. What a big deal if they have their periods, it was in olden times when they couldn't go out or anything while having them, today the science has advanced so much, that they can even do sports, or any other activity without anybody noticing it, so please for god's sake, let us not worsen things more than what they already are, it is already a difficult job being a woman in many spheres of the so called "society" which is manipulative and unjust many a times.
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    as for the colour pattern combo , men tend to be more colourblind and he is wearing glasses... fitte muh he's standing there all smiley in his chachi's suit . probably dhadri wale fanboy too
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    One thing that annoys me about certain makeup girls from rural parts of India is how they cake on the bride's foundation. The poor girl has a brown neck yet a face that looks like she's been sprinkled with talcum powder. It's so wrong.
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    I have been reflecting a little bit. After deciding to leave the forum I came back to share a post last week. The purpose was sharing something inspirational with the takeaway being - make Mool Mantar part of your life. The way people judge and insult others here is vile and disgusting. What you don't know is I am someone who sufferers depression on/off, have got close to ending my life a few times. These sly comments written hidden in a bedroom affect people. And I shouldn't have to share this before people might think 'oh..''. I see no excuse in the slightest for an online space where this kind of behaviour is tolerated @ADMIN ji. I'm talking about 'akalifauj' I'm 25 years old and a genuine spiritual seeker. I'm not part of any jatha, group or organisation. Sikhi means everything to me. Age 15 - I setup a YouTube channel called Mata Sahib Kaur Ji to share katha extracts with the world. To date - 10k+ subscribers, 1.5M+ views. Here is 1 video, have a look at comments and explore the channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3HSz4lSkfw - Simple Katha of Chaupai Sahib ~ People started simran/paath, got faith in gurbani, even took amrit after watching my videos. I run my channel with absolute zero tolerance policy. Any negative comments result in immediate user ban from entire channel. I won't allow anything to compromise my vision to create simply the most beautiful space for experiencing Sikhi. Negativity/doubts in naam simran destroy everything and I don't allow it. The sole aim is to experience anand of Guru's shabad. Last few days I was working on building a blog to share more simran posts because I haven't even scratched the surface yet. Bad experience on this forum makes me realise just how special these things are to share. The project is now on hold for a re-think. A very serious strategic review is required for this forum. Because I am the next generation and one who can really contribute - yet I'm feeling I don't even want to be on this site the culture is so aggressive and bullying. Handing over the forum blindly assumes the next generation want to use it. Some members would make the greatest contribution to promoting Sikhi by being blocked. The value I can offer to promoting Sikhi is enormous, and filled with genuine passion for what I do. I've already created a 7 figure engagement impact on YouTube which is awesome for what started as a 15yr old school boy in his spare time project. My goal is big impact, my YouTube is already having more impact than this whole forum in promoting gurbani and naam simran. So I need to have a serious review also about where to dedicate my time. I've even got a personal Sikhi strategic plan for projects I want to do in my lifetime - that's how important serving the Sangat / Khalsa Panth is to me. (One project is cyber security related. 'What happens if you open your gurbani app tomorrow and it says error?' 1 enemy with a laptop can modify, damage or destroy apps we rely on. Many of us no longer keep gutka/pothis or even have gurbani kanth. And what if WW3 and Internet & Youtube goes down? I want to create huge digital backup archives to keep today's content available for future generations) Aap Japo Avarai Naam Japavo Sangat Ji, you want a simran tip? Do Sikhi parchar - when someone connects because of you, it lifts you higher too. It can just be at home to encourage your family, or sharing the odd kirtan link on your Facebook, whatsapp etc. Or dream bigger.. Next Generation are already making huge things happen and have been for years!
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    Mashallah they look so nice, may Allah bless them.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Veerji these are some videos I found.The first is explaining Gurmukhi and its origin. Second is on pronunciation. Hope it helps, if I find more I will send. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Dhann Dhann Sri Guru Ramdas Sahib Ji. Happy Gurpurab Sangat Ji.
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    oh it would be funny to see what modern gatkabajis would turn nunchakus into, they could put lights on it and make a light show LOL As for shastarvidiya, I reckon nunchaku could fit in with Varaha (Boar) pentra, and would fit in well with the close combat nature of pentras in shastar vidiya. Khalsa used to be good at taking in foreign weapons and reverse engineering. We need to continue with this!
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    I think the American Sikhs have diverse views just as Sikhs in any other country. The ones from NY tend to be hard core SJW while the ones in California are more hardcore Sikh. This follows the usual pattern, the ones from Punjab and from rural areas are more conservative while the ones from Delhi who are more white collar tend to be SJW. Even in NY the division is clear to see, the ones who live in places like Richmond Hill are more conservative while the ones on Long Island are SJW. Thisd Sonny Singh guys is a total i.diot
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    Not sure.but i think it has to do with our locus of control. Whatever we can control or change is not-hukam. Whatever, is beyond us is hukam. Also we should always do effort, but the result is hukam I think bhai jagraj singh said hukam was the past. Because it was meant to be. But thats too simplistic.
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    100 % correct. I support you, we need more people to come forward like you and remove the trash from here, we come here to share our views, our strengths, our weaknesses, but not to see someone constantly bullying and challenging everybody. Why so? Why being so lenient with the wicked and hankari fellow? He is on quality control, yet he keeps on vomiting and poisoning this otherwise nice forum, where as sikhs we come to share all that we have to do so, with our pains, sufferings, our inspirations, our dreams.... in reality, just sharing and being respectful towards all. See the history of this "particular guy" on ths forum, he is the most controversiest, always quarreling, bullying, being disrespectful, and also for pretending to be knowledgeable in sikhee, but the fact is that his ahankar and ignorance does not allow him to mature neither mentally nor spiritually, so he fails time after time. Enough of his nonsense.
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    Sikhism is diverse, dont expect real Gurmukhs on the show, because its a show, entertainment. I'm writing a comic atm about superhero who a sikh and grows into a Gurmukh
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    Loving your Path doesn't mean you have to hate the Khel it's painted in. That person too walks according to Hukam and has a beautiful ending someday. But of course you're repulsed by the Kaljug behavior you see from where you stand because it's disgusting. Just be thankful you are blessed enough to be repulsed instead of enticed.
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    A lot of these ancient texts have stories embellished around some actual events that may have taken place. Some of these stories are metaphors and some of these may have been misinterpreted. For example, Ravana had the intelligence of 10 men so it was like he had 10 heads has been interpreted that he literally had 10 heads.
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    His a fool. If he was here in the UK doing stupid stuff like that he would of been blessed with a swinging jaw.
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    I know for a fact you hate me just like all the other people on here. So seeing this doesn't effect me at all. Or ARE YOU REALLY THICK ????
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    Don't take it personally bro. There are at least three chomos on here who downvote anything criticizing pedos.
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    Thanx for the reply veere! I can understand your problem. Although am still in college so marriage is out of the question but to be honest, I don't think I will marry a Sikh. I know it's wrong to generalize that all Sikh women are like this but I have come across so many "kaurs" from gursikh families that had sexual relationships with hindus/muslims including in my own family that I can't see myself getting married to a kaur. On the contrary, my female hindu classmates are so decent and don't date around. Their only fault that they are not born in sikh families is ridiculous, I would choose them as a potential life partner over a sikh woman anytime anyday. My cousin(non amritdhari but keeps kesh) married a hindu girl and she liked sikhi so much that she adopted sikhi by choice and now regularly does nitnem and stop cutting hair, keeping fasts etc. They also have a son whom they are raising as gursikh. Never feel disheartened, keep following sikhi and have faith in Waheguruji and most importantly NEVER compromise your beliefs for a woman(especially a spoiled westernized sikh girl) their are plenty of non sikh women who will understand you and your religion and will be good wife and good mother to your kids! And for haters and pseudo feminists who love to silence voices of sikh men, remember sikh sangat.com is not an islamic website. Everyone has the right to speak their opinions. Am not spreading hate, I just wrote reality and life experiences with sikh families and sikh women at large.
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    Don't do the spyware. All this means is that you don't trust your wife. Marriage needs trust. If there is no trust, what do you have left in your relationship? Women talk with their pekheh when it comes to the foibles of their in-laws. This is their nature. If you had a sister and she was married, she would do exactly the same with your mum. Also your sister and mum would talk about the faults of your wife. That is the nature of women.
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    Where'd you find this bro. This bloke looks like a kusra. He's so colourful, and that patka reminds me of a seven-year-old kid.
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    yes in some instances I saw there's a 3 cm plastering of several layers . LMAO . some girls are unrecognizable at their marriages but you can see clearly the amount of white mud they plaster on their faces lmao
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    She best start honing her makeup skills. We can't be having brides looking like kusreh if she's to make a successful go of this endeavour.
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    My theory behind this occurrence: 1) Encourage attractive high profile Asian females to be objectified by whites which will, "they" hope, be reflected on the ground when they desert males of their own community, and pair off with whites for relationships. 2) The amenable, non-threatening Asian male presence is promoted in order to convince watching Asian males that if they aspire to this particular personality archetype they too will ascend the social ladder and be acceptable to the mainstream, and reap the associated benefits. A grounded, masculine Asian male is considered to be a threat.
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    Yeah especially dogs on the streets. In india they think that dogs are just some horrible monsters that will harm you, but in reality, a human can betray you, but a dog never will.
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    Message to all UK Sikhs: Please find some sense of self-worth that doesn't involve projecting our community as some sort of dimwitted, sepoys for outsider communities. We need to move away from this now. It's actually doing us lots of harm, because it reinforces this docile, perpetually loyal image that we need to shake off.
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    We ruled in a place where we were outnumbered and had some of the most violent fanatic neighbours going. If they breezed in, it was easier for them because prior to their arrival, the heavy work had been done and the area had largely been tamed and secured - by Sikhs. If they won the Sikh-anglo wars, it was down to treachery (which is a persistent characteristic of theirs).
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    It looks like Lord Indarjit Singh from the one man Network of Sikh Organisations was invited and got a cold and didn't event. Whether you support Sikh representation at this event of not, we need to consider that these images are sent all over the commonwealth as well as around the world. Sikh representation also irks the Indian establishment because separate Dikh representation shows that Sikhism is accepted as a seperate religion. The problem now is that one man who usually hogs all the limelight when it comes to Sikhs in the media or government didn't think to have another Sikh attend in his place if he was unwell. This is the sort of attitude that is prevalent in these kind of situations with Sikhs. One Sikh does not want another to take his place incase his own position is threatened. Lord Singh is 88 years old and yet in a 500K community there was no other Sikh who could be found to represent us. Shows the sad state of our community and the people who think that only they should be representing us.
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    we are only alone and abandoned if we leave Guru ji's side
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    A hyena probably would. Have you seen The Lion King? Very untrustworthy IMO.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Nice topic.If I'm not wrong Hukam is the following things When we are supposed to be born Where we are supposed to be born How long we are supposed to live Who our family is Everyone we meet in our life as we have some Lehna Dehna with them. What we are supposed to eat Where we are supposed to travel. How we are supposed to die And more things like that. @MisterrSingh The example you gave above of the Child dropping into a well.That is Hukam as that is a problem and an experience he is supposed to go through but we cannot say that just because its Hukam we cannot help.We should still do our part and help.Now if it is in Hukam to die then no matter how much we try he will drown, but that does not mean we do not try.Hope I make sense. Another thing I would like to add on is that people doing bad things and crimes are not Hukam.If they are to meet with bad company that is Hukam, but we can simply choose to make them into out Sangat or to make them into hi bye friends.For example i had a childhood friend who was friends with me for years.Then one day he noticed that my beard has started growing so he told me that I should cut it.I told him no 2 times.Then the 3rd time I told him off that my Guru is more important than your opinion and since then I stopped talking to him as a friend.Whenever I see him I just say hi and bye.Now it was Hukam for me to meet that person but it is my choice if I want to mix with him and cut my beard or if I ignore him and keep my beard. Thankfully i ignored him and continued keeping my beard. Hope I helped a little Bhul Chuk Maf
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    1) Please do no lie so much, if ever anyone bans you, it would not be for being biased, but because of your so much nonsense /bakwaas in so many years: your bullying, your harrasing, your disrepectful attitude towards members, your fake knowledge bahamwadee in sikhee, and more of your negative behavior.... 2) Again you are lying. If you had good intentions, you would have been a better person after all, not a rascal. If you had good intentions, you would have helped those members with whom you interact, not bullying and harrasing them, with your so much hankar. Why is that, you are right and others always wrong? which foolish person has implemented this rubbish in your mind? who has given any such diploma or title that you are right above others, huh? Now please do not say any of your frivolous fancy fake answers. You are the one who is in fact giving names and belittleling others, let me remind you some of your patterns as a true narcissist that you are: 1. you crave admiration and validation. 2. you are always trying to prove that you are superior to others — your desire to win at all costs is all-encompassing. 3. you are extremely self-centered. 4. you are very short-minded — who can only see things from your own perspective. 5. you are hypersensitive to feeling slighted or mistreated in any way — you feel insulted and criticized when no insult or criticism was intended and you are always on the defensive. 6. you always believe that you are the innocent victim and that others are hostile perpetrators. 7. you are always willing to devalue and humiliate other people. 8. you have hierarchical thinking, meaning that every person or object is placed on a scale, so you have trouble believing anyone is your equal. 9. you hate seeing someone happy, content, normal, peaceful, loving, kind, grateful or fulfilled, because you simply posses none of these traits and never will. 10. What a miserable and manipulative fellow you are.
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    Nothing happens without Hukum. Let's take for example the traffic lights signal, if you respect it and move accordingly, you may remain safe and reach destination, if one does not respect it, one is sure to meet accidents and fining by not abiding with it, so that is also as per rules and regulations of driving/circulating in vehicles. Hukum does not necessary mean order, like we are used to at our human level , but could well be Law or kanoon of Nature(made by Him) which has to be respected for our own safety and welfare.
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    First of all if you think you are so smart , why are you mixing threads? Stick to what is as per title of this your own created thread and then go to another thread if you want to continue vomiting. Everybody knows how you are since a long time, you are a narcissist, lost in your ego, you feel threaten whenever you see that it does not match with your limited pigeon size brain understanding. You keep on creating controversies with almost all members, look around and see how members are telling you to behave yourself and stop making noise. The poster you refer as not wanting to embarass me which is not true, admit it you had a fight with him not long a go, for which he had to put you back in your place.... so you see , you are the one always insulting and challenging everbody with disrespect...it has become a chronic habit in you now..... then you cry and go to the admins and mods to be a refree or even worse, you want them to be your lawyers even after you being the culprit. Behave yourself, and stop creating so much fuss. Respect the members, for we have not to tolerate your nonsense anymore.
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    Standing up and for ur comrades in arms is also a good quality, that turns to peer pressure and cowardiceness. But its not only police who are guilty of it. Moh attacks everyone. People will lie to protect their family, their cult, their religion and their brothers in arms. In fact, thats what happened in panjab during kharkoo (militant) times. If you read Khalistan by cynthia mehmoud, that was the only crime she could find done by sikh seperatists. That one sikh would take bombs into crowded marketplaces to kill hindus, and none of the members of his team condemned him. She asked them if it was wrong to kill innocents, they said yes. But they wouldn't comdemn him. They said he is one of ours, a brother. Panjabi Sikh people will be the last to support any ideological movement. Because they have suffered from ideology alot. First in 1947, they were promised a better nation, just for sikhs. And how many innocent sikhs got butchered? Then in 1984 to 1995, while the kharkhoos and rebels enjoyed glorius shaheedis, it was the common folk who suffered dehydration, curfews, torture, army rule, becoming orphans and a loss of economy. Most sikhs at heart are secularist and scared stiff of religious ideologues who can ignite another doomed revolution and entice their children to early death. That is why most sikh people judge movements by their effect on the common people not their ideology. It doesnt matter what equalities are promised,.what wrongs will be righted, look at the actions. So to sikhs, BLM is terrible. It comes for their businesses and livelihood. And one cant even try to defend against the looters: https://anncoulter.com/2020/09/23/innocent-until-proven-trump-supporterxxxx/ Thats the general panjabi thought about BLM. Heres mine: i support Black Lives Matter Too. That was the original name by the founders. I think it makes a lot more sense. Also im after the truth, but between the nbc and cbc whitewashing and fox news fearmongering, its hard to know whats true. I dont want to be lead by the mainstream media which is supporting ppl like biden, using all this unrest to paint trump bad. Its been wrong about the russian fraud, to trump impeachement to so many things. They have been calling the protest peaceful. Big games are afoot and i dont want to be a pawn. First the media was like social distancing. Shut down gurudware and churches. Then they allow and encourage ppl to attend these huge protests.which even though they included looting and burning were called peaceful. They wont condemn anything, even though many videos show black people angry cuz their kids got shot and killed, their businesses looted. One one sided narrative is being pushed and of anyone even criticizes a little bit they are canceled with shouts of racism. So while i support BLMT, i wont let that turn me into a passive bystander. Its not only the end that matters, its also the means to get there. Anyone can commit crimes under a movement, so be vigilant. A protest can easily be turned into a mob. And a mob is dangerous especially if it inevitably goes to loot rich places. As sikhs are rich, and have businesses and big houses, they can be a target. As the koreans were in LA riots. Nobody supported the koreans. The media and artists celebrated the rioters. But the koreans who had to defend their homes and stores with guns were all alone during the riots and the damages too. Also the rodney king riots, did they solve anything? Will these protests? In the beginning BLM was smart. They knew doing peaceful protests werent gonna do anything. Ppl and governmwnts only pay attention when property is involved. So they were smart, they tartgeted police departments, governemnt buildings.and even big stores were ok. And in war and big movements sometimes bystanders get hurt. I mean it was the sikhs tweeting 17 better 10,000 in support of rajoana. That the 17 bystanders killed in suicide bombing by rajoana was good because the guy who was killed wouldve killed many more sikhs. So i understand if some innocents get killed or some sikh businesses looted. What i dont like about BLM is thats its becoming cult like. The media wont report anything true about riots vs peaceful protests or anything negative, and if anyone is critical they are canceled. These are not just fox news talking points i have noticed it. Shutting down disagreements, hiding the truth is leading to propaganda and authoritarianism. That is more worrisome than racism.
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    Covid mask should really have you set for the forseeable future.
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/15mjdT-GY_nfZhva0tt0efzpmfHZHZWP8/view?usp=drivesdk This is Gobind Gita. A very Gupt granth wrriten by Guru Gibond Singh Ji. It is handwritten and very Purtan.
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z0WtET2deMXDPn-XnzYi0sNfdhip82ot/view?usp=drivesdk Here is a Handwritten dasam granth with Guru ji painting in it. I it seems to be purtan.

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